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Impact 04/26/18: Unleash your inner Demon

Hola Knockouts and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! It’s the Redemption fallout show and after scoring a win over Kiera Hogan at Sunday’s event, Impact has awarded Taya Valkyrie with a shot at the Knockouts Championship, which Allie successfully defended against Su Yung at the same event. Will the newest addition to the Knockout roster Tessa Blanchard make an appearance? Let’s find out!

For those of you who may have missed it, Eddie Edwards and his teammates Moose and Tommy Dreamer conquered the team of Sami Callihan and oVe at Redemption. Unfortunately for Edwards, his rage towards Callihan ran so deep that during his bloody attack on the latter, he accidentally struck his wife Alisha Edwards, thus sending her to the hospital.

Instead of being by his wife’s hospital bed, Eddie arrives at the Impact Zone and runs into Tommy Dreamer, who is sporting a Lucha Underground T-Shirt? Oh… could the Temple get a bit of a Hardcore touch for Season Four? Dreamer tries to talk some sense into Eddie but Eddie isn’t here for it. He shoves off Dreamer’s advice and continues his hunt towards oVe.

Eddie arrives at the Impact Zone and proudly takes credit for putting Callihan in the hospital. Despite this, Eddie’s job isn’t done – he still needs to send oVe to the hospital! He calls them to the ring, going as far as threatening to their wives in the hospital? What the hell is going on with Eddie!?

The oVe Crist brother duo run down to the ring but Eddie immediately cleans house. Edwards pulls a kendo stick from under the ring when suddenly a ghastly video and music plays in the Impact Zone. We see a Callihan roll his way in a wheelchair to Alisha Edward’s hospital room. He carries flowers and balloons and says he just wants to “talk” to Alisha. Eddie leaves oVe in the ring and dips out!

Later in the show, Eddie makes his way to his wife’s hospital bedside and asks where Callihan is. Alisha explains that he just wanted to talk which upsets Eddie even more. He questions Alisha as to why she would talk to him but Alisha slaps back questioning why her husband would leave her there? OKAY!

Eddie leaves his wife’s bedside (AGAIN) to hunt Callihan down to lay another beatdown. The man is already in the hospital Eddie! The madman tries to use a pillow to suffocate Callihan but doctors pull him apart.

And now our Knockouts Championship match:

Loving the bunny ears Allie but don’t let them distract you! Taya cuts Allie off in the middle of her entrance and decks her with a clothesline. Taya grabs a handful of Allie’s hair and tosses her across the ring to lay boots to the head. The champion suffers chops to chest from a corner but quickly responds some of her own.

Allie shoves Taya headfirst to the middle turnbuckle but misses a running dropkick. Taya sends Allie to the ropes and tries to go for a kick of her own but the champion sidesteps to avoid it. Allie begins to build momentum with a series of clotheslines and side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count.

The Knockouts get to their feet and Taya uses her strength to bring Allie down with a side suplex and scoops Allie to set her up for the Road to Valhalla. Allie fights out and puts Taya away with a Best Superkick Ever and Codebreaker combination.

The celebration gets cut short when a train of Undead Brides make their way to the ring with a coffin! The lights go off just as Allie approaches the mysterious coffin and when the lights come back on, Su Yung is in the ring! She strikes Allie with a high knee and takes her down with a draping pedigree from the second rope!

As Yung begins to drag Allie towards the coffin the lights go out again! When they come back on, the returning Rosemary is in the ring face to face with the Undead Bride. Before any punches can be thrown, the lights go out one final time and this time when they come back on, Yung has vanished. Rosemary checks in with her Demon Bunny partner to close out this week’s Knockouts segment.

Impact Wrestling would go on to also announce two Knockouts matches for next week where Rosemary will meet Su Yung once again and we’ll see a Redemption rematch between Taya and Kiera Hogan:

Thoughts: The show after any live PPV is always a reset mode for Impact.

On one side, we were treated to what was essentially a title rematch between Allie and Taya from Impact’s co-event show with Lucha Underground show from earlier this month. This isn’t exactly anything new per se and I wish that the Knockouts were given more than five minutes for match. I’m not sure why Impact cuts down on time when they seem to have some to spare whenever they air throwback matches throughout the show… but that’s another story!

At the very least, Impact tried to take away the random free handout feeling to the match by falling back on Taya’s Redemption win and it’s another title defense Allie can claim. Let’s hope next week’s Redemption rematch between Taya and Kiera Hogan gets a reasonable amount of time.

With Tessa Blanchard now on Impact, I’m a bit surprised she didn’t make any appearances, in the ring or backstage, during the this fallout show. Personally, I found her commentary during Redemption a bit distracting but a fresh face like Blanchard is someone who I would think Impact would want to formally introduce as soon as possible but time will tell.

Of course the more talked about and exciting part of the night was the aftermath of the Knockouts title match. You knew this feud between Su Yung and Rosemary was bound to happen and I really enjoyed the set up for it! Rosemsry return was so great and what better way than by making the save to her Bunny pal Allie and promoting their Demon Bunny brand!

I was always unsure how Rosemary would do as babyface with her gimmick but she’s been killing at and I think a feud with the likes of Su Yung will do wonders for both.

The Sami Callihan/Alisha/Eddie Edwards storyline is an interesting one for me. While Alisha still seems to just serve as a way to further Eddie’s darker character, it’s different compared to last year around this time when the husband and wife team were feuding with their former friends in Angelina Love and David Richards. Now we’re seeing Eddie fighting with himself, his wife and his enemies. I’m invested in this storyline and curious to see how the rest will play in the weeks ahead.

What did you think of this week’s Impact? Are you enjoying the Edwards/Callihan storyline? Are you looking forward to next week’s show? Let us know in the comments below!

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