Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: March 1st, 2018


Tonight on Impact Wrestling, the bad blood bewteen Rosemary and Hania continues as the two Knockouts go one-on-one.

Read‘s preview of tonight’s show below:

When Hania made her debut on IMPACT Wrestling, she did so in a major way, targeting one of the most feared Knockouts in IMPACT history. Hania went after Rosemary and now has the attention of the Demon Assassin. Tonight on IMPACT these two Knockouts go one on one in a match that has been building for quite some time.

What will happen? Who will earn a victory? Will that victory catapult either competitor to a future Knockouts Championship match? These are all questions that will be answered tonight, however it seems that this rivalry is deeper. Hania wants to prove she is the top Knockout and by going after Rosemary and taking her out, it puts everyone on notice. Who will be the huntress tonight?

One thing is for sure, when the music of Rosemary hits… things change, the environment changes, it gets cold and as her opponent stands across the ring, they know they are in for a battle with not just Rosemary, but the Hivelings as well and that could spell destruction for Hania. Our advice to Hania? Run. Run fast. Watch out for the Upside Down and beware Red Wedding tonight.

Tonight will see a commitment cermoney between Laurel Van Ness and the Knockouts Championship:

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