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Impact Spoilers for Thursday Night: November 5th, 2009

Spoilers for this week’s Impact are now out, courtesy of our TNA tapings correspondent Camden! The show airs November 5th on Spike. Click the ‘+’ to read:

Impact - November 5th, 2009
Taylor Wilde vs Madison Rayne
Seemed to be less than a 2 minute match. Taylor rolled Madison up for the win.
Winner – Taylor Wilde

Velvet and LVE came out and attacked her with a pink night stick that says “Lacey’s ugly stick”. ODB and Sarita came out for the save.

Tara vs Hamada
Winner – Tara

Kong came out down the ramp to go after Tara but security stopped her. Tara then ran after her and attacked her instead.

(Not sure if this is for next week or was a dark match):
TBP & Kong vs ODB, Sarita, Taylor, & Tara
Winners – TBP & Kong when Kong pinned Taylor

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Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
I guess they’re keeping the Saritaylor/TBP feud from last month going, but adding in ODB to balance out the addition of Lacey. It seems like a waste of the Knockouts Championship, but what else is she going to do? Tara and Kong are busy with each other, and there doesn’t seem to be a real contender for the title. That’s quite a team, though–Knockouts Champ paired with the Tag Team Champs.

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