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FCW Watch (January 1st, 2012): Audrey Marie vs. Aksana vs. AJ

Ladies and gentlemen, we have made history here tonight. You see, this week’s edition of FCW brought forth a non-title triple threat match between Aksana, AJ (who this new commentator claimed was both the first Divas Champion and a part of NXT Season 4), and our current Divas Champ, Audrey Marie. This bout opened the show, and thus has made history as the first televised match to take place in 2012. Yep! AJ, Aksana and Audrey can each add that notch to their belt of accomplishments. But just how did the match play out? Did Audrey topple the SmackDown Divas, or did one of them manage to prove their worth and leave victorious?

You know the drill… Put your fingers on that computer mouse and scroll on down.

We open the night with SmackDown’s resident Pocket Rocket, AJ, who makes her way out in some patented green plaid that I heavily approve of since green is my favorite color. Following her comes the former Queen of FCW, Aksana, complete with her trademarked espionage music that I care for so dearly. Concluding the trio comes the current FCW Divas Champion, Audrey Marie! Audrey walks out to the ring with her pink title in hand, showing how proud she is to hold it. She then removes her hat and chaps, as the camera gets some reaction shots of all three women before the bell sounds.

Aksana immediately strikes AJ in the face and sends her flying outside the ring, before targeting Audrey Marie with a bodyslam attempt. Marie escapes out the back and dropkicks Aksana outside the ring as AJ holds the ropes open to add her part in the maneuver. AJ climbs back in the ring as Audrey locks in a headlock. She sends Marie into the ropes, who coincidentally knocks Aksana back down, before going for an arm drag. Audrey stops the move, but AJ quickly locks in a headlock of her own, transitioning it into a wrist lock arm drag.

Audrey slides outside the ring and pulls poor Aksana back down, before climbing back in and squaring off with AJ once more. Audrey reverses a headlock into an armbar, but AJ counters into a headlock takeover. Marie then goes for a leg lock, but AJ hops out of it and the two agree to once again take Aksana out of competition, only this time with a double team dropkick. The two proceed to lock up, with AJ applying a wrist lock that Audrey reverses. Audrey is sent into the ropes and hops over AJ, but AJ takes advantage with a fist to the face for a two count.

AJ then hits two neckbreakers, but Audrey kicks out. From there, our pocket rocket applies an arm stretch submission digging the knee into the Champions back. Audrey tries to fight out, but AJ keeps the hold locked in and drops the knee back into her. Finally, Audrey starts to fight out and hits a jawbreaker. She then follows it up with a suplex/bodyslam combo, before hitting the Yee Haw Legdrop for a near fall. AJ shoves Audrey back into the ropes, as Aksana gets hit AGAIN. Marie then goes to run off, but Aksana finally is able to grab her by the hair and punch Audrey in the face. She then takes the fight to AJ for a bit, before striking Audrey into the corner. Aksana then fires up with a stiff clothesline to the champ, before tossing AJ into the opposing corner.

AJ uses her Lita inspired style to hit a Handspring Bulldog to the former Queen, but as she lands the move, Audrey capitalizes with a running front dropkick to AJ! Audrey begins to cover both women, but only gets a two count on each. Aksana gets to a vertical base and strikes Audrey twice in the face, before attempting a Suplex. Audrey escapes out the back though, and hits “The Round-Up”. She looks to secure the pinfall, but out of nowhere AJ leaps over and rolls Audrey up for the win! AJ celebrates, as Audrey recovers and poses for the fans despite the loss.

Thoughts: Okay-ish showing from these three ladies. I didn’t feel like the match really got out of first gear, but I remember hearing someone say triple threats are the hardest bout to perform under, so I think it’s understandable why it seemed very cautious throughout the match. Audrey is coming along well, and I don’t think this type of stipulation is something to accurately judge her on. I do hope this prepares her for any future triple threat matches (you know, since WWE loves to do anything outside a tag or singles), and overall I would like to see her square off with AJ perhaps in a one on one setting. I liked the ending sequence though, and I thought that from AJ’s bulldog was the best part.

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