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Whose star shone brightest this week? You tell us!

With our Star of the Week poll, we’ll pick the week’s top five women in wrestling and let you choose who is number one.

The poll will open each Saturday and close on Sunday afternoon.

Let’s take a look at this week’s top five:


Cameron got the best of Alicia Fox and Natalya for the second week in a row, defeating them in a Triple Threat match on SmackDown.

Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke made her in-ring debut on NXT, solidly defeating Blue Pants.


Layla returned to the ring on Main Event, defeating Emma in singles action.


Though she didn’t win the #1 contendership, Naomi had all eyes on her on Raw, turning heel by attacking Paige and injuring her.


Paige won a Battle Royal on Raw to earn a shot at the Divas Title, but the odds of her competing at Extreme Rules are low following a post-match beatdown from Naomi.

Who’s your pick? Vote below!

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Impact Write-Up (April 17th, 2015): Total Knockouts Action http://www.diva-dirt.com/109828/impact-write-up-april-17th-2015-total-knockouts-action/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109828/impact-write-up-april-17th-2015-total-knockouts-action/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 20:57:20 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109828

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. With The Wolves having to surrender their TNA Tag Team Titles just two weeks ago, TNA was in need of crowning new Tag Team champions and did so by devoting an entire Impact show full of put together tag teams, all in the hunt of the gold. **SPOILER ALERT** The Hardys come out on top by the end of the night. This, of course, means the Knockouts are shorthanded from a match this week (if only the Knockouts Tag Team titles were still around) but fear not, for as noted on Twitter earlier this week by TNA Executive Bob Ryder, there would be a MAJOR announcement regarding the Knockouts this week. Let’s all take a listen to what is in store for the Knockouts division.

We begin by spotting our lovely Knockouts backstage, all chatting it up with one another before heading out to the ring. Former Beautiful People members Angelina Love and Madison Rayne jeering Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell from a close distance, Gail Kim and Brooke giving each other a high-five, almost as if they know what lies ahead of them and a focused Taryn who collects her thoughts before going through the curtains.

Back in the ring, ring announcer and latest member of TNA’s unofficial Mom Club Christy Hemme introduces the Knockouts division and invites them all to join her in the six sided ring. The Knockouts Champion Taryn leads the pack with Brooke, Gail Kim Angelina Love and Madison Rayne all training behind; notably absent Knockouts include Awesome Kong, Havok, Mickie James and Rebel. Once the ladies have all assembled to the ring, Christy goes on to say how proud TNA are of present the best women in wrestling on a weekly basis and the Impact agrees as a “We Want Knockouts!” chant begins. In fact, the company is so proud that next week, TNA promises to highlight them with a special night dedicated to them now being hailed as TKO: A Night Full of Knockouts.

Just as Christy was ready to reveal more details of the TKO event, she is interrupted by Angelina Love, who snatches the microphone out of Christy’s hand to give her input on this announcement. Angelina states that this celebrated night should be especially devoted to her – the record breaking six times Knockouts Champion, keening in on Gail as drops this merit of a line. For her part, Gail Kim channels in on her inner Chris Jericho and tells Angelina what everyone else is thinking, which is to shut the hell up! Gail argues against Angelina’s claim that this TKO special should be about her because it isn’t; in fact it isn’t about Gail herself or the other Knockouts in the ring. It’s about the fans and what they want to see which is wrestling!

As Gail name drops Destination America for giving them this night, Madison Rayne is next to snatch the mic from Gail and gets herself comfortable to give her fellow Knockouts a reality check. She begins with Angelina, reminding her that though she may be a six times Knockouts Champion, it also means she’s lost the title just as much. For Gail, Madison finds her need to express how she wants to be seen as a “real wrestler” just annoying. The five times Knockouts Champion declares that no matter what everyone else has accomplished, there is only one Queen Bee in the division.

With that, Christy takes back the microphone that was originally taken from her to finish giving the scoop of what we can expect next week. The first order of business includes a number one contender’s Fatal Four Way match between Angelina Love, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Brooke. Excitement takes over Brooke, as she borrows Christy’s microphone to share her determination to shine thoroughly next week, pick up the win with a Texas style ass kicking and be that much closer to becoming Knockouts champion for the third time in her career.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Christy also surprises us with the news that brand new Knockouts would be joining TNA but if you ask Madison, we don’t need them since she’ll be here next week anyway. Finally, the main event of the night would be the Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell defending her title against the winner of last week’s number one contenders match, Awesome Kong! With that said, it is finally time to hear what Taryn has to make of all of this.

She begins by telling everyone that every week she is constantly putting her body on the line and has already proven why she has a place in TNA. Taryn has faced Awesome Kong before and knows how tough she is but Taryn’s fighting spirit is kept alive through her passion for wrestling and her passion for the Knockouts division! Next week, Taryn gives her word that she will prove why she deserves to remain Knockouts champion by defeating Awesome Kong at long last. Having heard enough backstage, the challenger’s music hits and out appears Awesome Kong, who slowly marches towards the ring but is attacked by Taryn as soon as she steps inside!

It takes the rest of the Knockouts to separate the two from brawling but a cheap shot from Madison Rayne to Taryn breaks the peace of this cocoon and soon EVERYONE is brawling with each other! The brawl takes an outside turn when Awesome Kong takes rival Gail Kim to the outside surroundings of the ring, with Madison and Angelina following the same format towards Brooke. As everyone is battling it out with one another on the outside, Taryn climbs the top rope from the inside of the ring and hits a crossbody to everyone on the outer surface, getting the last laugh as she raises her Knockouts title in the air once she re-enters the ring.

Later in the program, we are treated to a second vignette courtesy of Dollhouse productions. Much like their first thirty second video, Jade and Marti Bell are seen in a pink room, ringing around a doll house as eerie juvenile music plays in the background. There is more candy and doll playing/stepping this time around with a final message of playtime finally happening next week on TKO!

As we close the night, we are treated to one more video package, previewing everything that will take place at TKO next week. Our beautiful, fierce and athletic Knockouts are taking over with the already mentioned Fatal Four Way match between Gail Kim, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Brooke. TKO will also be the night The Dollhouse officially debuts as well as the night we learn the fate of Mickie James future with TNA. All this leading up to next week’s main event where Taryn Terrell goes one on one against the unstoppable Awesome Kong for the Knockouts title. Mark your calendars and set your reminders Knockout fans, you don’t want to miss this event!

Thoughts: So there was no match this week for our ladies but the Knockouts announcement certainly lived up to its major standards!

What I really loved about the united in-ring Knockouts segment was that everyone was able to speak on their own behalf and each gave their own lines that fit their current characters’ personality: Angelina being that boastful persona, Gail the babyface veteran, Madison the Queen Bee, Brooke being a bottle full of spunky and Taryn as the determined champion. I do wish Awesome Kong would have spoken but she has always been short of words and her image alone pretty much speaks for her. It was all a nice touch and depth before their big night next week.

As announced, the much anticipated debut of The Dollhouse takes place next week and Jade’s first TNA match will be against a woman who has appeared on TNA before as part of Gail Kim’s open challenge back in December of 2013 by the name of Laura Dennis (aka Cherry Bomb).

While we have been promised to have an appearance from Mickie James, it is a bit disappointed to see that Havok and Rebel have seemingly been opted out of this all Knockouts event as they too are part of the Knockouts division. It has also been announced that Eric Young and Kurt Angle are on next week’s card which takes away from the “all Knockouts” vibe but the overall night is about the Knockouts as evident by the main event privilege going to the Knockouts Championship. Just looking at the kickass poster for next week’s show gives the significance of how much TNA value their women’s division and for that, we thank you TNA!

So mark your calendars and set your alarms Knockout fans! Next week’s Impact Wrestling show is a cannot miss event!

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WWE Main Event Redux (April 17th, 2015): The UK Gets Flawless http://www.diva-dirt.com/109827/wwe-main-event-redux-april-17th-2015-the-uk-gets-flawless/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109827/wwe-main-event-redux-april-17th-2015-the-uk-gets-flawless/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 20:56:39 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109827

Hello ladies and gents! A special Union Jack edition of Main Event is coming you way, complete with the UK’s own Flawless leader, Layla! Yup, you read that right. Our lovely lady has made her return after a lengthy absence! She’s back and, hopefully, better than ever. She looks ready to go as we kick things right off.

Emma follows Layla out to the ring, still working that harder attitude of hers. There’s as small peek of dancing from her on the top rope, but I’ll forgive her that for the fabulous lipstick she’s sporting. The referee calls for the bell and we’re under way.

Emma has the early jumpstart on the perhaps rusty Layla. I spoke too soon! Layla comes back firing, locking Emma’s head up and taking her down. The ladies seem pretty evenly matched thus far, trading back and forths until Emma sends Layla into the ropes and then toppling down onto her back. Emma covers, but it’s only a count of one.

Layla’s back in control now, with Emma down on the mat. Some suspiciously-sounding American accents, over here across the pond, start chanting ‘Let’s Go Emma’, but Layla’s having none of that and stays on the offensive. Emma with a big kick to the mid-section then throws Layla into the turnbuckle. Layla tolls Emma up out of the corner. She fails to get the win, and goes for an arm lock to start wearing her opponent.

(There’s a slight fault with the video here, wherein it rewinds a little. Technology, eh? What’re ya gonna do?)

Back in the ring, Layla has Emma right where she wants her, applying pressure to that left arm. Emma with an innovative counter! She sits Layla down on the mat and then kicks her right in the chops! Ouch. Layla appears to be feigning the hurt from the kick and LAYS EMMA OUT as she comes off the ropes. Layla then gives Emma a taste of her own medicine, favouring one of Emma’s go-to’s; Layla ties Emma up and chokes her out on the top rope. She then trips the Australian, whose face bounces off the mat.

Layla’s happily in control, and I think it’s safe to say the ring rust is definitely absent here. She nails Emma with a big drop kick to the side of the head, earning herself a two count. Layla now with a headlock, but Emma shows signs of life as the crowd gets behind her. She drives Layla into the corner repeatedly, urging the Brit to let up on the hold. Emma succeeds, eventually, and takes control.

She bursts out a couple of clotheslines, knocking Layla into next week! Emma with a big elbow out of the corner, and then follows up with the dilEMMA. (I really love the name of that move.) Emma kicks Layla right in the tushi, knocking her off balance, and then a big kick to the side of Layla’s head. Emma gets a two count, but let’s not forget that Layla is a former Divas champion. More than that, she’s a scrappy little lady.

Layla misses with a spinning heel kick, but quickly turns it around. She clocks Emma right on the chin with the back of her boot, and then lines up for the finish.

Layla hits the Lay Out, and this one’s over!

Thoughts: A triumphant return for Layla, ladies and gentlemen! Whether you love or hate her, this lady has presence. She’s a veteran now, but still has so much to give and I for one would like to see her with one last glory run. She looks great; that short haircut takes years off her (not that she looks her age at all!) and she’s still smooth in the ring. I didn’t find her clunky at all, and I think that’s a credit to both her and Emma.

Speaking of Emma, she also looked lovely tonight. Another one in the loss column for her, unfortunately, but hopefully things will turn around for her. There’s a lot going on in the Divas division right now, between the Bellas, Paige, Naomi, Summer’s new movie and the return of Layla. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for as Diva fans. I’m sure Emma’s star will continue to shine for a long time to come. It seems she’s just going to have to bide her time until that day comes.

I’m not sure where either lady goes from here. Layla, playing the heel in this match, could potentially be in line for a Divas title shot when the championship eventually changes hands to a face. I don’t see her slotting in to the hunt just yet, and I don’t see Nikki dropping the belt soon either. As for Emma, like I said, she’s just biding her time. I feel that, once WWE lights the fuse on her, she’ll go far.

Until next time! x

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Today in History: Trish Stratus & Christian vs. Chris Jericho at Backlash 2004 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109664/today-in-history-trish-stratus-christian-vs-chris-jericho-at-backlash-2004-2/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109664/today-in-history-trish-stratus-christian-vs-chris-jericho-at-backlash-2004-2/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 13:00:21 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109664

On this day in history:

April 18th, 2004 | After Trish Stratus turned on Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 20, the stage was set for a feud that was as much about him against her as it was about him against Christian. At 2004’s Backlash, karma finally arrived when Trish and Christian teamed up to face Jericho in a Handicap match. Trish found herself the victim of collateral damage, being squashed against the turnbuckle by a catapulted Christian and thus was unable to stop Jericho from pinning Christian for the victory.

What are your memories of this moment?

Also occurring today in history:
* 4/18/04 – Victoria defeated Lita to retain the Women’s Title at Backlash 2004.
* 4/18/10 – Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love & Tara at Lockdown 2010. Madison won the Knockouts Title and retained the Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

Note: This was originally posted on 4/18/13.

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Havok Addresses TNA Rumors, Confirms Status With Company http://www.diva-dirt.com/109815/havok-addresses-tna-rumors-confirms-status-with-company/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109815/havok-addresses-tna-rumors-confirms-status-with-company/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 01:02:48 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109815 Photo: WrestlingKnockouts.com

Former Knockouts Champion Havok has taken to her personal blog to dispel rumors of her TNA departure and the company’s reported problems in paying its wrestlers.

Havok first referenced a tweet she sent earlier this week, in which she confirmed she’s still part of TNA despite not appearing at recent television tapings:

She goes on to state that she’s always been paid by TNA, blaming the spread of negative rumors on people who want TNA to fail.

Havok then encourages fans to support all wrestling, whether it be WWE, TNA, the indies or NXT, where her boyfriend Solomon Crowe works.

Read the full blog below:

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, that TNA is getting a lot of heat for numerous things. “Dirt Sheets” are reporting this and that, from “Sources” unknown. Fans are ridiculing the company without knowing what is going on, and people in general are just hating on, and hoping for the end of the company.
“Sources” have even told “dirt sheets” that TNA fired me when they brought Kong in etc etc.

So last night, i tweeted that I never left TNA, and i’ve always gotten paid, so either support the company or shut up. Some of you guys didn’t like that, i admit i could have worded it differently. One says “Ok, so you are saying follow blindly or not at all? DERP DERP” and other thought “Well TNA does care what we think or a bog deal wouldn’t be made” BLAH BLAH!!!!

So, I guess i am going to explain a little better where i am coming from…

First of all, why are you going to get mad at me for defending the very company i work for? They have done nothing but help my wrestling career. They have given me a larger stage to perform for so many more people around the world. I have a much larger fan base now because of them, and they have let me be able to inspire so many “misfits”, showing them that you don’t have to l look like a model to live a dream.

As far as my pay, i have never been screwed over by them. They have always paid me exactly what i am suppose to, so again. Do NOT run your mouth about something you know NOTHING about. I am going out of my way to prove a point, they didn’t ask me to do this, they have no idea that i am putting it out there. This, again, is an example of me defending the company that has been good to me from the beginning. It isn’t fair. Do NOT get me wrong, fans , you are entitled to your opinions, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, like contracts, paychecks, booking, etc… When was that ever your business to begin with? It isn’t? are you wrestling? No.

There is nothing wrong with sitting back and enjoying the show. Fans are suppose to do just that. Don’t stress yourself out over something that doesn’t concern you to begin with.

The other thing that drives me nuts is that there are WWE fans, and TNA fans, and WWE fans HATE TNA, and vice versa. I don’t know why burying something or someone is needed. In my honest opinion, i feel fans should just support wrestling in general. And if you don’t like something, just don’t watch it, and don’t bury someone else for liking it.

I have friends who wrestle for WWE. My boyfriend is in NXT!!! I also have friends at TNA, i have LOTS of friends on the indies! We are all the same!!

I watch all wrestling. I watch TNA. I watch WWE. I watch NXT. I watch Indy stuff. Shimmer, shine, FIP, 2cw, CZW, New Japan, ROH, etc. Sure, there are things on each show i may not like, but there are also things i do like, and to me, it is entertaining.

I love wrestling and i support wrestling, and if you are a true fan, you should just support Wrestling. Not a certain *brand*, because i promise you, you will find something you like anywhere, the whole show may not be your cup of tea, but I’m sure there is something. Just open your eyes to the varieties out there!

I am sure there are some of you who will have a smart ass comment or two after reading this, but never fear! i don’t care :) You will be *blocked* . OR we can just agree to disagree. Thanks guys!!

You can read Havok’s blog at HavokxTNA.Wordpress.com.

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Impact Wrestling Feedback: April 17th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109808/impact-wrestling-feedback-april-17th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109808/impact-wrestling-feedback-april-17th-2015/#comments Sat, 18 Apr 2015 00:45:49 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109808

Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight at 9pm ET.

Discuss the show in the comments!

RELATED: Impact Wrestling Spoilers: April 17th & 24th, 2015

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SmackDown Redux (April 16th, 2015): Cameron Steals the Spotlight Again http://www.diva-dirt.com/109811/smackdown-redux-april-16th-2015-cameron-steals-the-spotlight-again/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109811/smackdown-redux-april-16th-2015-cameron-steals-the-spotlight-again/#comments Fri, 17 Apr 2015 17:04:06 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109811

Happy Friday, and welcome to another SmackDown Redux! This week’s SmackDown sees the Divas breaking up, forging new relationships and scrambling for position in the wide open Divas Title picture. Sounds like a whirlwind, huh? For a SmackDown, this is practically worthy of sweeps week. Let’s dive in.

Our Divas match of the night was – gasp – a Triple Threat match! Who told the SmackDown bookers that Divas can wrestle in anything other than singles and tag matches? That must have been quite a revelation for them.

Following up on last week, Alicia Fox, Cameron and Natalya go head-to-head. Who will rise to the occasion?

We join Natalya mid-entrance, with Alicia and Cameron already in the ring. That doesn’t bode well for the length of this match. Entrances may not seem like essential things, but they can be indicative of how important the match is treated. If there’s no build up, there’s no excitement. Here’s hoping they give us an excuse to be excited in the match itself.

The bell rings, and Alicia and Natalya immediately gang up on Cameron, obviously still pissed about her opportunistic DDTs last week. Cameron escapes the ring, leaving Alicia to roll up Natalya for an early pin. Natalya kicks out.

Natalya goes for a quick finish of her own, sweeping Alicia’s feet out from under her and attempting the lock in the Sharpshooter. Alicia manages to get to the bottom rope, slipping out onto the ring apron. When she comes face to face with Natalya again, though, she gets socked in the face, and falls to the outside.

Cameron takes this opportunity to sneak up on Natalya, rolling her up for a pin. Natalya kicks out at two and springs to her feet, taking Cameron down with a discus clothesline. Natalya goes for the pin, but Alicia quickly puts an end to it, reentering the ring and breaking up the pin.

Cameron goes to take a breather while Alicia and Natalya square off. Natalya reverses a whip into the ropes, but Alicia uses her athleticism to take control again, hitting Natalya with a unique hurricanrana. She knocks Nattie off her feet again for good measure before running the ropes and going for a somersault legdrop. Natalya rolls out of the way, though, leaving nothing but mat for Alicia.

Natalya runs the ropes and hits her step-over-dropkick-to-the-chest move that’s a mouthful to describe. She tries for a pin, but Cameron reaches in and pulls her out of the ring. She shoves Natalya into the barricade, attempting to knock her out of the equation. Cameron heads back into the ring and tries to take out Alicia as well, but gets a boot to the face for her troubles.

Alicia goes for another pin, but Cameron kicks out at two. She sends Cameron into the corner and tries to hit a big boot, but Cameron dodges it, leaving Alicia with one leg caught on the top rope. Cameron slams her to the mat.

As this is going on, I tune in to the commentary long enough to hear a metaphor about a crowded steam room with a single door. The Divas are all fighting for the number one contendership like they would fight to exit this steam room, you see. Jesus Christ. Put that in the Terrible Diva Match Commentary Hall of Fame. That ceremony would be hosted by Jerry Lawler, of course.

Meanwhile, as my brain attempts to reassemble itself from the mush it was rendered into by this metaphor, Cameron is climbing to the top rope. Natalya reappears in an attempt to knock her down, but Cameron fights her off. Alicia then tries to do the job herself, attacking Cameron and climbing up there with her. Natalya surprises them both, though, by grabbing hold of Alicia and creating a Tower of Doom, taking both of her opponents all the way to the mat!

All the Divas are down, but understandably it’s Nattie who’s in the best shape. She regains her bearings first and tries to pin Cameron, who kicks out. When Natalya rolls out of the way, Alicia tries to pin Cameron herself, getting the same result. Natalya then sneaks up on Alicia with a roll-up, but Alicia kicks out.

Nattie decides to eliminate Alicia from the equation, hitting her with a discus clothesline and shoving her out of the ring. She returns her attentions to Cameron, who surprises her with a small package pin. Natalya kicks out and is on the attack immediately, ducking a clothesline from Cameron and trapping her in a waistlock. When she goes to slam Cameron, though, she finds herself being rolled through into yet another pin attempt, which she kicks out of and reverses, which Cameron kicks out of and reverses. When all is said and done, there’s no three-count.

When they’re both vertical again, Natalya takes control, knocking Cameron down and going for the Sharpshooter. She locks it in, and when Cameron gets close to the ropes, she drags her back to the center of the ring. It looks like curtains for Cameron until Alicia reappears, trying to surprise Nattie with a scissors kick. Natalya telegraphs it, though, releasing the Sharpshooter and dodging the attack.

This earns Alicia Cameron’s spot in the Sharpshooter. Natalya locks in the submission on her, but it isn’t long before Cameron makes her presence felt again. She attacks Natalya from behind, breaking the hold. She tries to toss Natalya out of the ring, but it’s reversed, and Cameron goes flying to the outside.

Alicia takes advantage of Natalya’s distraction, kicking her in the face. She then hits Nattie with a modified scissors kick, seemingly putting her down for the count. It’s then that Cameron pops back up, tossing Alicia out of the ring and claiming the pin for her own. She covers Natalya and earns the three count!

Natalya is understandably pissed, but it’s Alicia who throws a tantrum. YEESSSS!!! Please have another mental break, Alicia. Make “crazy Alicia” an annual summer event. Blame it on the warm weather.

Elsewhere, two other Divas had some interesting character moments. One in particular brought bad news. Poor Rosa Mendes, having seemingly been dumped by Fandango on Raw, tries to salvage the relationship:

Fandango rather unceremoniously tells her that they’re done, leaving her to wallow. Adam Rose and the Rosebuds take that moment to come running by, and Rose sidles up to Rosa, telling her that if she makes the “right moves”, she might find herself being #1 in someone’s life again. Rosa the Rosebud? Someone on the creative team thinks they’re clever (they’re not).

Rosa ends up making the wrong move, accidentally costing Rose his match against Fandango. Fandango celebrates while Rosa spirals. #PoorRosa.

Summer Rae is also seeing some big changes, perhaps cementing a babyface turn in a segment with The Miz and Mizdow:

Miz interrupts an interview with Summer and Mizdow, allowing Summer to get in a burn: Mizdow does Miz better than Miz himself. She also gives Mizdow the idea to challenge Miz to a match on Raw for the right to the Miz persona. She caps off the segment by slapping Miz after he says she should go back to the LFL, insinuating that wearing a helmet would improve her looks. And that’s the most I’ve ever typed “Miz” in a single paragraph. Miz.

Lastly, Natalya made another appearance alongside Tyson Kidd and Cesaro when they took on Total Divas supporting cast John Cena and Daniel Bryan:

Thoughts: It’s definitley a novelty to see a Triple Threat match outside a Pay-Per-View – and on SmackDown, no less, where Diva match creativity goes to die. It was nice to see a match that seemed like it was high stakes, even though nothing was on the line. That’s what Diva matches should strive for: a feeling of importance. I would have appreciated full entrances, because they help add to the sense of importance, even if it’s just symbolic. If we’re joining them “in progress”, it gives the segment a sense of urgency, like the WWE is eager to get it over with as soon as possible, shoving them on stage and telling them to hurry up. Not good.

Even so, the Divas did their best to make the moment feel big. It was a nice Triple Threat – not particularly innovative, but exciting nonetheless, thanks to the unique scenario and the fresh combination of Divas. That’s no thanks to the commentary team, who at times sounded like they were announcing a golf match. Maybe they should crack open that Mountain Dew swill they’re always trying to sell us. There were definitely some sloppy moments, a particularly egregious one coming from veteran Alicia, who should know better. Still, I do think, in a weird way, the frantic nature of the Divas division these days – everyone scrambling to take that top spot – allows for this kind of ramshackle match. Everyone’s desperate to prove themselves, and these three were given a chance to do so, and don’t want to squander it.

In the end, it’s Cameron who gets one up on Alicia and Natalya for the second week in a row. Is she in line for a Divas Title shot? I doubt it. This does help beef up the division, though, since prior to this Cameron’s role was basically “heel jobber”. If Cameron is treated as a threat, despite little build up, everyone’s a threat. That’s why I’m glad she won here – neither Alicia or Natalya really need the win, as they were treated as the favorites to win. No one would expect Cameron to come out on top of this kind of scenario, but she managed it. That’s a much more more interesting story, to me.

For the record, I think Naomi should be getting the next Divas Title shot. That doesn’t mean these Divas should disappear, though. I like the way they’re being used here, developing a storyline of their own independent of the Divas Title. After all, we are heading into summer, the one season where Divas are free to run multiple storylines at once. Come to think of it, that should be the Diva fans’ mantra when things get tough: SUMMER IS COMING. Hang tight – we’re almost there.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109811/smackdown-redux-april-16th-2015-cameron-steals-the-spotlight-again/feed/ 1399
Today in History: Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James in a Cage Match at Lockdown 2011 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109662/today-in-history-madison-rayne-vs-mickie-james-in-a-cage-match-at-lockdown-2011/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109662/today-in-history-madison-rayne-vs-mickie-james-in-a-cage-match-at-lockdown-2011/#comments Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:00:29 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109662

On this day in history:

April 17th, 2011 | At Lockdown 2011, Mickie James stepped into a steel cage to get a crack at Madison Rayne‘s Knockouts Title, but that wasn’t the only risk she was taking: her hair was on the line as well. It was a Hair vs. Title match, and the Killer Queen was intent on humiliating Mickie. From the start, though, nothing went Madison’s way. Mickie attacked her quickly, hitting her with the Mickie-T and scoring a quick pinfall. Mickie was the new Knockouts Champion, and Madison didn’t even know what hit her.

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 4/17/14.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109662/today-in-history-madison-rayne-vs-mickie-james-in-a-cage-match-at-lockdown-2011/feed/ 70
SmackDown Reaction: April 16th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109798/smackdown-reaction-april-16th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109798/smackdown-reaction-april-16th-2015/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 23:45:06 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109798

Tune in to SmackDown tonight at 8pm ET on Syfy.

Discuss the show in the comments!

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http://www.diva-dirt.com/109798/smackdown-reaction-april-16th-2015/feed/ 823
Lucha Underground Analysis (April 15th, 2015): Sexy Saves Melissa from Becoming Pentagon’s Prey http://www.diva-dirt.com/109788/lucha-underground-analysis-april-15th-2015-sexy-saves-melissa-from-becoming-pentagons-prey/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109788/lucha-underground-analysis-april-15th-2015-sexy-saves-melissa-from-becoming-pentagons-prey/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 20:30:55 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109788

Hello Lucha fans and welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground Analysis!

Before next week’s guaranteed Ivelisse-centric episode and following last week’s female-filled instalment, this week was an example of LU appreciating their female wrestling fanbase by at least giving us a few short but sweet moments. No backstage segments or matches took place involving our favourite female luchadores yet the feud between Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr took an unprecedented turn via a short in-ring segment.

I will firstly draw your attention to a YouTube exclusive segment that aired before last night’s show that shone the spotlight on Melissa Santos, Underground’s radiant ring announcer. She discussed how she loves getting to witness the amazing Lucha Underground action and she discusses some of her favourite moments thus far from the series.

She says that some of the luchadores can be intimidating, particularly Pentagon Jr. She says she is creeped out by his whole get-up. Don’t let him hear you say that Melissa!

Mel also discusses having Dario Cueto as a boss. She says that she must watch what she says yet she still thinks Dario is a pr**k! Again Melissa, don’t let him hear you say that!

Onto this week’s show and we first see Melissa who is rocking some hot pants! She may need to watch what she says yet she definitely doesn’t need any lessons in how to look good! Melissa is stood in the ring with Pentagon Jr of all people, and Matt Striker notes that he is not scheduled to compete.

Pentagon whispers something to Melissa and she says that Pentagon wants to dedicate his next victim to his master, who is still unknown. Melissa begins to exit the ring yet it s obvious who Pentagon’s next victim is… HER! Now we know why she is in shorts and not a dress!

Pentagon grabs at Melissa’s hair and yanks her around the ring. Refreshingly, Melissa doesn’t just stand there and take it! She shoves Pentagon in the face, desperately trying to push him off. She manages to get away momentarily and tries to flee under the bottom rope.

Vampiro stands up from the announce desk declaring that he cannot sit back and watch this! As Melissa was rolling under the bottom rope, she is now on the mat, in perfect position for Penta to snap her arm. Oh dear. He drags her away from the apron and looks to break her arm but out of nowhere, the shining saviour Sexy Star shows up on the scene!

Sexy dropkicks Pentagon in the face, ensuring that he does not mess with Melissa anymore. Pentagon’s plan has clearly worked and he got the attention of Sexy yet again. Sexy walks Melissa to safety before telling the “a**hole” that he has gone way too far this time. It is obvious that Pentagon will stop at nothing to impress his master, yet can the light of Sexy Star vanquish the darkness of Pentagon Jr?

Thoughts: I love how Lucha Underground managed to pack so much action into a minute long segment!

Firstly, Pentagon’s loyal service to his unknown master was teased yet again, foreshadowing a story that will surely be revealed eventually. I am wondering if Pentagon’s master is the monster that slaughtered Black Lotus’ parents?

Vampiro getting back into the ring was also teased, which I really enjoyed. It gives his character more of a dimension and makes me like him even more. If anyone is familiar with the dark side, it is Vamp.

I also loved that Melissa received some limelight this week, even if half of it was in a YouTube exclusive video and not on the show. Melissa showed some personality, sass and attitude in the online video and I appreciate getting to know more about her through that clip.

I was impressed with additionally utilising her on this week’s episode too as another plot device to weave into the Sexy and Pentagon rivalry. Pentagon is seriously dangerous and will even attack innocent women. That fact he is so vindictive and malicious will make fans want to root even harder for Sexy Star. I love that Melissa tried to fight back too, despite her saying that she is really scared of Pentagon. She tried her damn hardest to avoid ending up in the hospital and I loved it. Very cool to see her not just acting like a victim or having an over-the-top reaction to a bump like a referee.

Sexy saving the day yet again was so fun. I love her character and love this feud. Pentagon has mistreated innocent people and even broke the arm of the man Sexy Star was forced to unmask after a very raw and touching moment. This has gotten really personal, really quick. I can’t wait for it to next get really physical.

Next week’s show is shaping up to be massive too. Ivelisse is really up against it in the finals of the Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament. Can the “Baddest Bitch in the Building” pull it out of the bag? I sure bloody hope so!

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109788/lucha-underground-analysis-april-15th-2015-sexy-saves-melissa-from-becoming-pentagons-prey/feed/ 25
Your Two Cents: Booking Extreme Rules http://www.diva-dirt.com/109800/your-two-cents-booking-extreme-rules/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109800/your-two-cents-booking-extreme-rules/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 20:00:37 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109800

Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: With Paige out of action indefinitely, what Divas Title match would you book for Extreme Rules? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • Ashley Matthew: It will likely be Nikki Bella vs. Naomi. Should be interesting to see how WWE decides to plan that out considering both Divas are heels.
  • @BeamerRocks: Not as concerned about who as how. Give us something “extreme”. Falls count anywhere, no DQ, strap match. Give us SOMETHING.
  • Chris Colon: Right now I’m my too sure who should get a title shot. Natalya would be a good match especially because she helped train Nikki and Brie when they first started, but I would like to see something fresh, like maybe let Summer Rae get a title shot to push her character more over with the fans since she seemingly is face now. But ultimately, Naomi deserves a title shot. She’s waited way too long.
  • @DarkHaze15: Six Pack Challenge: Nikki, Brie, Natalya, Cameron, Alicia Fox and Naomi. Brie helps Nikki but accidentally causes her to lose to Naomi.
  • Giselle Rodriguez: Fatal Four-Way! Nikki vs. Naomi vs. Brie vs. Nattie.
  • @ItsOnlyJustAlly: I would like Nikki Bella to defend the Divas Championship in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination match with Brie Bella, Naomi and Cameron.
  • @JuanMRodz: Nikki vs. Cameron. Cameron has been a great heel and it would awesome for her to get an opportunity at the title.
  • Julieanne Waller: Layla is probably retiring soon and deserves one last run, even if it’s a Trish Stratus way to end it.
  • Matthew Brown: I say why not let Emma have a shot at the title?! She has the ability to be a great champion and with her new attitude she has the capability of being a great #1 contender and a threat to the title. Plus it would be different to see someone like Emma who’s hardly utilized to have a championship match rather than the same old Divas!
  • Roxana Hardplace: Nikki Bella vs. Naomi vs. Natalya in an Extreme Rules or a Gauntlet match with Charlotte‘s debut and Tamina Snuka‘s return.
  • Shannon Landerfin: Naomi vs. Nikki. Naomi beats Nikki, then right after Charlotte comes in the ring and attacks Naomi. Then they feud for the title.
  • @supportingeve: Have Naomi replace Paige. Then, have Brie get involved so she’s not a “side piece” in this feud. Maybe Nikki vs. Naomi vs. Brie?

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! What match would you book for Extreme Rules?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109800/your-two-cents-booking-extreme-rules/feed/ 198
NXT Redux (April 1st & April 15th, 2015): Friends(?) Collide and Dana Brooke Debuts http://www.diva-dirt.com/109783/nxt-redux-april-1st-april-15th-2015-friends-collide-and-dana-brooke-debuts/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109783/nxt-redux-april-1st-april-15th-2015-friends-collide-and-dana-brooke-debuts/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 18:38:57 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109783

Greetings all. It’s late, life got in the way, sorrrry.

I’m here now though, and that will likely never be good enough so let me shush and get started on this two (taking place over the course of three) week redux funfest!~

First up, we travel back in time and pretend it’s April 1st… ahem:

The crowd erupts as I potentially cry tears of joy at one of the finest themes in wrestling right now while Bayley makes her grand entrance. Up next comes our good girl gone bad… Emma! Emma does not look as happy to be here as usual, and proves it with her less than enthusiastic slide into the ring. Emma first tries to apologize and get back in Bayley’s good graces, but Bayley tries to not fall for it. They lock up as Bayley backs Emma into the corner and breaks off, before Emma shoves her back and gets put in a waistlock. Counter, as the two jockey for position. Bayley takes Emma down with a shoulder tackle as Emma takes her down and then hits a huge clothesline. She looks to assist Bayley to her feet and then slams her in the corner.

Emma tries to bring the fire out of Bayley, as she finally starts to show it a little. Emma now regains control, but only for a moment as Bayley loads up and fires away! She misses a corner splash and falls victim to the tarantula, followed up with the Emmamite Sandwich. A cocky pin attempt gets reversed into the three and Bayley wins!

After the match, Emma looks a little upset as Bayley helps her up before heading up the ramp and leaving a conflicted Emma alone in the ring.

Just then, we head backstage to find the holy messiah of journalistic integrity, Devin Taylor as she stands with Becky Lynch. Come to find out, Becky requested this time to speak because she wants to remind everyone about how close she was to being NXT Womens Champion. Everybody else has had title opportunities… except her. Why hasn’t Becky Lynch had an opportunity? She came from Ireland to become NXT Womens Champion, and Sasha Banks may not be that bad… but she’s not Becky Lynch good. This is her title and her empire, so welcome to N-BEX-T.

Now to flash forward to April 15th, hey only a few hours off!

Our resident blueberry (as in a wonderful, healthy treat), Blue Pants makes her way out to the ring and continues to perform the greatest in ring non-Naomi dancing jig since Alicia Fox and DJ Gabriel existed. Up next? Daaaaaana!

Holy Jesus, if this theme song has longevity it could potentially knock Sasha’s from my top spot. We’ll see.

This entrance is everything! And it’s complete by the introductions made possible by JoJo “LET HER WRESTLE GOD DAMMIT” Offerman. Dana looks great… buuuut, there is a little bit too much feelin’ herself going on right now. The bell sounds as the fans immediately warm to Blue. Leva with some shots to the face, but Dana shoves her off and drops her like a sack of hot potatoes. Brooke slams her back and nails a… was that a? Yes, yes I think it was. Dana don’t play no games.

A slingshot follows up as Dana clocks her with some punches for a two. I feel sad. She kicks Leva to the ropes and starts choking her, as it then converts to a really nice handstand boot choke. Leva with some huge kicks of her own! Fire up Blue-y! She tries for an Irish Whip, but Dana counters and nails a beautiful sit out powerslam for the win.

Thoughts: Kicking things off with Bayley vs. Emma, I felt this was completely a story driven match so there’s no point to really focus on the ring work. It told an excellent story and Emma does NOT get enough credit for how on point she is with this character. She has mannerisms and facial expressions and body language nailed, and I loved the tease post match with Bayley turning her back only for Emma to contain herself. It feels too soon to have a full on turn, but I’m ready to see what she can do as a heel because if this was any inclination, Emma is going to be 2015’s Tyson Kidd and I am ready for the lashings she will give on the main roster with her brilliance.

The Becky Lynch segment was also stellar because it had the truth behind it. She’s essentially vanished for whatever reason, and even Alexa Bliss got thrusted into the title picture when she was gone for months. I love promos that can be seen as relatable and truthful, and Becky is getting soooo much better and more comfortable with her delivery since the days of Bayley BFF who goes “Heyyyyyy” and Sasha scorner who says “Discoostin”. It just feels like she’s the woman who is going to have a breakthrough we all talk about come the end of 2015, and I really 100% think she & Bayley will become the new Sasha/Charlotte (which I am allllll here for).

I feel sad for Dana, honestly. I think she’s better than what was shown tonight and it was probably a mix of nerves (and the fact that when this was filmed 205 years ago, they weren’t even using her on houseshows to prepare). I don’t think the match was atrocious or anything, and we’ve certainly seen worse. I’m just bummed because I think you can tell they put a lot into her with the video hyping and her entrance. The theme is great, the finisher is great, the entrance is great (just some toning down on the in ring posing which she obviously will learn when watching it back). She just has to work on some stuff.

One thing I pray gets improved upon is her branding, which is all over the place. She’s a powerhouse with huge muscles, but she’s feeling herself up like the sexy model girl taunt in every WWE video game. I feared her persona would just be “I have muscles” and it looks like that’s what they’re going with. Gahh, she needs something more to spark it. NXT fans either want over the top that is so outrageous it’s amazing or they want over the top with a slight amount of seriousness that can be backed up in the ring. Dana, right now, doesn’t fit either of those and I want her to badly because I want as many debuts as possible so this division can flourish and not get stuck in singles match woes.

To me, she just needs to do some tweaking. They’ve amped up using her on live events which is great because she can actually, you know, get better. Now I want her to develop a character beyond just muscles.

Brand her the Barbie Killer and go FULL ON Barbie Killer. Give me hype videos of her crushing people. Turn her into an absolute monster with war paint under her eyes. I want to see her bring a Barbie doll out in her entrance and rip it to shreds before each match. Oh, and I want need to see her pulling these women’s extensions out inside the ring and saving them to form a trophy-esque necklace that she enters with and removes ala Rusev and his medal. She’s got to do something to stand out in this day and age of NXT where everyone expects you to either be Indy King/Queen or Over the Top Kooky Jesus when you have your first match. Give me savage Barbie Killer Dana Brooke, I’m rooting for you!

That’s it for now. Sorry again for the lateness of week one (blame NXT Axxess for the extra lateness), but hopefully it can work out from here on out.


http://www.diva-dirt.com/109783/nxt-redux-april-1st-april-15th-2015-friends-collide-and-dana-brooke-debuts/feed/ 367
Kaitlyn Comments on AJ Lee’s WWE Departure http://www.diva-dirt.com/109790/kaitlyn-comments-on-aj-lees-wwe-departure/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109790/kaitlyn-comments-on-aj-lees-wwe-departure/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 18:37:37 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109790 Photo: @WWEAJLee/Twitter

Former Divas Champion Kaitlyn recently caught up with WWE.com to talk about AJ Lee‘s departure, her own post-WWE life and more.

Kaitlyn expressed her pride in AJ, saying she “100%” supports her decision to leave the WWE:

“AJ has this weird ability to accomplish anything that she visualizes. So when she worked her way up to the top, she stayed up there. No one has been like her, and no one will ever be like her. She really just felt like she had given everything that she needed to give to this sport in general, and taught people — especially the Divas — as much as she could. She had four amazing WrestleManias, and she made such an impact that she felt like she could walk away and be content with that. I 100 percent support that. She knew the time was right, and knew that she could walk away. She left big shoes to fill, but she helped everyone around her get better. I’m proud of everything that she did.”

She also credited AJ with being one of her mentors during her early days in the WWE:

“In the very beginning, obviously, Vickie Guerrero was my Pro during NXT, and she helped me a lot. But I will say that in the very beginning, when I was on the road after NXT, Beth Phoenix took me under her wing. She was amazing. She never had any ulterior motives, and she loved the business so much. She truly cared about what people were doing and wanted everyone to learn and get better. When I was by myself after that, it was AJ. She went from zero to 100 so fast and had learned so much. Wrestling was her passion since she was a little kid. It was great, because we were already great friends and traveling partners. So I had different mentors at different stages.”

When asked about her future, Kaitlyn talked about covering an upcoming issue of Iron Man Magazine and her laser-like focus on expanding her Celestial Bodiez brand:

“PJ and I just did a photo shoot for “Iron Man” Magazine, and we’re actually going to be on the cover of the May issue, with a huge spread on the inside about how we’ve gotten to where we are and how everything was built, and also our relationship. It’s awesome, because I’ve been in WWE Magazine, which was a huge honor, but I’ve never been on the cover of anything. And my husband has been in countless fitness magazines, but he’s never been on a cover either. So for us to be on a cover together, about our life, our style and our companies together, I’m so thrilled.

For me right now, because Celestial Bodiez is still in its infancy, I’m completely focused on it. I just want to expand as much as possible and have new concepts still based all around the Booty Scrunch, but just to build that brand. I want everyone to know that brand, know the logo and know what Booty Scrunch is; that is my goal.”

You can read the full interview on WWE.com.

What’s your favorite AJ/Kaitlyn moment?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109790/kaitlyn-comments-on-aj-lees-wwe-departure/feed/ 51
Today in History: The Divas Compete in an Italian Fashion Show http://www.diva-dirt.com/109670/today-in-history-the-divas-compete-in-an-italian-fashion-show/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109670/today-in-history-the-divas-compete-in-an-italian-fashion-show/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 13:00:10 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109670

On this day in history:

April 16th, 2007 | To celebrate the novelty of Raw emanating from Milan, Italy, the Divas took part in a fashion show, competing for the crowd’s approval in their choice of fashionable outfits. Women’s Champion Melina was joined in the ring by Candice Michelle, Maria Kanellis, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson and Victoria. Ever the fan favorite, Torrie was crowned the winner, but she soon found herself beaten down by a bitter Melina. Victoria was Melina’s only ally, so the heels were soon overcome and chased away by the babyfaces, leaving the heroes to soak in the cheers of the Italian crowd.

What are your memories of this moment?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109670/today-in-history-the-divas-compete-in-an-italian-fashion-show/feed/ 122
Report: Naomi’s Heel Turn Originally Intended for Another Diva? http://www.diva-dirt.com/109778/report-naomis-heel-turn-originally-intended-for-another-diva/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109778/report-naomis-heel-turn-originally-intended-for-another-diva/#comments Thu, 16 Apr 2015 00:26:10 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109778 Photo: WWE.com

Naomi‘s shocking heel turn on Raw may have been intended for another Diva.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer (via Lords of Pain), Naomi’s storyline – attacking Paige, injuring her and forcing her to forfeit her Divas Title shot at Extreme Rules – was originally intended for AJ Lee.

AJ, of course, departed the WWE earlier this month, leaving the spot open for Naomi.

The report also claims that Naomi was originally set to turn heel a few months ago in the climax of her and Jimmy Uso‘s feud with The Miz, but the plan was nixed.

Naomi appears set to take Paige’s spot in the Divas Title match against Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules, but nothing has been set as of yet.

Would you have liked to see AJ turn heel on Paige?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109778/report-naomis-heel-turn-originally-intended-for-another-diva/feed/ 447
NXT & Lucha Underground Exchange: April 15th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109775/nxt-lucha-underground-exchange-april-15th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109775/nxt-lucha-underground-exchange-april-15th-2015/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 23:45:50 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109775

Tune in to NXT on the WWE Network and Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network, both at 8pm ET.

Discuss the shows in the comments!

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http://www.diva-dirt.com/109775/nxt-lucha-underground-exchange-april-15th-2015/feed/ 305
Diva Dirt Countdown Vote: Best Rookie Year http://www.diva-dirt.com/109764/diva-dirt-countdown-vote-best-rookie-year/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109764/diva-dirt-countdown-vote-best-rookie-year/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 18:01:34 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109764

Diva Dirt wants to hear your voice! With this month being the anniversary of Paige‘s WWE main roster debut, Diva Dirt Countdown is ranking the Best Rookie Years!

We’ve narrowed down the finalists, and now it’s up to you to determine the top five.

Voting will be open until Thursday, April 23rd. The results will be revealed the following Sunday.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109764/diva-dirt-countdown-vote-best-rookie-year/feed/ 201
Report: The Rock Responsible for Ronda Rousey in WWE http://www.diva-dirt.com/109766/report-the-rock-responsible-for-ronda-rousey-in-wwe/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109766/report-the-rock-responsible-for-ronda-rousey-in-wwe/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 18:00:13 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109766 Photo: WWE.com

According to a report from PWInsider (via The Ring Fan) Ronda Rousey‘s appearance at WrestleMania 31 was due in large part to The Rock.

It is said that Rousey’s Furious 7 co-star spoke with UFC President Dana White and convinced him to let Rousey take part in the segment with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

White has had reservations about letting Rousey appear in WWE and is said to be against the idea of her working a match. However, the WWE is hopeful that The Rock will be able to convince White to let Rousey work WrestleMania 32.

On a related note, the report also says that the WWE now considers Rousey as “part of the family.” Even though a match may be out of the question, Rousey is expected to work with the WWE again and the company may promote her upcoming acting projects.

Do you think Ronda will actually step into the ring?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109766/report-the-rock-responsible-for-ronda-rousey-in-wwe/feed/ 42
Today in History: Gail Kim vs. Jacqueline in Six Sides of Steel at Lockdown 2007 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109659/today-in-history-gail-kim-vs-jacqueline-in-six-sides-of-steel-at-lockdown-2007-2/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109659/today-in-history-gail-kim-vs-jacqueline-in-six-sides-of-steel-at-lockdown-2007-2/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 13:00:55 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109659

On this day in history:

April 15th, 2007 | Dubbed a “Six Sides of Steel Catfight”, the match between Gail Kim and Jacqueline at 2007’s Lockdown was decidedly more of a brawl. Before they were even locked in the cage, the two fought outside the ring, tossing each other into every structure they could find. It didn’t get any less brutal when they finally entered the cage, the match culminating with Gail scaling the side of the cage, only to leap from the top to hit Jackie with a crossbody. Gail pinned Jacqueline and left the “catfight” victorious.

What are your memories of this moment?

Also occurring on this day in history:
* 4/15/12 – Gail Kim defeats Velvet Sky in a Steel Cage match to retain the Knockouts Title at Lockdown 2012.
* 4/15/12 – ODB & Eric Young defeat Rosita & Sarita in a Steel Cage match to retain the Knockouts Tag Team Titles at Lockdown 2012.

Note: This was originally posted on 4/15/13.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109659/today-in-history-gail-kim-vs-jacqueline-in-six-sides-of-steel-at-lockdown-2007-2/feed/ 25
SmackDown Spoilers: April 16th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109754/smackdown-spoilers-april-16th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109754/smackdown-spoilers-april-16th-2015/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 20:21:49 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109754 Below are spoilers for this Thursday’s edition of SmackDown:

* Renee Young interviewed Mizdow, but they were interrupted by The Miz. He reiterated that Monday was a fluke. Miz said he wants Mizdow to stop using the Miz brand. In a funny moment, Mizdow mimicked Miz, which wound him up. Mizdow challenged Miz to a match on Monday for the Miz trademark. Summer Rae slapped Miz to end the segment.

* Fandango ditched Rosa Mendes. She was looking sad when Adam Rose came past and gave her a pep talk.

* Cameron beat Alicia Fox and Natalya. Cameron won via pinfall.

* Fandango beat Adam Rose. Aggressive offense from Fandango, before Rosa Mendes came down and distracted him. Fandango won with a roll up in just under two minutes. After the match, Fandango danced with the crowd again.


http://www.diva-dirt.com/109754/smackdown-spoilers-april-16th-2015/feed/ 415
Raw Redux (April 13th, 2015): Naomi Shocks the World and Takes an Opportunity http://www.diva-dirt.com/109739/raw-redux-april-13th-2015-naomi-shocks-the-world-and-takes-an-opportunity/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109739/raw-redux-april-13th-2015-naomi-shocks-the-world-and-takes-an-opportunity/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 19:41:24 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109739

Tally ho Diva fans and welcome to this week’s spiffing Raw Redux from merry old England!

Tonight is the night were we find out who will be the new #1 Contender to Nikki Bella‘s Divas Championship as Alicia Fox, Cameron, Emma, Naomi, Natalya, Paige, Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae compete in a Battle Royal to determine next in line to the throne. #RoyalFamilyReference

Will funk continue to be on a roll for Naomi or can any of the other Divas throw a spanner in the works?

The first Diva on the docket is Lana, and she uses her wickedly seductive self as the perfect distraction. After John Cena defeated Bad News Barrett to retain his United States title, the Ravishing Russian took to the ramp. Whilst she pretended not to know where her man Rusev was, it was all a ruse.

Rusev pounced on Cena from behind, laying him out with a chain-wrapped fist to the face. Lana announces that at Extreme Rules (which has Fall Out Boy’s ‘Irresistable’ as the official theme – woohoo!), Rusev will face off against Cena in a Russian Chain match! Is Russia even famous for chains? Couldn’t they have made it more realistic? How about a Russian Vodka match where Cena and Rusev would have to down a slab of the strong stuff before the match? Think Tara vs ODB in TNA just with less testosterone.

It is Divas Battle Royal time next and we are about to find out who will face Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules! Speaking of the champion, Nikki and Brie are first to make their way out to the ring. Despite being advertised for the match, Brie will not compete and will instead sit with Nikki at ringside. FYI, Nikki is looking all kinds of hot!

After commercials – or as we in the UK call them, adverts – we see that most of the Divas are already in the ring. Natalya completes her tweener-ific entrance before Paige enters the arena to a monumental reception. Well a nice response from the crowd anyway. The Bellas are not impressed!

The match starts with Nikki throwing shade like a palm tree towards poor Rosa Mendes. Rosa quickly shuts Nikki up though as she ELIMINATES (you read the correctly) not one… but TWO Divas at the same time. I am not making this up! Rosa takes advantage of Natalya and Summer knocking each other to the apron and then Rosa dropkicks the pair of them out. So now we know what being cast in a WWE ‘blockbuster’ gets you…

Rosa bows to the crowd before bowing out courtesy of Emma. Oh well, it was good whilst it lasted. At least she savoured the moment. Following Rosa’s elimination, Foxy eliminates Emma with a huge dropkick after a tussle in the corner.

And we are already down to our final four…

Foxy and Naomi clash whilst Paige deals with Cameron in the opposite corner. Foxy gets the best of Naomi with a Scissors Kick whilst the Bellas blow their own trumpets. Alicia then attacks Paige, leading to a two-on-one attack from her and Cameron. Seemingly Alicia’s bipolar behaviour means she has forgotten all about Cameron laying her out on SmackDown. The two try and eliminate Paige but when the Anti Diva powers out, they just beat her down some more instead. Cameron delivers the cherry on the cake by nailing Paige in the face with a split-legged kick.

The heelish duo try and eliminate Paige again yet Hell in Boots stays in the match. Paige moves out of the way next as Naomi hits a double Rear View to both ‘Lic and Cam. Her and Paige then clean up, leaving just the two of them in the ring.

Paige tries to rugby tackle Naomi over the top rope yet the feisty Floridian hammers back and then kicks Paige in the face on the apron. Naomi utilises a front facelock to try and take Paige down yet Paige hits back with a stiff right hand to the face and then some even stiffer knees to the face and chest. Naomi retaliates with another kick square on Paige’s temple yet Paige still won’t go down. Back in the ring fully following that kick, Naomi uses another – an enziguiri – to take Paige down to the mat.

Paige isn’t down for long though… as Naomi picks her up! Still looking groggy, Naomi sets up the Rear View yet Paige ducks it! She then kicks Naomi twice in the stomach, shots that send Naomi to the arena floor. Paige is the winner!

Paige takes to the mic after the match and she lists her accomplishments in the past year. She says that although winning the Divas Title in her debut match and also being victorious in her first WrestleMania are amazing achievements, nothing beats being able to become #1 Contender in-front of her Dad and brothers and her home country fans. She says that at the end of the day…


Or so she thought.

After uttering her trademark catchphrase, Paige is then attacked by Naomi, who has stuck around at ringside! Naomi pummels Paige and then charges at her, knocking her hard on the outside. Naomi then blasts Paige into the ringside barricades four times and all four throws looked super hard-hitting. Naomi mocks Paige, asking her who’s house it is before saying how good it feels to be attacking the two-time Divas Champion. Naomi then throws her Usos themed t-shirt to the ground and struts off, her own badass babe.

Have I ever been more proud of Neysus? Little did I know I would be even more so later in the night.

We next get to see Nattie again as she is managing Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in their two-on-one handicap match versus Randy Orton. Good job Tal took a break from bullfighting!

Our second sighting of Rosa Mendes follows next as she consoles Fandango following his loss to Stardust. Booker T says that Fandango used to be a major player (slight exaggeration) yet look at him now.

Fandango seemingly hears Booker T say that and he grabs a mic and jolts up to stand on the announce table. He says that he has been sharing his love of dance with Rosa for too long. He should have been sharing it with the world. Fandango’s old music hits and he has solidified his face turn (which has been hinted at as he has been facing the heel Adam Rose every week on Superstars). The crowd are going crazy as Rosa goes a different kind of crazy in the ring. And back to obscurity (most likely) for Miss Mendes.

And we are not done yet! If you like the idea of Summer Rae being in a romantic angle with Damien Mizdow, then you will love this next segment when she accompanies him to ringside to face The Miz. Best face turn ever. #Sarcasm

Although I am being a little harsh, Mizdow is still way over so lets hope that it rubs off on Summer a little.

Our final moment of the night features Naomi, the woman who shocked the world earlier on. She ditched the good girl attitude and her cut-up Usos tee. Jimmy will be so mad with her. Maybe as mad as when she bought her poledancing pole that one time.

Naomi says that she is really disappointed in herself for beating up Paige earlier on… PSYCHE!

Naomi says that she could care less about what happened out there. She calls Byron Saxton an idiot (good point) and says that as Nikki Bella is the Divas Champion, that is a problem to her. She calls Byron “honey” and the sass continues when she said that this is all about her. She said that she beat Nikki twice (even Naomi is forgetting Main Event exists) and that there shouldn’t have been a Battle Royal. She deserves her title match.

Naomi then says that she started in the same season of NXT as AJ and now everyone is excited about her retirement, calling her a legend.


Neysus says that she is sick and tired of people taking her kindness for weakness and it stops right now. She is no longer going to sit and wait and ask for an opportunity, she is going to take it. And I am now deceased because of how amazing that was.

Thoughts: Another week, another positive Raw Redux. Before addressing the mountain of positives, lets talk the negatives.

Considering the level of talent in the Divas division, I was slightly disappointed at the length of the Battle Royal. I’m not going to lie. The first four eliminations happened way too quickly and I thought that Rosa’s, Alicia’s and Cameron’s eliminations could have been more interesting.

Whilst I think Summer did go out way too early, having the top two faces and two heels in the final four made sense. As Summer is seemingly a Face now, there was seemingly no other time for her to be eliminated. I liked it and didn’t like it at the same time yet it is what it is. Those are the only negatives I can think of to be honest!

A moment that was middle-of-the-road for me was Summer Rae and her affiliation with Damien Mizdow. Whilst I appreciate that WWE are inserting Summer into a men’s feud, they have nowhere capitalised on Summer being in the movie as much as they should have. She has turned face because she liked a kiss from Damien Mizdow. She hasn’t had a chance to really show us who she is. And why does she all of a sudden like Damien Mizdow? Whilst I know it is early days, I just feel that if you are going to turn someone, make it mean something and make it impactful. WWE did it right with Naomi yet not really with Summer.

As for the positives – where do I start? Let me first commend Lana on being utterly brilliant yet again. Sometimes less is more and tonight was one of those nights. She has more charisma in her little finger than most of the roster have in their entire bodies.

I also think that Rosa Mendes being dumped is also a positive. Whilst most people may think that this storyline move plus her removal from Total Divas for Season 5 will lead to her release, how about she manage an NXT talent and bring him up the main roster to feud with Fandango? How about Tyler Breeze? That is certainly one way of trying to camp it up even further, not to mention he is more than ready to be called up. What a way to bring Prince Pretty to the main roster by having him battle someone who rivals his flamboyance. Both can be ruthless when they want too also, so seeing that dynamic would be interesting too. Coupled with the fact that Rosa eliminated TWO WHOLE PEOPLE in the Battle Royal, I think we could be about to witness the start of something fresh for Rosa.

Or at least I hope so.

As for the Battle Royal itself, despite the shortness and initial quick eliminations I did enjoy it and it did feature some nice moments. I thought Emma’s elimination was really fun and the spot of the match was when Naomi hit the Rear View on both Alicia and Cameron. Those two got one cheek each. I also enjoyed that despite the rest of the Divas not getting a lot of time to shine, Paige and Naomi were given a decent amount to make some magic. Paige reversing the Rear View was a rare moment that I enjoyed.

The positives keeps coming now as I absolutely loved Paige’s promo. It was real, raw (pardon the pun) and I really respect WWE for letting her have that moment to soak in and remember forever. Albeit, it would be interrupted and she would be left flat on her back. This promo made me believe more than ever that Paige really is a top Diva. She is the total package.

The shock factor of Naomi’s heel turn was tremendous. I thought Paige and Naomi may have hit the floor at the same time, yet I never expected Paige to win alone, nevermind then get assaulted by Naomi. The beatdown was everything. Naomi nailed every single throw into the barricade, cocky remark and deliciously villainous facial expression. To anyone said that Naomi is all athleticism and nothing else, take a seat.

As for Naomi’s backstage interview, it was tremendous. Unlike Madonna who sucked the life out of Drake at Coachella, Naomi GAVE me life. Whoever didn’t like this segment needs to reassess their life. It was so refreshing to see Naomi as a heel for the very first time. She exceeded my expectations most definitely. She tore AJ a new one too which was hilarious. Just like her character, Trinity took that chance and she absolutely nailed it.

One final note before I go, I thought to let you guys know my experience at a WWE Live event in Newcastle, England this past Thursday.

It was literally the best thing ever. It knocked sliced bread out of the park. I met Paige.


Let me backtrack slightly to explain. Like the excitable little boy I can sometimes I act like, I tweeted Paige, Naomi and The Bella Twins knowing that they were on the show. When at the event, I then tweeted Paige saying that I would be at ringside on the left side and I enclosed a selfie of me wearing her t-shirt. I assume many fans do that. I hope they do anyway!

So Paige’s music hits and I am going ballistic. I regain my composure when she walks past me not to make myself look silly. She then walks past me after hitting my hand.

And then my heart stopped.

Paige turned round, had a double take and then pointed at me, singling me out in-front of everyone as the 8 year-olds around me froze in shock. Everyone gasped as she pointed at me for a good three seconds. And then she said “Hi” (I think), winked and walked off.

And then I melted.

Following her and Naomi’s win over The Bella Twins, I then caught Paige’s attention again and asked for a picture. She quickly obliged and I felt so grateful and lucky to the one of the only people any wrestler stopped for a picture with. I will be forever grateful that she took the time out to make my day.

Cheers ‘Raya!

On that note, I encourage all of you guys to post your Diva selfies in the comments. I would love to see who you guys have met and to read about the experiences you had!

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109739/raw-redux-april-13th-2015-naomi-shocks-the-world-and-takes-an-opportunity/feed/ 758
WWE Issues Storyline Update on Paige’s Condition http://www.diva-dirt.com/109755/wwe-issues-storyline-update-on-paiges-condition/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109755/wwe-issues-storyline-update-on-paiges-condition/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 19:23:41 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109755 Photo: WWE.com

WWE.com has issued a storyline update on Paige‘s condition following Naomi‘s attack last night on Raw.

Paige, who had won a Battle Royal to earn a Divas Title shot against Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules, was ambushed by Naomi post-match and tossed repeatedly into the barricade.

In an update on Paige’s condition issued this afternoon, the WWE says that her doctors have advised her against competing “until further notice.”

This would appear to put her Divas Title shot on hold, as Extreme Rules takes place in less than two weeks.

You can read the full article on WWE.com.

What should be the replacement match at Extreme Rules?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109755/wwe-issues-storyline-update-on-paiges-condition/feed/ 144
WWE Main Event Spoilers: April 17th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109752/wwe-main-event-spoilers-april-17th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109752/wwe-main-event-spoilers-april-17th-2015/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 19:05:18 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109752 Below are spoilers for this week’s WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu:

* Layla beat Emma. Layla won in five minutes via pinfall.


http://www.diva-dirt.com/109752/wwe-main-event-spoilers-april-17th-2015/feed/ 287
Diva Dirt Weekly for the Week Ending April 13th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109744/diva-dirt-weekly-for-the-week-ending-april-13th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109744/diva-dirt-weekly-for-the-week-ending-april-13th-2015/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 18:45:21 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109744

Each week following Raw, Diva Dirt Weekly will take a look back at the week preceding it, hitting every noteworthy event along the way, from NXT to Impact Wrestling to Raw.

Joining the audio will be Chris, Erin and our host Jake.

We cover the following events:

  • SmackDown (4/9/15): Natalya defeats Alicia Fox, but Cameron lays them both out post-match.
  • Impact Wrestling (4/10/15): Awesome Kong defeats Gail Kim. A video package teases the debuts of Jade and Marti Belle.
  • WWE confirms the signings of indy wrestlers Jasmin, Jessie McKay and KC Kassidy. How will these signings and the upcoming new seasons of the Diva Search and Tough Enough impact the Divas division?
  • Raw (4/13/15): Paige wins a Battle Royal to earn a Divas Title shot against Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules. Naomi attacks her post-match, turning heel.

Listen below or download by right clicking here.


http://www.diva-dirt.com/109744/diva-dirt-weekly-for-the-week-ending-april-13th-2015/feed/ 8
Today in History: Melina Makes Her WWE Debut http://www.diva-dirt.com/109657/today-in-history-melina-makes-her-wwe-debut-3/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109657/today-in-history-melina-makes-her-wwe-debut-3/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 13:00:37 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109657

On this day in history:

April 14th, 2005 | During an episode of Carlito‘s Cabana, an interview with Rey Mysterio was interrupted by an unfamiliar trio dressed in furs and flanked by paparazzi. They introduced themselves as MNM and their ringleader Melina – making what was technically her “re-debut” – took the microphone, bragging about their celebrity friends and laying claim to the WWE Tag Team Titles. To stake that claim they took out Mysterio, who was one of tag champs, and posed over him in triumph.

What are your memories of this moment?

Also occurring today in history:
* 4/14/08 – Mickie James defeats Beth Phoenix to win the Women’s Title.

Note: This was originally posted on 4/14/13.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109657/today-in-history-melina-makes-her-wwe-debut-3/feed/ 233
Paige Earns Divas Title Shot at Extreme Rules http://www.diva-dirt.com/109730/paige-earns-divas-title-shot-at-extreme-rules/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109730/paige-earns-divas-title-shot-at-extreme-rules/#comments Tue, 14 Apr 2015 00:49:07 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109730 Photo: WWE.com

Paige has officially earned a shot at Nikki Bella‘s Divas Title in two weeks at Extreme Rules.

Paige was the last woman standing in tonight’s Battle Royal on Raw, becoming number one contender to the Divas Championship. She last eliminated Naomi, who prior to this match was considered the frontrunner for a shot at the title.

During a post-match interview, a frustrated Naomi attacked Paige, tackling her outside the ring and beating her down. She then soaked in the boos from Paige’s home country crowd.

Extreme Rules takes place April 26th, airing live at 8pm ET on the WWE Network.

UPDATE: WWE.com is reporting that Paige’s title shot may be in jeopardy following Naomi’s attack, but her condition remains unclear.

Are you excited to see Paige take on Nikki again?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109730/paige-earns-divas-title-shot-at-extreme-rules/feed/ 606
Raw Response: April 13th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109719/raw-response-april-13th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109719/raw-response-april-13th-2015/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 23:30:13 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109719

Tune in to Raw on the USA Network at 8pm ET, as well as the pre-show on the WWE Network.

Discuss the show in the comments!

RELATED: Raw Spoilers: April 13th, 2015

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109719/raw-response-april-13th-2015/feed/ 2407
Sarah Stock Serving as Guest Trainer at WWE Performance Center http://www.diva-dirt.com/109723/sarah-stock-serving-as-guest-trainer-at-wwe-performance-center/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109723/sarah-stock-serving-as-guest-trainer-at-wwe-performance-center/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 21:54:39 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109723

Former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion Sarah Stock is serving as a guest trainer this week at the WWE Performance Center, according to PWInsider.

Stock, who competed in TNA as Sarita, has been working exclusively in Mexico for the past year, wrestling for CMLL as Dark Angel. She also did a stint in Japan in 2013, competing for Stardom.

No further details on Stock’s training stint are known. She was rumored to have received a WWE tryout this time last year, though nothing came of it at the time.

Former Diva Mickie James did a similar stint in late 2013, training NXT Divas and giving them advice to use on the main roster.

Should Sarah Stock join NXT as a full-time trainer?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109723/sarah-stock-serving-as-guest-trainer-at-wwe-performance-center/feed/ 66
Raw Spoilers: April 13th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109716/raw-spoilers-april-13th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109716/raw-spoilers-april-13th-2015/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 19:38:55 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109716 Below are spoilers for tonight’s edition of Raw, being taped today in London, England:

* Paige wins a quick Divas Battle Royal to become the new #1 contender for Nikki Bella. Paige cut a promo after the match but Naomi turned on her and laid her out. Brie Bella was on commentary and was not in the match.

* Stardust b. Fandango in a short match. After the match, Fandango grabbed a microphone and said something didn’t feel right inside him. Fandango ended things with Rosa Mendes and his original music played as the crowd started fandangoing. JBL was marking out the entire time and even let Fandango wear his hat during the occasion.

* Damien Mizdow def. The Miz in a quick two minute match. Summer Rae was at ringside with Mizdow. Mizdow picked up the win with a roll-up.

* Backstage, Naomi was apologizing to Paige for attacking her earlier, only to reveal that she was faking her apology. She told Paige “it’s all about me.”

(Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109716/raw-spoilers-april-13th-2015/feed/ 1605
Diva Dirt Countdown: Top 5 AJ Lee Moments http://www.diva-dirt.com/109712/diva-dirt-countdown-top-5-aj-lee-moments/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109712/diva-dirt-countdown-top-5-aj-lee-moments/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 18:31:04 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109712

Diva Dirt Countdown takes on various aspects of women’s wrestling, ranking them and presenting them to you.

Hosted by Diva Dirt’s Jake, its aim is to prompt debates about everything from matches and clothing to entrances, music and more.

In this special edition of Diva Dirt Countdown, to honor the career of AJ Lee, the Diva Dirt team has ranked their top five moments from her WWE tenure.

Watch the latest Diva Dirt Countdown below:

Do you agree with the list?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109712/diva-dirt-countdown-top-5-aj-lee-moments/feed/ 118
Match of the Week: Cherry Bomb vs. Leva Bates http://www.diva-dirt.com/109707/match-of-the-week-cherry-bomb-vs-leva-bates/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109707/match-of-the-week-cherry-bomb-vs-leva-bates/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 18:07:28 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109707

This week’s ClickWrestle Match of the Week is Cherry Bomb vs. Leva Bates from the WSU 8th Anniversary Show.

All week, this match’s price will be cut in half: from $2.49 to just $1.25.

Click here to view a preview of the match and purchase.

Download more full-length women’s wrestling matches from top promotions including SHIMMER, NCW Femmes Fatales, Pro Wrestling EVE, WSU, ChickFight and more only on ClickWrestle.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109707/match-of-the-week-cherry-bomb-vs-leva-bates/feed/ 4
WWE Confirms the Signings of Three Female Indy Wrestlers http://www.diva-dirt.com/109699/wwe-confirms-the-signings-of-three-female-indy-wrestlers/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109699/wwe-confirms-the-signings-of-three-female-indy-wrestlers/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 17:30:27 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109699 Photo: MiamiHerald.com

The Miami Herald has confirmed the WWE’s signing of Australian indy wrestler Jessie McKay.

Jessie, along with the previously announced KC Cassidy and Jasmin, are among the 11 talents that have recently begun training at the WWE Performance Center.

McKay, who hails from Sydney, Australia, has competed for American companies SHIMMER and SHINE and has held the PWWA Championship twice.

The article describes each of the female signees in short blurbs.

Jessie McKay:

Jessica McKay (Sydney, Australia) – Since 2008, has trained with Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney, as well as Ring of Honor.

KC Cassidy:

Cassie McIntosh (Born in Sydney, resides in Melbourne, Australia) – Trained with Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney since 2011. In 2012, was trained by Lance Storm, a former WWE Superstar who now runs the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Proficient in dance and acrobatics.


Nhooph Al-Areebi (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) – Trained with Squared Circle since 2011 and was a member of the Toronto Circus School from 2008-2012. Also trained in rhythmic gymnastics. Speaks English and Arabic.

You can read the full article on MiamiHerald.com.

Who are you most excited to see on NXT television?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109699/wwe-confirms-the-signings-of-three-female-indy-wrestlers/feed/ 257
WWE Main Event Redux (April 10th, 2015): Emma Suffers a Summer Crush http://www.diva-dirt.com/109696/wwe-main-event-redux-april-10th-2015-emma-suffers-a-summer-crush/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109696/wwe-main-event-redux-april-10th-2015-emma-suffers-a-summer-crush/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 17:30:21 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109696

Yo! I’m coming off this weekend a little late with this Redux, I know. Unfortunately my work sort of took over and so I’m up early this Monday morning to bring this write up to you. It’s the least I could do, right?

So last week’s Main Event brought us Summer Rae vs. Emma. It’s no surprise that Summer is being featured so heavily the past couple of weeks, especially on Smackdown, where she locked lips with Damien Sandow after going toe to toe with the Miz on the microphone. Summer is part of the cast of The Marine 4, alongside The Miz. I personally enjoyed the first three so I’ll be looking forward to this one, too. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re hear to talk about her match with Emma.

Summer heads out and she’s all smiles. She hasn’t lost her sass, thankfully, but I am curious as to whether or not she’s a full heel at the moment. On Smackdown she certainly played the role of a face, but she has her commitments to Cameron to think about on one hand, and her commitments to promoting the movie on the other. It’s an interesting time for Summer, and I’m excited for her. I’d like to think this will lead to more air time for her on Raw. Perhaps an angle with Damien Sandow against the Miz? I’d be here for that.

Emma’s already waiting for her opponent in the ring. I’m holding out hope that Emma’s dancing will stay gone, as it did in her tag match with Paige a couple of weeks ago. The referee calls for the bell and the ladies lock up. It appears Emma’s new aggressive style is here to stay, as she takes control early on. After trading a few lock ups, Summer nails Emma with an elbow to the side of the head that knocks Emma off her feet momentarily. Summer celebrates loudly, giving Emma time to regroup. She takes down Summer with gusto, but Summer flees to the outside.

Summer drags her feet and Emma’s having none of it. Emma drags Summer under the bottom rope and into the ring by her hair! She continues on the offensive, downing Summer with a big running crossbody and then locking her up in the dilEMMA. Summer’s not having a good time, huh?

Emma connects with the Emma-Mite Sandwich in the corner, but Summer holds on for dear life and Emma can’t drag her out of the corner. When she comes back for another go, Summer hits with a stiff kick to the chest. Summer struggles out into the centre of the ring for a pin attempt and gets a two count. She then goes to work on Emma, twisting and locking her up. The crowd tries to get behind Emma, who uses her ring smarts to try a pin. Summer’s too quick for her, however, and stays on the offensive. She takes Emma back down with a big clothesline.

Summer works Emma over in he corner, taunting her, and Emma’s not happy about it. She delivers a big slap to Summer, which only enrages her. Summer goes right back to work, apologising for losing her temper and laughing it off. Not all divas are natural born heels, but Summer sits happily in that category. She goes back to her submissions once more. Say what you will about Summer and her in-ring style, but she knows how to work her opponent and how to keep them grounded. When it comes to Emma, who likes a fast pace, Summer does well in keeping her worn down.

With Emma on the mat, Summer lands her favoured leg drop. She attempts the pin once again, but Emma kicks out. Summer takes a second to compose herself, then continues her good work as she chokes Emma out on the ropes. She attempts a second leg drop, but Emma rolls out of the way. Summer appears to have missed a step here, as Emma is suddenly in control. She comes out of the corner swinging, and follows up with a big kick to the side of the head.

Despite this, Emma has taken quite the beating this match, and Summer knows this. She catches Emma unaware and nails her with the Summer Crush. It’s 1, 2, 3 and Summer picks up the victory!

Thoughts: I mean, this was a squash match essentially, so I’m not going to go on and on about the back and forth of it all because there isn’t much to talk about. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the match. It was used to push Summer into the spotlight. With her new movie, she’s being asked to step up and she’s rolling with it. She displayed great in ring charisma – as she always does – and she took Emma to town. She’s on a roll heading into the number one contender’s battle royal on Monday night.

As for Emma, what little character she was able to display in this match was good. She’s got some new stuff going on; a much more serious attitude for one, and it suits her. She looks great and I think if she can hone a new character quickly, leaving behind the laughable dancing, then she has good things in her future. I’m all in for aggressive, takes no shit and lays people out Emma. Just as long as she doesn’t become the dreaded jobber. We all know she’s better than that.

Until next time! x

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109696/wwe-main-event-redux-april-10th-2015-emma-suffers-a-summer-crush/feed/ 70
Today in History: Knockouts Compete in 3 Cage Matches at Lockdown 2008 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109648/today-in-history-knockouts-compete-in-3-cage-matches-at-lockdown-2008-2/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109648/today-in-history-knockouts-compete-in-3-cage-matches-at-lockdown-2008-2/#comments Mon, 13 Apr 2015 13:00:54 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109648

On this day in history:

April 13th, 2008 | Lockdown 2008 saw the Knockouts compete in three separate Six Sides of Steel matches. In the first, Roxxi Laveaux defeated Angelina Love, Christy Hemme, Jacqueline, Rhaka Khan, Salinas, Traci Brooks and Velvet Sky to become “Queen of the Cage” and the number one contender to the Knockouts Title.

Second came a tag team match, Awesome Kong and Cheerleader Melissa teaming up to take on Gail Kim and ODB inside the cage. ODB won the match for her team, pinning Saeed after hitting her with a splash.

Lastly, the husband and wife team of Booker T and Sharmell defeated Bobby Roode and Payton Banks inside of the cage, Sharmell rolling up Banks for the win.

What are your memories of these moments?

Note: This was originally posted on 4/13/14.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109648/today-in-history-knockouts-compete-in-3-cage-matches-at-lockdown-2008-2/feed/ 23
SHIMMER Volumes 74 & 75 Taping Results http://www.diva-dirt.com/109674/shimmer-volumes-74-75-taping-results/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109674/shimmer-volumes-74-75-taping-results/#comments Sun, 12 Apr 2015 18:49:55 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109674 Photo: SHIMMERWrestling.com

Today, SHIMMER will be taping matches for volumes 74 and 75 at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois. Ongoing results below, courtesy of Diva Dirt’s Steven:

Volume 74

Volume 75

  • Shazza McKenzie def. Marti Belle via the Shazzadriver.
  • Miss Natural def. Crazy Mary Dobson via a piledriver.
  • AKINO def. Kay Lee Ray via pumphandle suplex.
  • Jessicka Havok def. Melanie Cruise via a Stretch Muffler.
  • Courtney Rush def. Xandra Bale..
  • Misaki Ohata def. LuFisto via rollup after two rolling German suplexes.
  • Athena def. Tessa Blanchard (w/ Vanessa Kraven) via The Red Wedding.
  • Tomoka Nakagawa and Kellie Skater def. Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez in Nakagawa’s farewell match, after Tomoka rolls Matthews up. Post-match, the roster has a champagne toast to her honor.

Matches from volumes 74 and 75 will be available soon on DVD and ClickWrestle.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109674/shimmer-volumes-74-75-taping-results/feed/ 12
Eye Candy for the Week Ending April 11th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109635/eye-candy-for-the-week-ending-april-11th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109635/eye-candy-for-the-week-ending-april-11th-2015/#comments Sun, 12 Apr 2015 14:00:52 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109635

Our weekly photoshoot breakdown is constructed to give you, the reader, the main stage. Each week, we’ll highlight the new WWE and TNA photoshoots and give you the opportunity to vote for your favorite. In the next week’s post, we’ll unveil the winner. At the end of the month, we’ll take each week’s winner and determine the month’s most popular photoshoot. All of this will be determined by you, so do your Diva Dirt duty and vote!

The most popular photoshoot from last week belonged to Maryse. Natalya‘s shoot came in second, earning 114 votes to Maryse’s 132.

Maryse’s shoot will join the Photoshoot of the Month poll at the beginning of next month.

This week’s batch of photoshoots feature Emma, Renee Young and Summer Rae. Click the photos to see their photoshoot. Vote in the poll and come back this time next week to see the winner.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109635/eye-candy-for-the-week-ending-april-11th-2015/feed/ 62
Competitors for Raw’s #1 Contendership Battle Royal Revealed http://www.diva-dirt.com/109643/competitors-for-raws-1-contendership-battle-royal-revealed/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109643/competitors-for-raws-1-contendership-battle-royal-revealed/#comments Sun, 12 Apr 2015 13:30:16 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109643

The competitors in this Monday’s number one contendership Battle Royal have been confirmed, thanks to a match graphic posted to Instagram by Rosa Mendes.

Rosa posted the graphic to express her excitement, saying she “can’t wait” to compete for a shot at the Divas Title.

As pictured in the graphic, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Cameron, Emma, Naomi, Natalya, Paige, Rosa and Summer Rae will take part in the Battle Royal, the winner going on to face Divas Champion Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules.

The match will take place on this Monday’s Raw, which will be pre-taped in London, England.

Who are you rooting for?

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109643/competitors-for-raws-1-contendership-battle-royal-revealed/feed/ 1812
Today in History: Eve Torres Wins Her First Divas Championship http://www.diva-dirt.com/109364/today-in-history-eve-torres-wins-her-first-divas-championship-3/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109364/today-in-history-eve-torres-wins-her-first-divas-championship-3/#comments Sun, 12 Apr 2015 13:00:37 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109364

On this day in history:

April 12th, 2010 | Eve Torres, becoming more and more a force to be reckoned with in the ring, faced Divas Champion Maryse in a title match on Raw, attempting to complete her rise to the top with the ultimate prize. Eve busted out all of her crowd-pleasing moves and eventually reversed a French Kiss DDT attempt into a roll-up, pinning Maryse and winning the Divas Title for the first time in her career.

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 4/12/13.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109364/today-in-history-eve-torres-wins-her-first-divas-championship-3/feed/ 94
Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee Win the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles http://www.diva-dirt.com/109619/cherry-bomb-and-kimber-lee-win-the-shimmer-tag-team-titles/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109619/cherry-bomb-and-kimber-lee-win-the-shimmer-tag-team-titles/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 23:18:26 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109619 Photo: @allHAILkhaleesi/Twitter

Today at SHIMMER’s volume 72 tapings in Berwyn, Illinois, Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee became double champions.

The KimberBombs, already holders of the SHINE Tag Team Titles, won the SHIMMER Tag Titles by defeating longtime champs Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa.

This bout served as a rematch from the teams’ Title vs. Title match at SHINE 26, which ended in a No Contest via double countout.

Skater and Nakagawa had held the belts for a record 728 days, their reign ending just as Tomoka approaches retirement. She closes out her career this weekend.

Congratulations to the KimberBombs!

RELATED: SHIMMER Volumes 72 & 73 Taping Results

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109619/cherry-bomb-and-kimber-lee-win-the-shimmer-tag-team-titles/feed/ 15
Impact Write-Up (April 10th, 2015): Playtime is Over http://www.diva-dirt.com/109608/impact-write-up-april-10th-2015-playtime-is-over/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109608/impact-write-up-april-10th-2015-playtime-is-over/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 22:45:38 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109608

Hola Knockouts fans and welcome to another weekly edition of Impact Write-Up! The Wrestling Gods have answered my seven year prayer and are giving us that long awaited rematch between long time rivals Awesome Kong and Gail Kim. With Awesome Kong getting a win over Brooke two weeks ago and Gail Kim scoring a win herself over Angelina Love just last week, a number one contender’s match would be held this week between these two nemesis  to determine who has earned the honor of facing Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell in the future for a title shot. It’s all fate, I tell you! Elsewhere on the show, Mickie James begins to reconnect with an old friend and we’re treated to a vignette featuring new Knockouts and dolls!

TNA has given the Knockouts the favor of being the opening match to this week’s show. Out to make her entrance first is Gail Kim, who high fives the audience of the Impact Zone as she makes her way to the ring while over at commentary, Josh Matthews tries to figure out why his partner Taz has an obsession with Gail Kim. Perhaps I should watch this match on mute. Awesome Kong slowly makes her entrance next, having a very close face to face stare down with her foe upon entering the six sided ring. The ring bell sounds off and the match begins with Gail running towards Kong with several punches to which Kong only eats and counters with her own overpowered blows.

With Kong winning the duel of the strikes, she begins to jog Gail’s memory of her dominance by tossing her across the ring with ease. Kong continues her dominance in this match by trapping Gail to a corner, landing powerful chops to Gail’s upper body. Back in the center of the ring, Kong grapples Gail and looks to slam her on the mat but Gail maneuvers her way out of Kong’s grasp and landing on her feet behind Kong.

Gail begins to look for a way to bring Kong down, first by landing low kicks to Kong’s knees and then with some running forearms all to which Kong is able to take in. Gail tries another approach and whips Kong to a corner but this backfires as the more powerful Kong is able to reverse Gail’s Irish whip, sending her to the turnbuckle instead. Kong marches toward Gail but slips out the way and from the outside of the ring, headbutts Kong in the midsection and follows up with a sunset flip. Gail’s pin attempt to Kong is crushed when Kong drops all her body weight onto Gail when she sits on her.

As Gail tries to recover her after being utterly squashed, Kong distances Gail from the ring ropes and brings her to the middle and begins to apply a submission hold. As the crowd begins to rally behind Gail and a live encouraging tweet from husband Robert Irvine appears on the screen, Gail manages to fight her way through Kong’s hold by countering her submission with a stunner and landing round house kicks once she finds her way back to her feet. Running the ropes, Gail dashes towards Kong but only gets a taste of Kong’s clothesline, slowing down any momentum that was beginning to build.

To completely bring Gail to a stop, Awesome Kong delivers a chokeslam to Gail and goes for the cover but only gets a two count when Gail is able get the shoulder up. Irritated by this, Awesome Kong skulks to a turnbuckle and tries to remove it to its steel opening but gets interrupted when Gail attacks from behind with a combination of forearms, kick and even a corner crossbody, all to no avail as Kong is able to take everything that Gail throws at her. Continuing her mischievous act after being disrupted, Kong is able to expose the steel corner of the turnbuckle and has intentions of sending Gail to it but second thinks this and goes for a chokeslam instead.

Mid-flight however, Gail is able to turn Kong’s chokeslam into a Dragon Sleeper submission to wear down Kong. Looking for a way out, Kong tosses Gail to the outside ring and shortly pursues after her opponent. Just as Kong reaches a corner, Gail surprises us all when she runs to Kong and lands a running missile dropkick kick, sending Kong to the barricades but also recoils as she too falls on her back on the outside surface. As the referee begins his count out countdown, both women begin to find their way back to the ring where a back and forth combat commences with Gail able to corner Kong where she lands numerous shots, wrapping it all up nicely with a cross body turned pin.

Kong kicks out at two by sling shooting Gail Kim right off her. Still looking for a win, Gail tries to go for an Eat Defeat to Kong but Kong only shoves Gail’s feet out the way. From the exposed corner, Kong charges to Gail but Gail manages to get out the way just in time, leaving Kong to land right to the exposed steel turnbuckle that she left behind! Taking advantage, Gail rolls up Kong to a pin but Kong monsters out of it yet again. Still not slowing down on getting her pin fall on Kong, Gail for a second Eat Defeat and this time successfully hits it before going for the cover but for third consecutive time, Awesome Kong kicks out! The crowd begins to dispute the officials’ two count by chanting “That was three!”

As the crowd continues to fire up behind Gail, swings are thrown at Kong’s head but come to stop as Kong grabs a hold of Gail’s throat and brings her to the top rope of a turnbuckle. Gail battles Kong off, first with more punches to the head and then by wrapping her legs around Kong’s cranium for what looks to be a head scissors but Kong elevates Gail away from the turnbuckle. Instead she makes the most of Gail leg grasp and turns it to an oh so familiar Awesome Powerbomb (thought we’d never see that again huh) into a pin and successfully gets the three count, earning the right to face Taryn for a future title shot!

Shortly after this Knockouts match, we head backstage for a second Knockouts segment of the night. Mickie James meets up old pal James Storm and properly thanks him for looking out for her last week after nearly falling victim to Bram and his violent nature. James Storm reassures to Mickie that he was looking for her best interest, no matter what anyone may have to say about it. He firmly stands by his belief that no man should hit a woman.

Mickie appreciates The Revolution leader’s friendship and begins to excuse herself as she looks to catch things up with her fiancé Magnus. Before James Storm can part ways with Mickie, he asks for a friendly hug to which Mickie replies “Hugging is loving!” (How can you not love Mickie’s Southern charm?) and the two squeeze each other; which, according to James Storm, isn’t totally weird the two aren’t second cousins.

As Mickie makes her exit, fellow Revolution team member Manik enters the scene and asks his chief what he was doing with Mickie babe. Manik has just asked the wrong question, as an enraged James Storm stuffs Manik’s mouth with a good piece of cornbread and commands that his follower NEVER question his action! After making himself crystal clear, James Storm orders Manik to rally up the rest of The Revolution stable for a group meeting in the ring. Perhaps this all has to do with next week’s tag tournament.

Our final Knockout bit of the night comes in the form of a vignette produced by a production known as Dollhouse production. In the 30 second clip, a juvenile tune plays in the background with images of dolls thrown to the ground. Two females who go by the name of Jade and Marti Belle ring around a dollhouse, share giggles and begin to have fun with some of the doll in the room they’re in. Stay alert Knockouts, as this small video say that they’re coming soon!

Thoughts: Beginning with the Knockouts match of the night, I think I speak for many fans who say that have longed to see Gail Kim and Awesome Kong go one on one again. After all, anyone who has their matches from all those years ago knows the magic and emotion that came from their initial feud. They’ve proved to be the strongest draw of the night, had the highest of praises from wrestling fans and were even given the privilege of having the main even slot at the peak of their feud!

Having all said all that, their seven year rematch this week was very solid and enjoyable but didn’t exactly have that feel as it did back in the early days. I think both women clearly work well with another and both came across strong in their own ways; Kong relying on power and strength while Gail relied on speed and versatility. In the end, I think the right winner came out victorious as we are already aware of how Taryn still wants to find a way to get a win over Awesome Kong to feel fulfilled as champion and Awesome Kong still looking to grab the gold one more time from the likes of Taryn.

Moving on to the Mickie James short angle, I think we are seeing some continuation in where exactly she is entering in this storyline with James Storm. As we would later find out in the night, The Great Sanada has been kicked out of The Revolution stable and it would appear that a new spot has been opened for any new members. Could the pieces begin to fall to see a possible female join the group? Or perhaps James Storm is using Mickie James to try and recruit Magnus, who is still holding onto that Tag Team titles briefcase for those who may have forgotten. It will be interesting to see how things will play out as we begin the Tag Team tournament for the vacated TNA Tag Team titles.

Finally, the highlight of my night, was the video tease of the new Knockouts looking to make their way to the Knockouts division! I’m glad to see the newly repackaged Mia Yim now going by Jade (just in time for the release of the latest Mortal Kombat X game) and Marti Bell get their little vignette. It says to me that TNA are invested in the two before they even their debut. It’s an exciting time, as we are being treated to not one but TWO new, and much needed, blood to TNA’s women roster. Only time will tell what the two have in store for the upcoming future.

That’s it for this week’s Knockout fans, hasta luego!

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Vote for the Star of the Week Ending April 11th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109594/vote-for-the-star-of-the-week-ending-april-11th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109594/vote-for-the-star-of-the-week-ending-april-11th-2015/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 21:00:39 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109594

Whose star shone brightest this week? You tell us!

With our Star of the Week poll, we’ll pick the week’s top five women in wrestling and let you choose who is number one.

The poll will open each Saturday and close on Sunday afternoon.

Let’s take a look at this week’s top five:

Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong came out on top of a much anticipated match with her longtime rival Gail Kim on Impact, defeating her impressively.


Referee Cameron turned a match between Alicia Fox and Natalya on SmackDown into a showcase for herself, DDTing them both post-match.


WSU Champion LuFisto became a double champ at NCW:FF XVII, defeating Courtney Rush and Saraya Knight to win the NCW:FF Title.


Naomi pinned Divas Champion Nikki Bella for the second time in a row, getting the win for her team in a tag match on Raw.

Sexy Star

Sexy Star won a Mask vs. Mask match on Lucha Underground, defeating and unmasking Super Fly.


Winner: Awesome Kong (35%)

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109594/vote-for-the-star-of-the-week-ending-april-11th-2015/feed/ 180
SHIMMER Volumes 72 & 73 Taping Results http://www.diva-dirt.com/109602/shimmer-volumes-72-73-taping-results/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109602/shimmer-volumes-72-73-taping-results/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 20:38:12 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109602 Photo: SHIMMERWrestling.com

Today, SHIMMER taped matches for volumes 72 and 73 at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois. Results below, courtesy of Diva Dirt’s Steven:

Volume 72

Volume 73

  • Backstage promo with Tessa Blanchard to start the show. She says she doesn’t need to ride her family’s coattails to the top, or all the guy’s on the indies, like most of the girls in the locker room. She says she going to win all her matches this weekend.
  • LuFisto def. Marti Belle via the Mangalizer.
  • Melanie Cruise def. Crazy Mary Dobson via a piledriver.
  • Cheerleader Melissa def. Thunderkitty with a curbstomp.
  • Madison Eagles calls out Nicole Matthews about hitting her in the face with a fireball at the last taping. The Canadian Ninjas come out and Madison goes on the attack, only to be stopped by the referees. Nicole suggests Portia vs. Madison and referee Bryce Remsburg agrees… with the winner getting a title shot. Afterward, Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa attack the Ninjas but they escape.
  • Mia Yim def. Kyoko Kimura with a package piledriver.
  • Kay Lee Ray def. Saraya Knight via a Gory Bomb followed by a Swanton Bomb.
  • Evie def. Kellie Skater, Nicole Savoy and Allysin Kay via a double stomp from the top rope on Kay.
  • Tessa Blanchard def. Athena after Vanessa Kraven attacked Athena with a chokebomb while the referee was distracted.
  • SHIMMER Tag Team Champions The KimberBombs (Kimber Lee and Cherry Bomb) def Ontario’s Top Team (Courtney Rush and Xandra Bale) to retain their championships via a lungblower/German suplex combo on Bale. Post-match, Rush is irritated and seems to be blaming Bale for their loss.
  • Heidi Lovelace def. Misaki Ohata via a frog splash.
  • Madison Eagles def. Portia Perez via Hellbound, after Portia bumps heads with Nicole Matthews when she tries to interfere.
  • Tomoka Nakagawa def. AKINO via rollup in an amazing match.
  • SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews def. Jessicka Havok with her feet on the ropes. Post-match, Jessicka beats down the champ. Afterwards, Portia comes out and Nicole threatens Madison Eagles. Tomoka Nakagawa is out next, and she says she wants to wrestle the Canadian Ninjas in her retirement match. Aja Kong and Dynamite Kansai come out next and end up attacking Tomoka and Kellie with the help of Mayumi Ozaki and Kyoko Kimura. Misaki Ohata and Hiroyo Matsumoto come out to help the faces and Aja, Dynamite, Kyoko and Mayumi vs. Kellie, Tomoka, Misaki and Hiroyo is set for Volume 74.

Matches from volumes 72 and 73 will be available soon on DVD and ClickWrestle.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109602/shimmer-volumes-72-73-taping-results/feed/ 14
Video: TNA Teases the Debuts of New Knockouts http://www.diva-dirt.com/109586/video-tna-teases-the-debuts-of-new-knockouts/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109586/video-tna-teases-the-debuts-of-new-knockouts/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 16:01:32 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109586

On last night’s Impact, TNA teased the debuts of two new Knockouts: Jade and Marti Belle.

In a video promo, the women – indy wrestlers Mia Yim and Marti Belle – are seen in a Barbie-strewn playroom, frolicking as creepy, childlike music plays in the background.

The promo is tagged with the words, “A Dollhouse Production.”

Watch the promo below:

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109586/video-tna-teases-the-debuts-of-new-knockouts/feed/ 394
Lilian Garcia Undergoes Surgery http://www.diva-dirt.com/109585/lilian-garcia-undergoes-surgery/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109585/lilian-garcia-undergoes-surgery/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 15:53:21 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109585 Photo: WWE.com

Veteran WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia is taking time off to recover from a knee injury, having just undergone surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

Lilian tweeted the news yesterday, posting a video in which she promises to return to work soon:

NXT ring announcer JoJo has replaced Lilian on the WWE’s European tour, working with one group while Eden announces for the other.

There’s no word yet on how long Lilian will be off the road.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109585/lilian-garcia-undergoes-surgery/feed/ 44
Lucha Underground Analysis (April 8th, 2015): Dysfunction, Devastation and Plenty of DDTs http://www.diva-dirt.com/109580/lucha-underground-analysis-april-8th-2015-dysfunction-devastation-and-plenty-of-ddts/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109580/lucha-underground-analysis-april-8th-2015-dysfunction-devastation-and-plenty-of-ddts/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 15:25:21 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109580

It’s the time of the week again where we take a trip to Boyle Heights, Los Angeles – Lucha Underground is here!

How is everyone? Ready to get your teeth into another phenomenal week of Lucha? Following on from last week’s tag team drama with Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr, Sexy will be in action this week as she takes on her other tag team partner from last week, Super Fly. Dario Cueto has one messed up sense of humor! On top of that, the Lucha Underground Trio Tag Team Championship tournament continues as the flirt triangle of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico are in action!

That aforementioned trios match kicks off this week’s proceedings and the dysfunctional connection of Ivelisse and co make their way to the ring. Ive is showcasing all kinds of attitude in their entrance. She is making all of this about her!

Their opponents are the Lucha dream team of Aerostar, Drago and Fenix so it will be a massive task for Ivelisse’s team to overcome. Sadly, Catrina is not accompanying Fenix which begs the question: was she just playing with Fenix and using his capable arsenal to take down Mil Muertes?

Shoutout to Melissa Santos. She was looking mighty fine in jade and I am a major fan of her announcing.

Ivelisse tags into the match around 30 seconds in, blind slapping Angelico so she can prove what she is made of. Ivelisse chops Fenix yet is then soon taken out of the match when Angelico makes his way back in.

Later in the match, Ivelisse show her devilish side as she cracks Aerostar with a knee to the back, allowing her team to take advantage. Some backhand cohesion here from Ivelisse; is it weird that I really love the one-upmanship of this team?

Ivelisse makes a major impact on the match shortly after this as she gives her ex-boyfriend a good whack to tag herself in. The ‘Baddest Bitch in the Building’ mounts Aerostar and beats him down with punches. She manages to garner a near fall after hitting a crisp wheelbarrow DDT before she begins to trash talk her own tag team partner. Annoyed at being the third wheel, Angelico tags back in.

A series of high-flying offense to the outside commences not too long after this, and Ivelisse makes sure that she is part of it. She throws a really unique bicycle kick and stunning DDT into Fenix’s face and she also hits a lush crossbody onto several combatants on the outside.

The match begins to come to a close when Son of Havoc looks to make a tag to Ivelisse. She removes her outstretched arm and walks off, leaving her former beau to suffer alone. Unbeknownst to her as she has her back turned, Havoc laps up the loud crowd response and takes advantage of dissension in the ranks of Aerostar and Drago. Havoc hits a picture perfect Shooting Star Press and gets a second successive victory to the shock of Ivelisse!

Our second and final lucha of the evening sees partners turned opponents Sexy Star and Super Fly square off. Just as the two are about to being, Dario Cueto interrupts and walks out from his office. He decides to up the anti for this match – it will be MASK VS MASK!

Everyone in the temple is in total and utter shock, as was I when I first saw this clip! Matt Striker and Vampiro hype this perfectly, explaining that matches with this caliber of stipulations are normally years in the making, where as Dario is simply desecrating the Lucha Libre traditions behind throwing a stipulation so monumental around on a whim. He tells Sexy and Super to forget they were ever friends!

Super Fly starts the match with a waistlock that Sexy reverses into a hammerlock. The chain wrestling continues with a headlock and wristlock reversal exchange. Vamp makes it clear how important Sexy’s mask is to her and that it once saved her from committing suicide. With anecdotes like that thrown in, it highlights the severity of this match.

After another sweet selection of back-and-forth moves, Super Fly shows his desperation to keep his mask and he throws camaraderie out of the window, landing a big slap to Sexy. Unfortunately for Super, Sexy wouldn’t have it any other way, If he wants to bring the fight, she will bring it back harder!

Sexy showcases some nice offensive via a matrix move, thrust kick and facebuster before getting rough and ready with kicks and hairmares. Super Fly retaliates with another astonishingly loud slap and some hairmares of his own. Super Fly slaps the spit out of Sexy’s mouth yet again yet in her true never-say-die fashion, Sexy comes back strongly with a hurricanrana from the second rope. She then hits a shoulder thrust, top rope armdrag and diving crossbody in an “encyclopedia of lucha” as Vampiro so epically describes. After a flush Codebreaker, Sexy only manages a near fall and I was pretty shocked at that!

A slugfest follows Sexy’s barrage of offense as the two trade blows on the mat and in standing positions. Super Fly hits a hard elbow and leg drop that the crowd are not happy with. Amazing how quickly they have turned on a lesser popular face! The pair swap stiff shots once more and then Sexy takes a page out of Ivelisse’s book, this time hitting a corner-climbing variation of a DDT.

That move doesn’t get the job done for Sexy and Super hits back with a kneeling powerbomb. Super tries to hit a moonsault off the top, yet Sexy manages to avoid the contact. She then hits a La Magistral roll and…

SHE HAS DONE IT! Sexy keeps her mask after possibly her best showing yet! The crowd go wild as we roll to commercials.

After the break, we return to see an emotional Sexy Star and Super Fly in the ring. They embrace and Sexy reluctantly unmasks Super Fly. I expect that the character will now be written out due to Matt Striker’s commentary yet all of a sudden, Pentagon Jr cements my expectatons. Pentagon decks Sexy off the apron and then hits Super Fly with a devastating package piledriver. Super is laid out, as is Sexy and Penta proceeds to snap Superfly’s arm! Penta crotch chops at Sexy as he high-tails it from the ring. This one just got so personal!

Thoughts: I may sound like a broken record yet how amazing was this week’s show?! At least my repetition in this Thoughts section is positive praise and not moaning!

I am LOVING this Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr feud! If we ignore the fact that they are actually Mixed Tag Team Champions together in Mexico (LOL), I cannot wait to see how this feud transpires. After such a heartwarming display took place when Sexy unmasked Super Fly, it was totally heinous for Pentagon to come out and be as barbaric as he was. This was storytelling at its finest and I loved every second of the aftermath.

As for the match, it received ample time and I was impressed on the whole. Sexy using an intricate pin to get the win cheapened her win for me slightly, yet for her to be involved in the first ever Mask vs Mask match and to come out the victor was awesome. I just wish she could have used an impactful move to get the job done. Sexy seems to win after distractions or with quick pin attempts and I really wish she could get a clean win with an authoritative maneuver. Other than that though, I loved the rest. The physicality was tremendous and Sexy’s DDT and dive to the outside were really good.

I definitely think Super Fly won’t be seen again and unfortunately, I cannot say I’m too bothered. The character was always practically a jobber so I won’t be sorry to see the back of him really. Harsh but true. He was a pawn in other feuds and is so for the Penta/Sexy rivalry too.

As for the Trios match, this match was the match of the night. I only recapped Ivelisse’s impact on the match yet I would strongly recommend watching the match in its entirety. I am a little perplexed at the lack of Catrina, yet Lucha Underground are A+ storytellers so I’m sure we will get a perfectly good reason for her absence.

As sad as it may be to say, I now not only live for the weekend, yet I also live for Lucha Underground and what another awesome week of action we got to witness. If you are reading this, please share this article and the videos to your friends and spread the word of Lucha Underground! On top of that, keep commenting below as I would love to talk some Lucha.

Can Ivelisse become one third of the first ever Trios Tag Team Champions? Having a woman in such a position is truly fantastic and fingers crossed that Ive can get the job done in a fortnight’s time!

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109580/lucha-underground-analysis-april-8th-2015-dysfunction-devastation-and-plenty-of-ddts/feed/ 31
Today in History: Brie Bella Wins the Divas Championship http://www.diva-dirt.com/109362/today-in-history-brie-bella-wins-the-divas-championship-2/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109362/today-in-history-brie-bella-wins-the-divas-championship-2/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 13:00:10 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109362

On this day in history:

April 11th, 2011 | Nikki Bella had come up short in her quest to take Eve Torres‘s Divas Title, but when her sister Brie got her shot, twin magic did the trick. Nikki switched in mid-match, giving Brie a quick breather before she hit Eve with the Bella Buster, pinning her and becoming Divas Champion for the first time in her career. Nikki, demonstrating that sisterly bond, celebrated with Brie as if she had won the title herself.

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 4/11/14.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109362/today-in-history-brie-bella-wins-the-divas-championship-2/feed/ 176
Impact Wrestling Feedback: April 10th, 2015 http://www.diva-dirt.com/109576/impact-wrestling-feedback-april-10th-2015/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109576/impact-wrestling-feedback-april-10th-2015/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2015 00:45:09 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109576

Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight at 9pm ET.

Discuss the show in the comments!

RELATED: Impact Wrestling Spoilers: April 10th & 17th, 2015

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109576/impact-wrestling-feedback-april-10th-2015/feed/ 474
SmackDown Redux (April 9th, 2015): Jockeying for Position http://www.diva-dirt.com/109569/smackdown-redux-april-9th-2015-jockeying-for-position/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109569/smackdown-redux-april-9th-2015-jockeying-for-position/#comments Fri, 10 Apr 2015 16:00:01 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109569

Welcome to another SmackDown Redux! This week, we’re taking a break from the Divas Title scene (sort of) when Alicia Fox takes on Natalya. Cameron has been appointed special guest referee. Confused? Let this backstage segment explain it all:

Renee Young interviews Alicia, Cameron and Natalya about this Monday’s Battle Royal. Alicia and Cameron deny “manipulating” Kane into making the match, but Natalya can’t help but admit that Naomi already earned the number one contendership by pinning Nikki Bella twice.

This starts an argument between Alicia and Natalya, which turns into a shoving match. Renee hightails it while Cameron tries to separate the Divas. She manages to keep them apart with help from some fast-acting referees.

So Cameron, having demonstrated her expert separation skills, has been made referee for this contest. It makes little sense, but the more the merrier, I guess… Let’s watch the match:

After they’re both introduced by NXT’s JoJo (hi JoJo!!!), Natalya demonstrates that she’s still fuming after the exchange backstage by tackling Alicia, who gives the fight right back. Cameron separates them. When on their feet again, the Divas being another tete-a-tete, shoving each other and delivering harsh slaps. Alicia comes charging at Natalya, but she’s caught and slammed to the mat, Natalya pummeling her in the head.

The Divas start scrapping again, rolling into the bottom rope and forcing Cameron to separate them once again. Natalya gets up and runs at Alicia, but is knocked down with a shoulder block. Alicia runs the ropes and goes for a somersault leg drop, but Natalya rolls out of the way.

With Alicia hunched over, Natalya runs the ropes, stepping on her back and returning with a low dropkick to the chest. She goes for the cover, but Alicia kicks out. She reverses an Irish whip into the corner and plants a leg on Natalya’s shoulder, dragging her out of the corner and going for the pin. Natalya kicks out.

Alicia pulls Natalya to her feet and plants her with a northern lights suplex, bridging it into a pin. Natalya kicks out just in time. Alicia’s still cocky, though, miming a belt around her waist before latching a chinlock on Natalya. Cameron the referee is attentive, watching to see if Natalya is giving any indication of submitting. She doesn’t, and is soon on her feet, trying to fight out with some elbows. Alicia stops this with a quick slam to the mat.

Alicia takes her sweet time going for the pin and pays for it, as Natalya kicks out. Immediately, Alicia locks in a headlock. Again, Natalya slowly fights for freedom, this time successfully. She gets free and runs the ropes, reversing a tilt-a-whirl slam attempt by Alicia into a crossbody. She lands atop Alicia and makes another pin attempt. Alicia kicks out, immediately springing to her feet and clotheslining Natalya, halting her momentum.

When she brings Natalya to her feet, though, she’s left with a slap. Natalya sends her into the corner, but Alicia takes control by dodging her shoulder attack and rolling her into a pin. However, Natalya rolls through the pin and traps Alicia in the Sharpshooter. At that point, it’s all over but the tapping. Alicia taps, and Natalya is awarded the victory!

Cameron raises Natayla’s hand good-naturedly , but soon makes her true intentions known, planting Natalya with a DDT. She follows that up with one to Alicia and stands tall, demanding to be handed her mirror so she can gloat properly. There goes any future referee gigs…

Prior to her victory, Natalya also made an appearance alongside Tyson Kidd and Cesaro as they took on Big E and Kofi Kingston of New Day:

Kidd and Cesaro were also victorious, making the night an all-around success for Nattie. One question lingers in my mind, though: is she a heel or a face? I need heel Nattie, and she looked like a true babyface in her match tonight. Maybe she’s just not yet evil enough to be the bad guy in a segment with Alicia and Cameron. Here’s hoping.

Speaking of blurring the heel/face lines, Summer Rae played the good guy against ever-heel The Miz on MizTV, interrupting his self-congratulatory promotion of The Marine 4:

Summer reminds Miz that this is “their” movie. Miz mocks her, telling her she should be grateful he’s even allowing her to be in the movie. He says it’s his way of “giving a Diva a chance.” They argue a bit more, Miz calling her a “featured extra” and comparing her to Mizdow. Summer reminds Miz that Mizdow eliminated him from the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31.

This brings out Mizdow himself, who eventually fights his former employer and surprises Summer with a kiss. Though shocked, she seems to have enjoyed it. I suppose this is another instance of being the lesser of two evils, because really: who would cheer Miz over Summer?

Annnnnd I’m just now realizing that the Divas division is overrun with heels. Maybe it’s time someone hopped over to the side of the good guys. Summer might just be a prime candidate for that.

Thoughts: I’m all for a match outside of the immediate Divas Title picture. Giving Alicia, Natalya and Cameron a little bit of the spotlight not only allows for some change of scenery, but also demonstrates how deep the Diva bench is. Heading into a (surprisingly hyped up) number one contendership Battle Royal, that’s an asset. It’s good to remind the audience that there are a number of Divas that are more than capable of holding that belt.

The match itself was kind of unmemorable, obviously set up just to show the kind of competition Naomi will have in the Battle Royal. Not that one’s ability to score a pinfall means jack shit in a Battle Royal, though. I liked that Cameron got a bit of attention here, allowing her a chance to show up her fellow Divas in a heelish, opportunistic way. I’m so used to seeing the usual suspects on Raw and SmackDown lately that it’s refreshing to see someone like Cameron command attention. I don’t believe for one second that she has a shot at winning on Monday, but making her a threat adds depth to the division, which I’m all for. In this post-AJ Lee division, that’s more important than ever.

I appreciate that they took the time to acknowledge the fact that Naomi should be the number one contender at this point, as gives the Battle Royal a bit of a story. Will she meet her destiny, or will someone jump in line ahead of her? My money’s on the former, but I’ll still enjoy seeing other Divas get a bit of television time as well. That is, if the match isn’t treated like most Diva Battle Royals. The first Battle Royal of the post-#GiveDivasAChance WWE will be a true test of the WWE’s intentions: if it’s not a rushed clusterfuck, I’ll start believing that the WWE is planning on making improvements to the way they treat the Divas. Make me a believer, WWE.

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Video: Gail Kim Talks Facing Awesome Kong on Tonight’s Impact http://www.diva-dirt.com/109563/video-gail-kim-talks-facing-awesome-kong-on-tonights-impact/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109563/video-gail-kim-talks-facing-awesome-kong-on-tonights-impact/#comments Fri, 10 Apr 2015 14:00:11 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109563

Tonight, Gail Kim will take on her long time rival Awesome Kong for the first time in nearly seven years on Impact.

TNA posted a video of Kim’s thoughts on facing Kong, in which she reflects on their storied history and speculates that the match might settle some unresolved issues.

Watch the video below:

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109563/video-gail-kim-talks-facing-awesome-kong-on-tonights-impact/feed/ 71
Today in History: Mickie James Meets “Trishie James” http://www.diva-dirt.com/109360/today-in-history-mickie-james-meets-trishie-james-2/ http://www.diva-dirt.com/109360/today-in-history-mickie-james-meets-trishie-james-2/#comments Fri, 10 Apr 2015 13:00:03 +0000 http://www.diva-dirt.com/?p=109360

On this day in history:

April 10th, 2006 | Upon defeating Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22 and taking her Women’s Title, Mickie James decided to take Trish’s identity as well, dressing like Trish and acting as if she were the Canadian Diva herself. Mickie would put her title on the line for the first time against Maria Kanellis, who had dared to question Mickie’s grip on reality. Mickie went on to defeat Maria with the “Mick Kick”, but her celebration was cut off by a familiar face: “Trishie James”. Trish, dressed as Mickie, mocked her by knocking her off her feet with a rough kiss.

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 4/10/14.

http://www.diva-dirt.com/109360/today-in-history-mickie-james-meets-trishie-james-2/feed/ 34