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FCW Watch (February 12th, 2012): Raquel Diaz vs Audrey Marie

Aloha, FCW Universe, and yes, that intro was solely done to mix things up from my usual shtick. Another Sunday evening has passed us by and tonight’s episode of the developmental territory has brought us a plethora of Diva related action. Tonight, Audrey Marie cashes in her rematch clause against the reigning Divas Champion, Raquel Diaz in what is sure to be a jam packed bout. The struggle for power between Maxine and Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet) also continues on, as they take part in a segment ringside later on in the show as well. Enough blubbering, let’s get started!

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We head to the ring where tonight’s announcer, Caylee Turner, announces the following return match for the Divas Championship. Shades of Angela Fong ring through the arena from that theme, and out walks Raquel Diaz with both her titles, and a microphone in hand. Diaz greets the fans and introduces herself as La Reina de FCW, before acknowledging that she holds the Divas Title as well. After her amazing laugh, she starts to make her way to the ring while stating how she feels bad for Audrey since the title represents Marie’s life and she no longer has it. Raquel states that she can only imagine how empty, sad, and worthless she feels with out, as another phenomenal laugh greets my ears.

Diaz continues on that since she is such a good person, and practically owns the joint, she is going to grant Audrey her rematch tonight. She then reassures Audrey that she’s going to be experiencing some mad deja-vu, in that she will leave here tonight the same way she did a few weeks ago…empty handed. A third beautiful laugh follows up, and out comes Audrey Marie in her finest Texas related gear to challenge for the Divas Title. She climbs into the ring and the referee holds the belt up and we get things started in this Championship contest between the two Divas.

They quickly lock up, but Audrey takes control with a full nelson from behind. She spins Diaz around into a wrist lock, before transitioning into a headlock. Raquel sends Audrey off the ropes, and the plucky challenger fights back with a shoulder tackle. Marie flips Raquel over into a pin attempt, but only musters a two count. Raquel gets back up and blasts Audrey in the face, before sending the Texan native into the ropes. Audrey then manages to stop herself and proceeds to flip into a nice roll up for another near fall. Raquel then goes for a clothesline, but Audrey matrixes backwards and flips up into her awesome headscissors type maneuver to send the Champion down in this contest.

Audrey sends Raquel into the corner, but the champ comes back with an elbow and drop toe hold. She then crams Audrey’s face into the turnbuckle, and boots her forward. A snapmare follows up, proceeded with a kick to the back and a headlock to keep the challenger grounded. Diaz beats on Marie’s chest, as the crowd gets behind her and she begins to mount a comeback with a crossbody…however Diaz rolls through and gets a two count. She then blasts Audrey with an elbow to the shoulder, before hitting a neck snap and reverting back to the headlock.

The crowd continues to get behind Audrey, and she finally escapes the hold with a jawbreaker, before knocking Diaz back with a clothesline. She continues on with a reverse elbow, as she then drops the champ with a bodyslam for a two count. Marie goes for a headlock, as Diaz flings her into the ropes and she comes back with a shoulder block. From there, Audrey rolls backwards into a really unique bridge pin, but unfortunately for her both of their shoulders are down and the referee counts for both women! Raquel just barely lifts her shoulder up at the count of three, but poor Audrey believes she has won. The referee instructs Caylee to announce Raquel the winner, as the cunning Champion smiles heavily with her successful title defense.

Out to the interview area we go, where newest Diva, Summer Rae, and her assistant stand ringside. She informs the FCW Universe that they have a great show lined up tonight, but first, she has a very special announcement. Summer tells everyone how she wants to let us know that she keeps our best interests at heart, and that is why she is setting out to put together a group of men and women to become the future superstars of the WWE. She concludes by stating that she’s here to sign talent… before being cut off by our General Manager and NXT Queen of Mean, Maxine!

Maxine questions who she is, because the last time she checked, she’s the General Manager and Summer Rae is not on her roster. Maxine’s attention then turns to her poor vertically challenged assistant, as she questions who he is as well. She politely, yet sarcastically, asks both of them to please go, and out the pair step with a smile on their face per Summer’s orders. Maxine instructs Summer, whom she dubs sweetheart, to not trip on the way out, as this segment comes to a close even though the war between these two rages on.

Backstage, Maxine proceeds to walk up to the freshly returned Bo Rotundo, as she states that she wants to let him know how important she sees he is to the company. She then adds how she realizes how much she needs him there to make her job easier, and that she knows how he wants a shot at the Florida Heavyweight Championship being that he never fairly lost it in the first place. Maxine tells Bo that she can make what he wants a reality for him, before heading off and leaving him to wonder if he can in fact trust what the GM says or not.

Thoughts: Kicking things off with the match, I thought it was superior to the showing where Raquel won the belt. Audrey is picking things up in her quickness, and I think she is definitely working on not getting so winded as a match goes on. I liked the moves she showed here, and even just her various roll up attempts were all lightning fast and made them look much better overall. Raquel is getting better in the ring as well, and I long for the day where she gets to face Sofia or Saraya because working with one of them is going to make her improve. Overall, I enjoyed the match, and Raquel’s promo was also very good. She is a natural on the microphone, and the laugh, like I said, started to become music to my ears as she went on.

I’m also still enjoying the segments with Summer and Maxine, as both ladies look to be comfortable on the microphone. We all know how good Maxine is, but I was pleasantly surprised by Summer since this is the first actual time she’s gotten to use it without being a ring announcer. I’m very intrigued to see where this is heading, and just who will be a part of the stable she spoke of. Like I said before, I love that she’s actually become a character and not just stuck to ring announcing. Hopefully one day we can see her in the ring after she gets training down, because I’m really liking her so far.

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