Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Ice Ribbon “19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling” #141 Results

Earlier today Ice Ribbon aired their live weekly online show, “19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling”. Here’s what happened:

Three matches today, first up is a 3-minute Exhibition match between Sayaka Obihiro and Fumiko Sato

Sayaka Obihiro vs Fumiko Sato

Start with an exchange of wristlocks and hammerlocks. Obihiro locks in a full Nelson, then a snapmare into a bodyscissors. Sato escapes and hits some hard left hands, goes for a suplex but Obihiro counters into a suplex of her own. Obihiro throws Sato into the turnbuckle, hits a dropkick, then applies a Boston Crab and Sato taps. The pair brawl for a bit then roll and counter-roll each other up, as the bell rings for time.

Winner: Sayaka Obihiro

Up next is today’s host and current IW19 Champion Hamuko Hoshi up against Kumiko Kamata, in another 3-minute match.

Hamuko Hoshi vs Kumiko Kamata

The pair lock up hands. Hoshi bridges Kamata and jumps on top to apply pressure. She lets go and does a Camel Clutch variant on Kamata. Kamata escapes and the two exchange fists. Drop toe hold from Kamata, into a bridging revese chinlock. Kamata then goes for a suplex but Hoshi counters with a bodyslam, and locks in a Boston Crab, but the bell rings for time before any falls are made.

Result: Time limit draw

Finally we have tag team action, as Ice Ribbon’s youngest veterans and reigning International Ribbon Tag Team Champions Tsukushi and Kurumi take on the rookie team of Shoko Hotta and Risa Sera.

Tsukushi & Kurumi vs Risa Sera & Shoko Hotta

Hotta and Kurumi start off with a collar and elbow tie up. Hotta gets Kurumi on the ropes and hits some hard right hands. Kurumi tries to bodyslam Hotta but Hotta rolls her up for a two count, snapmares Kurumi then tags in Sera. Kurumi hits the bodyslam on Sera this time, and another one for good measure. Kurumi locks in that ever-present Boston Crab, but Sera reaches the rope. Kurumi goes for another bodyslam, but Sera counters with a rollup for a one count, then hits a backdrop for two. Sera tags in to Hotta, who hits rapid forearms to Kurumi’s chest. Kurumi escapes, Tsukushi interferes and crossbodies Hotta, then Kurumi hits a shining wizard for a two count. Tsukushi and Kurumi take turns to barge into Hotta in the corner. Tsukushi gets tagged in, and drives Hotta’s head into three of the turnbuckles, before Hotta reverses and does the same. Tsukushi and Kurumi then both get an arm of Hotta and pull as hard as they can, then take in turns stepping on Hotta’s back. Snapmare from Tsukushi, Hotta cartwheels out and armdrags Tsukushi. Hotta goes for her armbar finisher while Sera and Kurumi brawl outside the ring. Hotta gets the other arm locked in too, but Tsukushi reaches the rope with her leg. Sera is tagged in, and she and Tsukushi trade forearms. Body slam from Sera for a two count. All four wrestlers are now in the ring, as Sera and Hotta attempt some double team offense. Sera hits a fireman’s carry powerslam (yes, an AA) on Tsukushi for a two-count and chaos ensues Tsukushi and Kurumi hit a standing senton then a double stomp to Sera. Tsukushi traps Sera in the ropes and hits a dropkick, then another in the turnbuckle for a two-count. Kurumi picks up Tsukushi and throws her down onto the midsection of Sera. Tsukushi gets Sera into a Camel Clutch while Kurumi uses a modified chinlock on Hotta, both in the middle of the ring. Sera taps.

Winners: Tsukushi and Kurumi

That’s it for this week! Remember, if you want to watch 19 Pro yourself, it airs live here every Friday at 7PM in Japan (so 10AM in the UK, and four or five hours earlier in the US), with replays available immediately afterwards for the rest of the week.

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