Friday, September 17, 2021

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FCW Watch: Maxine vs Miss Florida

On this episode of FCW, it pretty much centers around Maxine and the antics that surround her. We are given both a backstage segment and a match, as the General Manager faces off against Miss Florida. (Sidenote: This is a running gimmick with the male Superstars where Mr. Florida is a competitor who wears a mask and serves as a presidential pick who can wrestle anyone anytime. It’s not meant to be a new Superstar/Diva). Continue on below to catch all the action!

(Skip to 7:54)

We head to the back where General Manager, Maxine, is seen sitting at her desk with Lucky Cannon and Aksana standing by. She begins scolding them in the fact that she is sick of things not going as she wants them to, stating tonight will be the night things change around here. She books Lucky in a title defense against Bo Rotundo one last time, to which Lucky questions why she would even do that. This enrages Maxine, who screams that it doesn’t matter and how Lucky should do his job and emerge victorious.

In walks FCW President, Steve Keirn, with Norman Smiley by his side. He tells her that she needs to make time for him, and informs her that he does not approve of the way she runs the show. Keirn continues on to state that he officially relieves Maxine of her duties as FCW General Manager, announcing Norman as her replacement. Maxine seems dumbfounded, as Smiley tells her that she needs to get up from his chair. The now ex-gm gets up and screams that Steve Keirn will not have a show because she is taking her Champions and leaving.

Norman interrupts and informs Maxine that she will be wrestling tonight, against the debuting Miss Florida. Maxine tells Norman that he does not know who he is messing with, before grabbing him by the tie and telling him that he needs to watch his ASS. She takes Lucky and Aksana with her as the two males laugh at her frustration and the show heads to a break.

(Skip to 8:35)

Maxine’s music hits as she and Aksana make their way out to the ring. As the two stand in the ring, some familiar…very familiar, music hits. The national anthem of the beloved season three of NXT plays, as out comes Miss Florida herself. I don’t seem to recognize who this beauty is in the slightest, as her face is partially covered with a blue mask. Maxine can be seen laughing in the ring, as Miss Florida steps up onto the apron and strangely enters the ring in a similar fashion to former Divas Champion, Naomi.

Maxine grabs a microphone from the side and accuses Miss Florida of actually being Naomi. She tells Naomi to just stop because everyone knows who is under the mask, as she continues on saying that she is not wrestling tonight. Maxine calls Aksana over to replace her in the match, but the Divas Champion/Queen of FCW does not obey her, and instead goes to leave the ring. She walks over to Maxine and informs her that since Maxine is no longer in power at FCW, she does not have to do as she says any longer. Aksana then wishes Maxine good luck as she exits the ring. Maxine goes after Aksana, allowing Miss Florida to run up from behind and roll the ex general manager up for the quick victory! Maxine is enraged, as Miss Florida jumps around the ring in celebration. She exits and runs up to the stage, where she removes her mask and reveals herself to indeed be Naomi(god).

Thoughts: When I saw this first reported, I was not looking forward to it because all I read was that there was a 3 second match, but seeing all of the segments go along with it, I’m perfectly fine with that. Maxine is the Queen of Charisma, and she really can not be touched in my opinion. Seeing her focused upon so much tonight was a great switch from what is usually seen, and I can only hope that the removal of her as general manager allows her to be called up where she can display this personality on a national stage like so back on NXT.

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