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GLOW earns positive reviews as critics weigh in

And the reviews are coming in! GLOW, Netflix’s first foray into the world of women’s wrestling, is garnering favorable feedback from critics on the eve of the new show’s release on June 23.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Frainich:

Part sports drama, part showbiz satire, part birth-of-the-modern-woman allegory — all heartbreaking glitter-blasted humanity — Netflix’s GLOW is unlike any show I’ve ever seen. I love it so much; it made me laugh, cry, think, and pump my fists in the air screaming, “YESYESYES!”

Read the full EW review here.

TVLine’s Kimberly Roots said:

Wrestling is “a soap opera! This whole thing is a soap opera!” one character exclaims in a moment of happy revelation. Damn straight — and GLOW is the behind-the-scenes look that’ll suck you in faster than a Friday cliffhanger.

Read the full TVLine review here.

And IGN reviewed the pilot episode, with Matt Fowler stating:

I’ll have an official review of GLOW’s entire first season when it premieres later this month, but for right now I’ll just offer up some opinions on the pilot episode that we saw. Firstly, it’s very strong. It’s overflowing with ’80s awesomeness but not in a way that’s meant to distract or detract from the story. Alison Brie’s Ruth Wilder, a starving actress desperate for work (and longing for a rare rich part for a woman, on top of that), is at the heart of the tale, but while most stories would shine her up as the underdog hero, Ruth’s a bit more complex than that.”

Read IGN’s full review here.

Watch the recently released trailer below:

The 10 episode first season will hit Netflix on June 23rd! And if you can’t wait until then, Netflix has recently uploaded the original documentary based on the real life G.L.O.W.!

Do these reviews get you excited for the premiere of GLOW? Sound off in the comments below.

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