Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: June 14th, 2018


Tonight on Impact Wrestling, Tessa Blanchard takes on Kiera Hogan in a NO DQ match, this one week after the two Knockouts were part of a backstage brawl.

Read’s preview of tonight’s match below:

Tessa Blanchard vs. Kiera Hogan is a match we anticipate taking place over and over again for the next several years in IMPACT Wrestling. Both Knockouts are just getting started in their careers and both seem content with battling each other in order to get to the top.

Now if you ask Tessa Blanchard if she is worried about Kiera Hogan, Tessa would most likely laugh and walk away. If you ask Kiera Hogan if she is intimidated by Tessa Blanchard you might get an honest answer. That is the difference between these two Knockouts.

Tessa has blind confidence and feels she is undeniable. Tessa truly feels she is the best thing going in all of women’s wrestling and she might be right. We did see the 3rd Generation Knockout suffer a defeat at the hands of Madison Rayne and perhaps Tessa got caught being over confident. Will that happen again? Will Tessa take another opponent lightly? We doubt it.

Tessa is constantly learning and she wants to be in the spotlight, in order to be in that spotlight, you have to win. The spotlight can quickly fade away and shine on someone else and Tessa doesn’t want that, Tessa wants the lights on bright, on her… at all times.

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling when Tessa Blanchard and Kiera Hogan go one on one it will be No Disqualifications. Anything goes. That favors Tessa Blanchard as we feel she is capable of anything. However, we can never count out the “Girl on Fire” and Kiera Hogan has matched intensity with Tessa since their rivalry started.

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