Monday, August 2, 2021

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Heat On Rhaka?! You Don’t Say!


With the recent release of TNA Knockout Roxxi, more reports of Rhaka Khan‘s poor backstage etiquette are flowing in . Turns out Roxxi isn’t the only Knockout Rhaka had beef with.

First on the Rhaka’s hit list is rookie Knockout, Madison Rayne. Upset that she was late for a spot during a match, Rhaka delivered an extra stiff kick to Madison that resulted in temporary hearing loss for the newcomer. Ouch. So let me get this straight: Rhaka was mad because someone else messed up in a match? Wow… maybe she should watch some of her matches before she starts lashing out on other people.

The real doozy however, is the details about the Roxxi/Rhaka backstage rivalry. The story originally was that Roxxi asked for her release, but insiders say otherwise. Reportedly, the whole situation started with a backstage incident. Rhaka was upset that she didn’t have a larger part in a gauntlet match and when the producer went over the match she refused to turn off her music and snapped at him when ask her to join her fellow Knockouts.

When match time came, Rhaka stiffed Roxxi, who reciprocated with a forearm to the nose. The result had to be edited from the broadcast and sent Rhaka straight to Kurt Angle to complain. She also said that she was hated among the Knockouts and they were stealing her clothes and damaged her laptop. Shortly after Roxxi was released.

I don’t usually take heed in “insider” reports, but this one seem too detailed to be fabricated. I think the real loser in this situation is TNA. They lost a great worker in Roxxi, and is stuck with a less than mediocre wrestler in Rhaka and all due to backstage politics. I think the best course of action would be to hand the amazonian Knockout a pink slip. If she’s as unpopular in the locker room as she seems to think, I doubt this will be the last situation involving her. And as long as she’s still under Angle’s protection, she’ll always be around to cause more mayhem.

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