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FCW Watch (January 8th, 2012): Aksana vs Cameron Lynn

Heyyyyyyyy! Another Sunday has passed, which means another Diva match occurred in WWE’s developmental territory, and my personal second home, FCW. Tonight, we saw former Queen and Divas Champion, Aksana, square off against the controversial newcomer, Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew). If you just want to see a match report, please read on and stop when you get to the thoughts portion because I feel like I’m going to show all of these politicians how you make an inspirational speech about someone… That’s all I’m going to say for now. Please read on!

We head out to the arena as newcomer, Cameron Lynn, steps out from the back to her funky theme song that makes me miss her dance group with Naomi and Byron Saxton. She poses in the ring for a bit, as I take joy in seeing Danielle Moinet carrying the announcer duties. Just then, the espionage theme of Aksana that I love strikes, and out walks the lady in black. Once she enters the ring and the bell sounds, we get underway with some Divas action! They step towards the center, as Aksana shoves Lynn back. Cameron then chases the former Queen to the ropes, as Lynn slaps Aksana’s hand away.

Cameron proceeds to duck a clothesline attempt and hit a nice armdrag, following it up with a hip toss. Aksana scurries to the ropes to regain her composure, as Cameron doesn’t let up off of her. Finally, Aksana manages to use her experience to kick Lynn backwards and give herself a minute to breathe. Both women get to a vertical base, as Aksana takes control with a wrist lock. Lynn steps over towards the ropes and executes a rope assisted front flip, following it up with a punch, before then continuing with a back flip variation into another punch! She breaks the hold and rolls Aksana up for a two count.

Cameron slams Aksana’s head into two turnbuckle posts, but Aksana manages to shove her into the third and drop her with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Aksana then covers Cameron and nails her in the face with some vicious punches. She backs the newcomer into the corner and proceeds to choke her with her leg, before running forward with a SICK boot to the face that sends Cameron flying outside to the ring apron. She drags Lynn back in and covers for a one count. Following it up, she applies a chin lock as the crowd starts to get behind the plucky underdog. Aksana then goes for a near fall, before reverting back to the hold. Cameron tries to fight out, but Aksana strikes her on the back and sends her flying into the ropes. Lynn flies off with a Sunset Flip for a two count, as she then recovers, ducks a clothesline, and catches Aksana into a backslide for another close call!

Aksana with a stiff kick to the stomach, following it up with a bodyslam and elbow drop. A cover gets a two count, as Cameron tries to recover. Aksana stays on the newcomer though, as she Irish whips Cameron into the corner and goes for the boot again…only this time Cameron moves out of the way and Aksana crashes to the mat in pain! Aksana goes for another neckbreaker, but Lynn pushes her off and hits two nice shoulder tackles, following it up with a dropkick! She musters up a two count, as she locks in position for her bulldog finisher, but Aksana shoves her off the ropes and hits the Devo Drop for the victory. Aksana celebrates her win, as Cameron tries to recover from the hard fought match.

Thoughts: I really liked this match. I thought Aksana came off very well and looked strong, which she should considering she’s a veteran in terms of FCW Divas, and her running boot to the corner looked especially painful. I’ll get to Cameron Lynn in a second as I need to prepare myself for a paragraph of inspirational speaking, but overall I just thought this was so much better than I anticipated and I’m interested to see how others take to it.

Now, onto Cameron… I can’t reiterate enough how much I’m behind her. This girl was pretty much given no chance to succeed by anyone, and she has stepped her game up that I couldn’t be happier. While Naomi will forever be my FCW favorite as long as she’s down there, Cameron Lynn is a solid second on that list, and I love watching her wrestle every time she steps into a ring. I’ve beckoned for people to forget what they saw on Tough Enough because it was a TV show set up to entertain, and that it did. I like that she has an actual gear in various colors, that she has poses during her entrance, and that she does a few moves that set her apart from others. She’s capitalizing on the little things that help someone stand out and I think it’s great to see. I don’t know whether it’s because I love seeing someone everyone wrote off at the start actually develop, but I can’t wait to see what she can become in the ring with even more training, considering she’s already giving solid showings with only a few months under her belt. Some people may never give her a chance, and that’s fine, but I hope everyone will see that she is trying and actually progressing.

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