Impact 04/12/18: One last dance


We are just a little over two weeks from Impact Wrestling’s upcoming PPV Redemption! As it was announced earlier this week, our Knockouts Title match for the event will see Allie defend the gold against Impact’s newcomer Su Yung.

This week, neither Knockout make an appearance to even hype up the match (boo….) but we are treated to an all-out Demon’s Dance (No DQ) match pitting rivals Rosemary and Taya against one another as this week’s main event!

But first, Sonja Dutt takes us down memory lane to when Rosemary captured the Knockouts Championship in a Six Sides of Steel match against Jade. So… we’re just trying to kill more time with Alberto El Patron now gone before Redemption?

Speaking of Redemption, Alisha Edwards helps set up a Six Man Tag for the PPV. It all started when Sami Callihan threw away his match against Moose via disqualification after hitting the latter with his now signature bat.

Cahli’s oVe crew run down to the ring and apply the numbers game onto Moose which brings out a vengeful Eddie Edwards. He goes after Cahli and fights off the Crist brothers but the small distraction but gives a chance for Cahli to come back with a beatdown

Alisha Edwards runs down and shields her husband. ALISHA! She asks the trio to stop this beatdown attack against her husband but finds herself in a sticky situation when Chali corners her. Suddenly the lights go off and when they come back on Tommy Dreamer takes Alisha’s place to make the save. He then proceeds to grab a mic to recruit Moose and Eddie as soldiers to challenge the oVe stable to a House of Hardcore Match at Redemption.

Moving on to this week’s main event:

The bell sounds off and the Knockouts start off trading blows but it doesn’t take long for the action to spill to the outside. The battle makes its way to the entrance ramp where Taya tries to Rosemary up for the Road to Valhalla but the Rosemary fights through it.

Rosemary lands chops to Taya and looks for Red Wedding from the top of the ramp but Taya escapes. The stalemate causes for the Knockouts to meet back at ringside where Taya lifts Rosemary and drops her on top of the guardrail, inflicting damage to the midsection.

As Rosemary tries to catch her breath, Taya pulls numerous steel chairs from under the ring to place them at the center of the ring. Taya takes one of the chairs and places it between the middle and top rope at a corner. With Rosemary back in the ring, Taya whips her to the said corner but Rosemary halts to avoid any collision.

Taya stomps Rosemary to the opposite corner and takes her down with a running back elbow. She proceeds to grab a chair, placing it over Rosemary and delivers the running double knees! Taya takes more chairs and starts targetting Rosemary’s right leg.

Taya tries to use the chairs to her advantage again but Rosemary counters with a high kick to the back and slingblade onto the chair. Rosemary slides under the ropes and to the outside to introduce a ladder to the match by placing it at a corner. Taya reverses an Irish Whip but Rosemary springboards off the ladder to counter with an elevated forearm.
Rosemary tries to follow up with a suplex but Taya counters with one of her own that earns her a two count.

When the Knockouts get back to their feet, Rosemary manages to toss Taya’s back first to the ladder. With Taya down, Rosemary takes a moment to bring in a table to the match and sets it up near the center of the ring. Rosemary turns her attention back to Taya and charges after her but collides with the chair placed from earlier in the match. Taya gets a near fall.

Taya places Rosemary onto the table and climbs the turnbuckle but Rosemary lands a kick to slow her down. The Knockouts begin to fight for control but things come to an end when Rosemary lands a top rope Piledriver through the table!

Thoughts: Whenever the Knockouts are given a chance to compete in stipulated style matches, they make the most of it and this one was no different.

The match started out slow but picked up speed as more weapons and spots were brought in. The Impact Zone crowd, for the most part, are usually lukewarm to what is presented in front of them, which can take away from the match. This week, they were fully behind Rosemary. Being that Rosemary was the one to throw down the gauntlet after a string of losses and is no stranger to these kind of matches, it was a relief seeing her come out on top again. Props to Taya for taking the big table spot at the end.

Still, the question remains as to where do the two go from here. As of now, neither Knockout is scheduled to compete at Redemption. Next week’s home go show has already been taped which means unless something was pre-taped or becomes arranged last minute, Taya and Rosemary will be sitting out, which would be a bit disappointing as the fued has started picking up steam again.

If this was the big blow off match, Rosemary will likely find her way back to the Knockouts Title picture at the next set of Impact tapings after this big win. As always, only time will tell!

What did you think of this week’s Imapct? Would you like to see Rosemary and Taya compete at Redemption? What would you like to see happen at the next set of Impact tapings? Let us know in the comments below!