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FCW Watch: Serena & Savannah Battle Over Queen of FCW Crown

Thanks to all of our readers who sent us the tip-off that this match is now on YouTube! The much anticipated ‘Queen of FCW’ [I guess that’s their Women’s Championship] match between Serena Mancini [since renamed Mia Mancini] and Savannah [then Angela Fong] aired last week with the rest of the FCW Divas sitting at ringside. They are: AJ Lee [April], Alicia Fox, Courtney Taylor, Jenny Cash, Liviana, Rosa Mendes and newcomer Trinity [McCray]. Check it out below:

So I don’t quite understand why the rest of the girls would need to sit at ringside, at least surround the ring like lumberjacks. This just looks dumb.

The match starts off fairly well with Serena overpowering her opponent with a belly-to-back takedown. Hey what do you know, they do the old “I talked to XYZ earlier today…” in FCW too. Eye roll. Serena takes down Angela and toys with her, asserting her heel-like authority over the reigning Queen. Angela fights back with forearms but gets thrown into the ropes, Serena goes for a hip-toss but Angela counters with a botched takedown… not sure exactly what she was going for. She follows through with an equally weak armdrag, before hitting a dropkick. Serena charges at Angela, Angela hits a drop-toe hold and then returns the favour from earlier by slapping Serena around the head.

A couple more [weak] armdrags, then a leap over Serena in the corner followed by Serena throwing her out of the ring. Back in the ring, Serena goes for quick covers but to no avail. Serena with shoulder tackles in the corner & then a hair toss. She then goes for a submission move, stretching Angela out who soon gains some traction but her momentum is stopped by Serena with another shoulder into the gut. She repeats a couple of times before Angela manages to muster a reverse backslide followed by a lovely kick to the face. The move leaves both Divas out on the canvas.

As the two Divas come to, Angela throws forearms at Serena then a kick to the stomach and a knee smash. Angela goes for a lovely tilt-a-whirl, moving into a crossbody from the top rope which is done nicely. We then see an exchange of reversals before Angela goes for a rollup. Serena kicks out and then sets up & hits the dominator for the win. That means Serena is crowned the new Queen of FCW.

Angela has perhaps been the most buzzed about Diva in FCW but unfortunately, this wasn’t her best outing. Her execution of certain moves wasn’t great and not in line with the buzz that’s surrounded her. Judging by that performance, I’m not convinced; she has had much better matches & that one was more on par with Rosa or Maria than Alicia or Eve, who she should be rivalling. Serena is a great worker already and I look forward to seeing her match with Natalya, I would argue that it’ll blow most of the main roster matches out of the water if they are really allowed to go. Even with WWE’s Diva restrictions, I expect it will be great.

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