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Five women who could become Britt Baker’s bodyguard

At AEW Fyter Fest Night 2 Britt Baker successfully defended her women’s championship against Nyla Rose. But, her first defence came at a cost. A broken wrist.

On this week’s edition of AEW Baker addressed the injury in a backstage segment. During the interview Baker referenced the several injuries she has suffered in her time at AEW.

She chalked the injuries down to everyone gunning for her and said that Reba/Rebel couldn’t protect her on her own. Therefore, Baker revealed she going to get someone who can always have her back.

Who could Baker be thinking of? Here are 5 women that could become Britt Baker’s Bodyguard.

5. KiLynn King

Kilynn King became an AEW Dark regular during AEW’s Daily’s Place tenure. King showed excellent in-ring growth with one impressive performance after another.

Throughout her stay in AEW she fought tough matches against some of the best and rose to challenge everytime.

She has a great physique and standing at over six foot she cuts an imposing figure.

To join Britt Baker as her security/bodyguard would be a huge opportunity for King. Still only four years into the business, a partnership with AEW’s women’s champion could be the launching pad for her wrestling career.

4. Jazzy Gabert

The Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert is the perfect bodyguard. She is big, mean and one hell of a presence.

Gabert has played the bodyguard role previously. In NXT UK she was introduced as Jinny’s insurance policy where she had matches against Piper Niven and Rhea Ripley.

Her stint in WWE was brief and it would be great to see her back on the big stage in AEW.

Her size, power and legitimate MMA ability make her a brilliant fit to watch Britt Baker’s back.

3. Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is one of the most impressive women in the entire wrestling industry.

Her size and stature are standout attributes. However, since her debut, her star power seems to have plateaued. Her association with Smark Mark Sterling has her in ineffective segments on AEW Dark: Elevation, which isn’t doing her any favors.

For Cargill to align with Baker would make a lot of sense. She would be seen TV weekly at the top level of the division. She would also benefit hugely from being around the ‘D.M.D’ whose promos and in-ring work has improved massively in the last year.

Cargill credits Chyna as one of her influences, so for her to play a similar bodyguard role that the ‘Ninth Wonder of the World’ did in her early days would be excellent.

2. Ruby Soho

The former Ruby Riott is a must have for any promotion and an AEW debut as Baker’s protector would be a great way to bring her in.

Soho is tough and boasts a unique counter-culture punk look. The multi-colored hair and tattoos combined with her attitude make her a threatening presence that Baker could use to her advantage.

The dynamic would be very interesting as they are complete opposites. Baker’s arrogance could work well with Soho’s no nonsense persona and she could assert her dominance on the AEW women’s division.

Soho is one of the best in the ring but only got the chance to show glimpses of what she could do in WWE. If she lands in AEW as an ass-kicking bad-ass then there would be no complaints here.

1. Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace is a fantastic pick to become Baker’s hired muscle. “Thick Momma Pump” cuts an impressive and intimidating figure that would undoubtedly keep Baker free from harm.

Jordynne looks tough because she is tough. She is one of the strongest and most powerful women in the industry.

The ease in which she tosses around her opponents is beyond impressive and her style and stature fit into the role of protector and bodyguard perfectly.

The former Knockouts Champion has done it all in IMPACT! Wrestling and to be the first woman to walk through the “forbidden door” would be an excellent moment.

Do you agree with the list? If not who is your pick for Britt Baker’s bodyguard? Let us know in the comments below.

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