Gail Kim on Racism in Pro Wrestling


Gail does not hold back! Legendary Gail Kim Visits Ring the Belle to discuss her WWE Women’s Championship win on her debut night, her favorite matches against Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell, and the racism and stereotypes in Pro Wrestling industry.

We met Gail Kim at the Early to Rise: Women’s Wrestling Mini Convention in Berwyn Illinois. It was amazing meeting my Korean hero for the first time. Please excuse me for asking way too many WWE questions. Ring the Belle respect Gail’s legacy in women’s wrestling history as a whole, not just WWE women’s division. We would love to have Gail again to dig deeper into her career in TNA Impact.

Huge thanks to RISE for inviting us to the Early to Rise Convention, and Gail Kim for speaking with us for an extended period of time, and we hope to meet you again!


    • Gail is pretty much done inside the ring within the WWE, I doubt she’ll come back after calling Stephanie Phoney, and alluding to the fact that Vince is culturally insensitive.

      I’d love her to come back in the HOF for her career accomplishments including TNA, she’s the last decades greatest female wrestler and deserves to be recognised as such.

      I like how she didn’t throw him under the bus as an intentional racist, I just wish someone in the WWE would call her and bury the hatchet, its so much worse for their brand to not do so.

  1. Really interesting interview with Gail. A few takeaways:

    1. I liked how Gail explained Vince’s mindset and didn’t excuse it but basically said he doesn’t try to be innovative and instead follows the status quo of white america. He hides it under the guise of it’s a business at the end of the day and he’s gonna go with what he knows will sell. It’s only when the fans are really vocal in cases like Kofi where he’ll go outside his norms.

    2. Gail did far more impressive things in TNA which I wish was highlighted more. Off the top of my head, her inaugural title win in the gauntlet match, her ladder match with Taryn, so much of her work with Angelina Love when feuding with the beautiful people and the entirety of her Awesome Kong feud was amazing stuff. She was the backbone of that TNA division and kept women’s wrestling alive during some dark times.

    3. If you’re gonna mention her WWE work then you gotta include her matches with Nidia on heat and her work with Jillian and Foxy on superstars. I thank Gail Kim for making me believe in everything Alicia Fox could be.

    4. Never made the connection about Gail’s character coming full circle. Towards the end of her impact run she was such an in ring general that I guess she was the dimensional ruler of everything inside of that ring. So is that what WWE was initially going for with that matrix thing? Idk, that’s a stretch but I really liked her first WWE theme song. It was a bop.

  2. i found this interview very interesting. i love ring the belle but DS shouldve known gail wasnt going to like most of those best 5 moments cause they werent in tna. gail broke ceilings in tna. notice how everything she said from tna she was proud of and stuff in wwe she could hardly remember, no shade but he shouldve known better

  3. yawn, can people stop with the racism in wrestling card or the women in wrestling card and put it back in the deck.
    gail’s two times in wwe failed because she never got over, she could wrestle but didn’t have a personality, couldn’t talk on the mic and has zero charisma. gail needs a hobby or soon shes gonna be 50 STILL trashing wwe.