Thursday, January 20, 2022

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“I Quit” Match Announced for One Night Stand

It looks like Melanie was on to something! Moments ago on RAW, it was announced that Melina and Beth Phoenix will compete in an “I Quit” match this Sunday at One Night Stand. I could be wrong, but wouldn’t this be the first of it’s kind for the Divas? For those unfamiliar with the premise of the match, here’s Wikipedia to the rescue:

An “I Quit” Match is a type of professional wrestling match in which the only way to win is to make the opponent say the words “I quit” (usually into a microphone). Generally, whenever a wrestler knocks down his opponent with a move or inflicts a submission move, he will grab the microphone and ask the opponent to say “I quit,” and the opponent (at least early in the match) will make some kind of retort. “I Quit” matches are commonly used to settle kayfabe grudges and embarrass rivals, since saying “I Quit” is usually a sign of admitted inferiority.

And if may I brag for a moment, I suggested this match to Melanie earlier today. ;) I will now be accepting money via PayPal for psychic readings..

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