Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: December 14th, 2017


Tonight on Impact Wrestling, a new Knockouts Champion will be crowned when Rosemary takes on Laurel Van Ness compete for the vacated Knockouts Championship.

Read’s preview to tonight’s show below:

“The Knockouts Championship holds so much prestige and honor we can’t wait to see who earns the victory on Thursday night. Rosemary outlasted both Sienna and Allie to advance to the Finals, something that doesn’t sit to well with either Knockout, as Sienna continues to complain that the title should have just been given to her and now Allie has found a new confidence after she received a pep talk from Gail Kim and we will have an update on both Allie and Sienna tomorrow right here on IMPACTWrestling.Com.

For now the focus is with Rosemary and Laurel Van Ness. Could these two be any more different from each other? Rosemary lives in the rafters, she is calculating and systematic. Rosemary watches everything and every move she makes is well crafted and thought out. On the other hand, you have Laurel Van Ness who is one of the most erratic Knockouts to ever compete in the Knockouts Division. Laurel has been called “out of her mind” and “a lost soul” but when Laurel is on her game, she can be dangerous. Laurel is athletic and when she gets out of her own head, she can defeat any of the Knockouts on the roster.

This match will feature two of the best and two Knockouts that represent the future of this division. While Gail Kim has told Allie that this is ‘her time’ there are many Knockouts that would like to think it is their time. Laurel Van Ness and Rosemary are two of those Knockouts. History is made Thursday night when we crown a new Knockouts Champion and it all started when Gail relinquished the title.”

This week’s show will also feature a Knockouts number one contender match featuring Allie, KC Spinelli, Madison Rayne and Sienna:

This Thursday night, four Knockouts who competed in the Knockouts Championship Tournament will face off in a one fall to a finish match that will determine a new Number 1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship. While we wait to see who leaves with the title between Rosemary vs. Laurel Van Ness this Thursday, we will also know who will be the first to challenge for the title.

How does Sienna feel about this match? Remember the former Knockouts Champion was against the tournament to begin with and since she didn’t advance to the Finals, Sienna has to compete in this 4-Way match to earn a chance at becoming Number 1 Contender for the Title. Sienna will be in the ring with Madison Rayne, Allie and KC Spinelli. What will happen in this 4-Way Knockouts Number 1 Contenders Match?

We know that earning a victory will be difficult with 3 other Knockouts trying to prevent you from gaining a victory. It will be chaotic to say the least when these four lethal Knockouts compete and the fact that the winner leaves as Number 1 Contender makes this match even more interesting and the stakes even higher.

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