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FCW Watch: AJ Lee vs Serena Mancini (Queen of FCW Match)

Welcome to this week’s edition of FCW Watch. In the last month or so, rookie sensation AJ Lee has taken on all comers and shot to the top of the FCW Diva totem pole. However, she has one last obstacle to overcome: Queen of FCW and Smackdown Diva, Serena Mancini. The last time these two met in singles action the result was less than impressive. Can they put on a decent match this time around? Watch below as the ‘Pocket Rocket’ takes on the First Lady of The Straight Edge Society for the crown:

First out is the challenger AJ Lee, who is perky as always. AJ’s ability to get the crowd behind her is a great quality to have and will definitely benefit her when she makes the jump to the main roster. Out next is the Champion Serena, sporting some new gear (Finally!). The newly converted Serena removes her trademark Fedora to revealed that freshly shaven head we’ve all come to love (or hate) in the past month on Smackdown.

The two Divas start things off with a lockup and AJ immediately gets the advantage, cinching in a side headlock. Serena counters and lays AJ out with a shoulder block. Serena attempts to capitalize, but AJ rolls her up with a small package out of nowhere for the 1-count.

Serena attempts to use her size and strength advantage to overpower her smaller challenger, but AJ’s manages to get the jump on her with a impressive Mexican Armdrag. AJ goes for the Sliced Bread #2, but Serena turns it into a modified (*coughsloppycough*) backbreaker and goes for several unsuccessful pins.

Serena stays on the offense, driving her knees into AJ’s back before slamming her headfirst into the turnbuckle. Serena then uses a unique maneuver, pulling and twisting AJ’s hair, then using it to toss her across the ring. Do I sense some jealousy? Hmmm…

AJ tries to get back to a vertical base but Serena is having none of that. She set AJ up in the corner and goes to work with some vicious shoulder blocks to the back and a few more fruitless pins attempts. Serena immediately goes for a few rest holds, slapping AJ around in the process. AJ manages to get back to her feet, but Serena takes her back down with a shot to the back.

AJ finally manages to get a leg up (literally), sending Serena to the outside with a hurricanrana. AJ strikes while the iron’s hot with a Lita-esque diving hurricanrana. Wow. Haven’t seen that in awhile, huh? AJ tosses the champ in the ring and makes her way to the top rope for a high crossbody and a 2-count.

AJ tries to keep the heat on Serena but the straight egde disciple manages to get AJ in a very familiar postion. Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, here. And here. Can we all agree that this horse is long dead and needs to stop being beaten?

AJ squirms out of the precarious position and into a crucifix pin for the 3-count and the crown. Serena goes off the deep end while a shocked AJ celebrates with her new bling.

Judging by the way FCW has been pushing AJ as of late, this outcome was pretty predictable, especially with Serena being called up to Smackdown. That said, these two Divas managed to put on a match that put some of the crap we’ve seen on Raw in the past 2 months to shame. I’d even say it rivals some of our recent PPV Diva matches.

AJ was a firecracker as always, pulling off some impressive aerial maneuvers. I see her getting her callup soon, maybe after a fued with up-and-comer Naomi Night. She has more than proved herself in her recent outings in FCW. Maybe there’s a spot waiting for her on the NXT roster as we speak.

Serena was also really impressive, playing the dominating heel to a tee. I’ve said before that I don’t find her believable as a heel, but I really think she is starting to come into it nicely. All in all, an exciting and enjoyable match from FCW. Raw writers, please take note. This is what a title match should be like.

What did you think of the match? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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