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Happy Valentine’s Day! A Look at Wrestling’s Power Couples Over the Past Year

It’s that time of year again, people. Time for Cupid to start shooting his arrows and for love to fill the air. Diva Dirt embraces all holidays and Valentine’s Day is no different. All day long, myself and my partners, the wonderful Bobby and the vivacious Melanie, will bringing you the Valentine’s goodies that the world of professional wrestling has blessed us with this year. In our heads and in our cold little hearts, we believe in love, despite the fact that nothing in wrestling lasts forever. We’ve seen some unique pairings in wrestling this past year — some of them didn’t work out, others left us wanting more, and some are currently heating up. Perhaps one day, one couple can stand the test of time? Could any of these be the ‘one’?

Maxine and Derrick Bateman
Perhaps the most powerful couple in Internet wrestling history, Maxine and Derrick Bateman became one, and dubbed themselves as BateMax! Make no mistake, these two, while vastly different from each other, truly are proof that opposites attract. The duo first debuted back in August of last year when Maxine made a shocking return to NXT, dismantling poor AJ and aligning herself with Derrick. They soon revealed that they are in fact an item, but unfortunately for the two, their relationship would be put to a grueling test as Derrick’s former tag team partner, Johnny Curtis, made his way onto the yellow brand and tricked Maxine into breaking things off with Bateman! Johnny almost ended up marrying her himself, but thankfully, all became right in the world when Derrick showed video footage of Curtis’ sabotage and Maxine left him at the altar as BateMax reunited once more! Can these two find the “happily ever after” that so few couples in WWE history have? Or is there a new target trying to break them up, this time in Kaitlyn?

AJ and Daniel Bryan
There’s nothing more attractive than a vegan who drives a Prius, and our geek goddess AJ certainly seems infatuated with the current World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. The relationship isn’t without controversy as just recently AJ suffered a horrible injury at the hands of The Big Show. A lot of people called foul on the part of DB, claiming they put the 95lbs AJ in harms way. But I don’t believe that… just like I don’t believe AJ is a love struck little girl. I believe AJ knows exactly what she’s doing and I don’t buy for one second that she’s as innocent as she’d like people to think. I believe all of this is an elaborate scheme concocted by AJ and DB to make sure he defies the odds and keeps the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. It’s only a matter of time before AJ shows her true colors and DB finally utters those three wonderful words, “I love you.” Who knows? Maybe in the future a little self-righteous baby waving a light sabre and proclaiming to end the slaughter of all the Earth’s animals will emerge, and the parents? AJ and Daniel Bryan.

ODB and Eric Young
This is perhaps the most unusual couple to grace wrestling in quite some time. Originally paired up to take part in a wild card tag team tournament, ODB and Eric Young advanced to the semi-finals before ultimately falling to Samoa Joe and Magnus and losing their spot in the tourney. It seems though, that the loss brought them closer together, as ODB finally managed to accept Eric and start a relationship together. Since then, they’ve been wreaking havoc on the Knockouts, most recently, Angelina Love and Winter. They’re cooky and wacky… but in all honesty, that’s what makes them so perfect together. You either have chemistry, or you don’t, and I think that both Eric Young and ODB have taken the world by storm and proved that nothing can keep them apart from here on out! Cody Deaner, who? It’s all about Eric Young in ODB’s life now!

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett
What we know about this couple is that they have chemistry… OBVIOUSLY! The fiery red-head and the ROH villian seem destined to make a name for themselves in the world of wrestling. Bennett wants nothing more than to be a champion, and Maria wants nothing more than to help him, even if sometimes her interference backfires. Her intentions are good, and her heart is pure, surely? In any case, these two have what it takes to work their way up the ranks… if they can stay together, that is!

Karen and Jeff Jarrett
Ah…the power couple of Impact Wrestling for quite some time until their unfortunate departure from television just a few months ago, Karen and Jeff Jarrett were unlike anything we’ve seen on TV since the days of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H! She took control of the entire Knockouts division, constantly providing us with some of the most entertaining material in God knows how long, and he continued to assert his dominance over the company to the best of his abilities both inside and outside the ring. Karen and Jeff were true stars of Impact Wrestling for nearly their entire run together, but as Nelly Furtado put it: all good things come to an end, and much like a phenomenal television show with low ratings, the two were ultimately fired by Sting in one of the most heart breaking segments we’ve ever seen! Hopefully one day (SOON) Karen and Jeff will return to our screens and enrich us with their brilliance, but until that day, we must all “shut our freaking mouths” and wait it out.

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler
Diva Dirt’s Prince Charming and his delicious partner in crime, Vickie, have certainly stood the test of time thus far. They’ve been together since their days on SmackDown when Dolph charmed the cougar and got her to use her power to grant him title shots galore. They’ve had their fair share of ups and downs – thirty second World Heavyweight Championship title reigns, Dolph’s three or so weeks of being a brunette, Jack Swagger (so that was kind of a compromise) – and they’ve overcome it all. The sky is the limit for Dolph as long as Vickie is by his side. They bring out the best in one another and generate a ridiculous amount of heat together. Take that line how you wish. Dolph and Vickie are this generation’s Shawn Michaels and Sherri Martel. The only difference is Dolph and Vickie should never break up… ever.

Princess Mia and Prince Nana
Every young girl dreams of one day meeting their Prince Charming and being a princess — and for one Mia Yim, that dream is now a reality. Since Joining Ring of Honor in March 2011, Mia has become the Princess of the Embassy, seen in the finest low cut dresses and jewels on the arm of Prince Nana. Princess Mia provides the feminine charm that the Embassy has always so sorely lacked, and has perhaps been a good luck charm at ringside for Prince Nana’s current pet project, Tomasso Ciampa, who has had an impressive undefeated streak. However, our Mia is no ordinary princess, as she’s unafraid to get in the mix of the action, often aiding her boys to a victory with her deadly superkick! We can certainly see why Prince Nana is so enamored by her.

Eve Torres, Zack Ryder and John Cena
When Zack’s crush on Eve started, fans couldn’t begin to predict how it would play out. He courted her. She remained unsure. And somehow John Cena and Kane got involved. What evolved from Zack’s feelings was the best soap opera professional wrestling has ever seen. The underdog got the girl. He saved her life on numerous occasions. And he was used as a pawn in his best friend’s fight against the Big Red Machine. Poor Zack never really stood a chance. He suffered injury after injury at the hands of Kane, and still continued to fight despite the fact his lady love begged him not to. It all reached a brutal climax one night when Kane turned his attention to Eve. John Cena swooped in and made the save, and just as recent as last night, things took a shocking turn. Zack showed up with Valentine’s gifts for Eve, but it was Cena who ended up with the girl. The kiss heard ’round Raw shocked the WWE Universe and left Zack with a broken heart. Sadly, Zack’s fate was all but sealed when Kane pushed him off the stage in his wheelchair after a confrontation with Cena over Eve. Oh Eve… what have you done?

Saraya and Seth Rollins
Dipping into the FCW pool, we have a couple that has not actually debuted on screen just yet… but in a few weeks, former independent standout, Saraya (Britani Knight) will perhaps find love in a hopeless place, as she scouts fan favorite, Seth Rollins. Not only that, but she also, in fact, aids him to victory in an upcoming match against Brad Maddox! We don’t know much about the back story of this pairing just yet, but knowing the extreme level of talent that both Seth and Saraya possess, is there really any doubting that this will be anything short of phenomenal? Some may not be on board with either one entering a relationship angle, but let us all sit back and watch as the magic of Sarollins unfolds before our very eyes. Couples in FCW don’t typically last very long, but for the sake of the brilliance that could take over, we sure as heck hope this one does!

Be sure to check back for more Valentine’s Day goodness as we look at wrestling couples that we want to see!

— Additional reporting by Bobby and Melanie.

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