Impact 03/22/18: A new threat


In her first title defense as the new Knockouts Champion, Allie defends the Knockouts Championship against Sienna on this week’s Impact Wrestling!

But first, Sami Callihan looks to take a personal jab in his feud with Eddie Edwards. Because breaking a man’s orbital bone with a baseball bat wasn’t enough! Callihan takes it upon himself to stalk Eddie’s wife Alisha Edwards (hey, welcome back Alisha!) as she checks in a hotel!

Naturally, her considered husband Eddie is on the hunt when he becomes aware of Callihan’s action. As Eddie begins to race to his wife, Callihan is seen manipulating a hotel employee to open the hotel room where Alisha is in. Run Alisha, run!

We move on to our Knockouts Championship match:

Allie starts things off by saluting the crowd but when she turns around, she gets taken down by a running boot from Sienna. The bell rings and Sienna lays forearms to the Champ. Sienna follows up by taking Allie to a corner to land kicks to the midsection. Allie dodges a charging attack and lands one of her own.

Allie runs from a corner to land two sliding elbows but gets booted at the third attempt. A fallaway slam earns Sienna a two count. Back at a corner, Sienna stands over Allie and chokes her with the boot before hoisting the Champ over her shoulders.

Allie counters out of Sienna’s grasp with a Back Stabber and blocks forearms to land some of her own. A running dropkick to middle turnbuckle and Codebreaker takes Sienna down but the challenger still manages to kick out at two.

A fired-up Allie goes for a Super Kick but Sienna blocks it and takes Allie down with a hard discus clothesline! One, two… and Allie gets the shoulder up to stay alive! Sienna scopes Allie up once more, setting up for the AK-47 but Allie slips from behind and brings Sienna down with a Super Kick that earns her the three count and win. Long live Bunny Power!

As Allie celebrates her win, Braxton Sutter makes his way to Impact Zone. Mic in hand, Sutter meets Allie in the middle of the ring to address the distance that has separated the once happy couple. He says that he is trying to reevaluate things in life.

He says that the most important thing he sees when he closes his eyes at night is Laurel… AHEM, he meant Allie!

He praises Allie for being a Champion and declares his love through a proposal. Allie shakes her head no but from behind the debuting Undead Bride in Su Yung emerges and attacks Allie. She lays Allie out by dropping her on her head, much to Sutter’s amusement, and the new pair slowly head to the back.

In an update on our Edwards hotel scare saga, Eddie runs a flight of stairs and makes it to his wife’s hotel room. He finds her asleep under heavy covers and asks if she is okay. Confused, Alisha assures that she is okay and is freaked out by Eddie’s frantic state of mind.

He leaves and bumps into a bulky hotel employee… who is actually Callihan in a (bad) disguise! They brawl until Alisha reenters in the picture to say that she has called the police.

Thoughts: As I’ve said last week, and pretty much most times when Impact hands out these random Knockouts title shots, there is no real “shock value” that comes from them. Still, I will say that this was a nice little match between Allie and Sienna. The match wasn’t perfect and had some hiccups but, for the most part, it was short and sweet, with the real story being Su Yung’s debut!

I still stand by my belief that Impact really dropped the ball in capitalizing Allie’s babyface peak after the Laurel/Braxton wedding segment but it’s cool to see that even a year later, fans love Allie! It always sucks when we see Impact lose stars (thanks for all the memories on Impact EC3!!!) but seeing any name debut on Impact at least sends the message that there are talents out there interested in joining the roster. Lucky for us Knockouts fans, that latest name is Su Yung. It truly is a new era for the KOs.

Yung is certainly one of the more “well known” names to join the Knockouts division compared some of the previous ranks and has her Undead Bride gimmick coming in. With Redemption coming up next month, it’ll be nice to see how things play out for Allie Yung, who will make her Impact Wrestling in-ring debut next week!

The Edwards/Callihan was something different for Impact. Of course, Callihan also appears on Lucha Underground, which in itself has the telenovela vibe to their shows and that’s the vibe I got through these segments… minus the temple mythology.

Now I’m not going to lie, I honestly forgot that Alisha was even on the Impact roster! It’s just been that long since we’ve seen her. Sadly, she is still being portrayed simply as “Eddie’s wife” but hey, at least we’re seeing more of her again.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Are you excited to see Su Yung join the Knockouts division? What did you think of the Edwards/Callihan segments? Let us know in the comments below!