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FCW Taping Spoilers for March Shows

Spoilers for some of the future episodes of FCW:

March 11th:
*Audrey Marie defeated Sofia Cortez with a uranage.

*After the match, Paige and Raquel Diaz attacked Audrey. Kaitlyn comes out to help Audrey and Paige, Raquel, and Sofia leave the ring.

*FCW President Steve Keirn and assistant Norman Smiley are in the ring and he thanks the FCW Universe for their support and he says that he has a major announcement to make, but he wants FCW General Manager Maxine to come to the ring. He talks about the psychological evaluations that she made everyone take with Dr. Bronson. Keirn wants all of the records turned over to him. Norman Smiley then tells Maxine that she is fired.

March 18th:
*Kaitlyn and Audrey Marie defeated Paige and Sofia Cortez when Kaitlyn made Paige tap out to a full nelson using her legs.

*After the match, Paige and Sofia attacked Kaitlyn and Audrey. Caylee Turner came from the ring announcer position to help Kaitlyn and Audrey. Raquel Diaz came out to help Paige and Sofia.

*Raquel Diaz goes to the promo area where she wonders where her banner is and also asks why Audrey needed the help of Kaitlyn. Audrey comes out and attacks Raquel.

*Jake Carter and Corey Graves are in Summer Rae’s office and she says that she sees a big future for them. Maxine enters the office and says that she is not finished with Summer. Maxine turns to Rob Naylor and slaps him. We cut to an awkward stare down between Summer and Maxine. (Source)

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