Huge Champion vs. Champion at Survivor Series! Serena Williams at WrestleMania?


Can you believe that we’re only 3 weeks away from Survivor Series?! For the big annual event, WWE announced a huge Champion vs Champion match, which will see the company’s two biggest stars fight against each other. Early WrestleMania rumors are rolling in as Stephanie McMahon reportedly shows interest in bringing Serena Williams to WWE. Also, Team Bestie, Trish Stratus and Lita, is looking to return for the biggest show of the year.

We also discussed some interesting aftermath of WWE Evolution. Can this be an annual event and become the WrestleMania of women’s wrestling fan? WWE is positive about the possibility.

Let me know what you thought of all the news, and we look forward to making News and Rumor videos more frequently. So get ready for some spill!


  1. Lol, great… Lets give all the atention to these random famous celebs and forget the REAL women that made this evolution start in the first place. Bravo WWE and well done to the Trail Blazer that is Stephanie Mcmahon…

    Lets get beyonce vs her sister for wrestlemania next.

  2. October 30th: “Diva Dirt is not here to cater to any promotion, WWE or independent, which means we will not cover small stories just to make sure the agenda is pushed.”

    November 2nd: Posts video from YouTube channel that is 100% focused on WWE women, consisting of a bunch of rumours and some general news.

    Wow. This really is like the WWE’s definition of ‘evolution’.

  3. Stephanie McMahon… You will never change.

    As for Trish and Lita, it can be cool. To me, both aren’t good enough to be in a major singles match on a (major) PPV so tag team matches can work.

  4. Don’t care what anyone says, Team Bestie should either be winning the tag titles at WM or defending them! I love the fact that they’ll be used more in the future. Can we get more of Molly Holly and Torrie Wilson too! Dying for a Molly vs Becky match.

    I can’t see Serena Williams in the WWE. I’m not against it but I can’t see her being interested.

  5. My biggest wish would be Becky to defeat Ronda but I think we all know that this won’t happen no matter what since Vince want’s his Raw Champions and in General Raw to win all matches for sure. I don’t see Ronda losing anytime soon anyway. They will milk on her till the last drop is gone and she falls dry and old on the floor.

  6. serena in wwe ROFL, could you imagine how awful she would be to have around, on the court shes breaking rackets, complaining, threatening officials when she losing. she’d just end up being a sable.
    why not bring molly back for some more considering this is the era she should have been in since she can wrestle, carry anyone and speak on the mic so bring molly back to do her some justice.