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GFW Impact Write-Up (August 3rd, 2017): Love in all the wrong places

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. Unfortunately, for the Knockouts division anyway, it is an uneventful week which is a bit disappointing given how strong last week’s Last Knockout Standing match was. Our featured Knockouts on this week’s program are Laurel Van Ness and Allie, who are finding some turmoil in their current love affairs.

We first go backstage to find Grado pumping up for his match alongside his wingman/lawyer Joseph Parks. Their plan is to have Laurel Van Ness marry Grado by the end of the night. Just my two cents: no way can it top the would-be wedding of Laurel and Braxton Sutter from earlier this year!

While Grado is looking to win Laurel through affection, Laurel’s furious beast Kongo Kong is on a backstage rampage – attacking Eddie Edwards to the point that he couldn’t even compete in his scheduled match against Eli Drake! ’I didn’t say yes’ shrieks Laurel in an attempt to calm Kongo Kong down but Kong ignores this and also goes after innocent bystander Richard ‘Always Ready’ Justice.

Later in the show, we find that Grado picking up the win for his team during a six-man tag match, where he teamed up with Suicide and Braxton Sutter (with Allie at ringside) taking on the random heel team of Mario Bokara, Fallah Bahh, and KM.

Post match, Grado, on one knee now, invites Ms. Laurel Van Ness to the ring so that he can redo last week’s proposal given that he never got the chance to complete it. Laurel accepts Grado’s invitation and comes down with Joseph by her side. Unfortunately for Grado, Kongo Kong interrupts once again to destroy him. Allie tries to convince Braxton to lend a hand to Grado but he refuse, opting to head to the back instead.

Back in the ring, Kong climbs the top rope of a corner, looking to squash Grado with a big splash but Laurel stands between them. The minor distraction allows for Joseph Parks to pull his client out of the ring to safety.

Cameras catch Braxton and Allie backstage to get a n explanation as to why Braxton decided to not help Grado against Kongo Kong. Braxton says that although Grado is a good guy, he is a grown who can take care of himself. Allie disagrees, arguing that Grado was their partner and could’ve used their help but Braxton ignores this, adding that there was no need to put himself or Allie in danger. Oh dear, is the honeymoon over for GFW’s beloved couple?

Thoughts: I’m someone who always tries to stay optimistic, especially when it comes to GFW, but its hard to really pull positives strings for the Knockouts from this week’s Impact. They have truly missed out on the chance of a full-on feud between Allie and Laurel given their year long history that could’ve played out this week.

There was no follow up to the great Sienna/Rosemary Last Knockout Standing match – which was already surrounded by some controversy given KM’s involvement! Taking in consideration GFW’s format of taping multiple shows in the course of a few days, I understand that the women need to rest up from a match with that kind of stipulation but it would’ve been nice to still see some presence from either of them in a backstage segment. Even if it is through Karen Jarrett addressing the controversy of KM’s interference.

As for the Laurel/Grado/Kong/Parks saga, its all seems to be setting up for a future Grado/Kong showdown which doesn’t exactly spark any real excitement for me.  My only take away here was seeing Laurel’s concern for Grado and ability to still have some control over Kong. Let’s focus more on that versus the need to still mourn being left at the alter.

I am interested in seeing where Allie’s character goes from here. She’s had a rough 2016 thanks to the Lady Squad but bounced when she got her happy ending with Braxton. So what happens now that Braxton seems to be turning Heel? Perhaps Allie can find some advice through her somewhat new friend Rosemary, as the two still have that mutual respect for one another despite being opposites of one another.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Are you enjoying Laurel or Allie’s respective storylines? What would you like to see happen next in the Knockouts division? Let us know in the comments below!

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