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Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: June 7th, 2018

Tonight on Impact Wrestling’s Under Pressure fall out show, Madison Rayne reflects on her Impact career.

Read‘s preview of tonight’s show below:

What brought Madison Rayne back to IMPACT Wrestling in 2018? The 5x Knockouts Champion signed an Announcers contract, to call the action. To provide a soundtrack for the Knockouts matches during IMPACT Wrestling and our syndicated television show, Xplosion. However, that quickly changed thanks to Tessa Blanchard.

Tessa was taking advantage of Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne couldn’t sit by and watch, the Columbus, Ohio native got involved and things quickly changed. As a result, Madison’s deal is now as a Knockout and the match versus Tessa was highly anticipated. The match could have gone either way, it was a razor thin decision with Madison using a rollup to secure the pin. With a victory over Tessa what will happen next?

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Madison Rayne will sit down and talk about her career, her 5 Knockouts Championship victories, her daughter and more. This is a very emotional time for the former member of the Beautiful People and she is perhaps eyeing a 6th Knockouts Championship.

Impact will also take a glimpse of the newly crowned Knockouts Champion Su Yung:

Su Yung is the Knockouts Champion and the Undead Bride and the talk of all things Knockouts in IMPACT Wrestling. Su is dangerous, lethal and violent and now that she is Knockouts Champion, can anyone stop Su? Does she have a weakness? Can she be vulnerable and if so, can she be defeated?

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling we will get a glimpse of what drives Su Yung. Not since Rosemary have we seen a Knockout like Su Yung and we hope to learn more about the Undead Bride tonight on an all new IMPACT Wrestling.

For now, check out who Su Yung was able to become Knockouts Champion on IMPACT Wrestling.

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