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GFW Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: July 20th, 2017

Tonight on GFW Impact Wrestling, reigning GFW Women’s Champion Sienna will not only be in action but she also has intentions on delivering a special message on tonight’s show.

Read‘s preview to tonight’s show below:

“The current reigning GFW Women’s Champion, Sienna, will be in action inside the six-sided ring on Thursday’s episode of IMPACT! Sienna is the self-proclaimed “classiest” Knockout in the locker room. She has proven her dominance over the division by competing and winning matches against powerhouse former Knockouts Champions Rosemary and Gail Kim. Not only will we get to see Sienna showcase her skills inside the ring, but we will also hear her on the microphone, as she has announced that she has something to say. We wonder what this announcement could be? Will it simply be her way of touting her accomplishments? Or will what she has to say throw a wrench in the Division? We will see Sienna in action on Thursday, where her intentions will be revealed.”

There will also be a follow up between the newly blossomed relationship between Grado and Laurel Van Ness after Laurel agreed to Grado’s invitation of a date.

Read preview below:

“In the wild world of professional wrestling, fans have become accustomed to expect the unexpected. Friends turn to rivals at the drop of a hat. Underdogs can become the World Heavyweight Champion after a quick 3-count. Old faces might unexpectedly return to the IMPACT Zone on any given night. However, this may be one surprise that no one saw coming, not even the management or locker room of Global Force Wrestling. Could there be a love connection between Scottish fan-favorite, Grado and a completely unhinged, fully disturbed, Laurel Van Ness? Following the advice of his lawyer, a desperate Grado asks out every Knockout in the locker room, with hopes that they will marry and he will be able to stay in the U.S.A. After virtually every female backstage turns down his advances, Grado has one last shot at citizenship… with Laurel Van Ness. In front of all of the fans in the IMPACT Zone, Grado asks Laurel on a date, but her answer was interrupted by Kongo Kong, who she has previously had a “relationship.” We learned after the show, that Laurel has accepted the date with Grado, and on Thursday night, we will see if there is a love connection! Will Laurel be Grado’s ticket to staying in the United States? We shall see how this interesting relationship develops.”

Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight at 8pm ET on POP TV!

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