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IMPACT! 2021 Slammiversary: Preview & Predictions


Alright Knockout fans, we’ve made it to Slammiversary.

IMPACT! currently has three matches involving the Knockouts planned for the event. The matches are as follows:

Pre-Show – Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Fire ‘N Flava (c) vs. Havok & Rosemary

Mixed Tag Team Match

Tenille Dashwood & Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona and TBA

Knockouts Championship

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. TBA – Mystery Opponent

Fire ‘N Flava (c) vs. Havok & Rosemary for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships

After spending some time trying to best each other to get to the Knockouts Championship, Havok and Rosemary realized that they may be better off together. Havok consistently having the back of Rosemary has led to this partnership forming and has made Rosemary now wanting Havok to fully commit and join Decay.

Fire ‘N Flava has been against their opponents getting a title shot feeling they haven’t earned it. Since then, Rosemary & Havok have had a chance to prove they are on the same page and defeated Kimber Lee and Su Yung to become the number one contenders. This match was recently moved to the pre-show.

Havok holds a singles victory over Tasha Steelz heading into this match and Rosemary defeated Kiera Hogan in June.


Nick: This one I can see go either way and now that it has been moved to the pre-show it makes me doubt that Havok & Rosemary will win. However, I feel as though the push and focus have been more on Havok & Rosemary over Fire ‘N Flava so I will still be with them as the winners and new champions.

John: Huge mark for Rosemary and she and Havock make a great team. Fire ‘N Flava has been good champions but it is time to take the titles to the dark side. Rosemary and Havok as new champions

Tenille Dashwood & Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona & TBA

This match certainly was a last-minute surprise. On this past week’s IMPACT, Dashwood said hello to her real-life ex- Matt Cardona, and not in the nicest way. After hitting a low blow on Cardona, Dashwood was revealed to be the person that Brian Myers needed to help take down his former lifelong friend. Although this was a random booking, it doesn’t even need a build up due to the history of the three involved.

What is the wildcard here is who will Cardona pick as his partner? Since this match was announced, Cardona has spent a lot of time on Twitter saying who his opponent will NOT be. Most recently confirming that it will indeed not be Vickie Guerrero.


Nick: With Chelsea Green showing up to ROH and announcing that she still has about a month left of rehabbing her arm, her being her real-life fiance’s partner seems less likely. That is unless she is playing it up and she really is ready to get back in the ring. I am guessing that Taylor Wilde will return as Cardona’s mystery partner based on her friction with Tenille prior to her time off TV. I have Cardona and whoever his partner is winning.

John: If it’s not Chelsea Green what are we even doing here? I fully expect to see the ‘Hot Mess’ return to IMPACT alongside Cardona to take out Dashwood and Brian Myers.

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Mystery Opponent – Knockouts Championship

This match has the most buzz surrounding it and Purrazzo has done a wonderful job building up the match essentially by herself. She has had the help of Gail Kim and Scott D’Amore to punch home the excitement, but without someone across the ring from her yet, she has had to do all the work.

Gail has told her to get prepared for the fight of her life and that this match will not only change our world but Deonna’s as well. Those words alone make it sound like her opponent is going to be tough to beat. Purrazzo has gone through the entire Knockouts Division (other than Taylor Wilde) and since Slammiversary last year she is a two-time champion and seems to be unstoppable.

D’Amore has continued to tease recent WWE releases as being possible opponents for Purrazzo, but only when the bell is about to ring will we truly find out.


Nick: Deonna will retain. Regardless of the opponent, Deonna will, and for a few reasons. One, because of her future bookings which require her to still be a champion, and two I feel they will have her surpass the longest reign held by Taya Valkyrie. Now, this doesn’t take away from a great match that we hopefully are about to watch. Chelsea was my go-to choice, but as already mentioned that seems less likely now. Mickie James makes the most logical choice here. The rumor is it will not be someone currently on the Knockouts Roster.

John: Deonna is easily the best Knockouts Champion in years and as Nick says will retain. For the mystery opponent, I’m hoping for someone way out of left field like Jazzy Gabert, Serena Deeb or even NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille accompanied by Mickie James.

Along with Mickie and Chelsea, Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay, formerly known as The IIconics, are two more women who many are hoping to see at this event.

What are your picks for these Knockouts matches at Slammiversary? Comment below and check back in with Diva Dirt later today to join the Slammiversary Discussion Post.