Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Has Beth Phoenix and Natalya’s Pin-Up Strong Movement Become Hypocritical? has a new piece looking at Beth Phoenix and Natalya‘s pin-up strong movement and pondering whether their pin-up strong message may be hypocritical following their actions in recent months.

From their changing look to their bully antics, asks if pin-up strong has become “pin-up wrong”?

The article says:

If you follow @TheBethPhoenix and @NatbyNature on Twitter, their hypocrisy has become increasingly apparent. Taunting @EveMarieTorres by stealing her ring gear, The Glamazon and third-generation Diva harped on Eve being a “model,” even telling her to go model for a Kleenex campaign – Photoshopped picture included. But isn’t there some irony here? Has the WWE Universe seen the progression of these dominant Divas’ wardrobe? Before, they focused on the strength and unparalleled technical skills in the ring; now the two seem to be dead-set on being models themselves. From fancy dresses to a skirt in the ring, Beth Phoenix and Natalya have become exactly what they claim to hate: models.

The two also claim to know what’s good for the WWE Universe. At first, we believed the words from their mouths. How couldn’t we? Two strong, independent women kicking butt and taking names. Two women who seemed to “get it,” and understand the plight of the outcasts, the not-so-size-zeroes, those needing to be lifted up – to find the strength within themselves. They promised us legacies. They promised us nutrition with vegetables … they promised to lead by example.

But, is leading by example stealing someone’s ring gear and taunting them via Twitter? Is leading by example ambushing other Divas before a match rather than doing your deeds of destruction in the ring? Is leading by example giving in and becoming what the WWE Universe had thought you had rallied against?

You can read the full piece here.

Where do you stand on the debate? Have Beth and Natalya become hypocritical?

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