Impact Wrestling gives early gift to talent


Mike Johnson at revealed a shocking change in how Impact Wrestling will handle ownership of characters. According to Mike,

After digging in their heels on the ownership of the Hardys’ “Broken Universe” for the last year, Impact Wrestling, under Anthem Media, has made a complete about-face on their position when it comes to ownership of characters. has been told by several sources that going forward, all contracted Impact Wrestling talents will be given and retain complete ownership of their intellectual property.

What this means, using EC3 as an example, is that should EC3’s deal expire and he decide not to sign a new contract with the company, he would be able take the rights to his name and all the IP associated with it (mannerisms, moves, catchphrases, etc.) to his next destination, whether that be WWE, Ring of Honor or elsewhere.

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This will surely come as a nice gift to wrestlers that would like to use their Impact characters on other shows. It’s also a boost for independent promoters that are looking to help promote their shows with more familiar TV names.

What are your thoughts on this decision made by Impact Wrestling? Is this is a wise move or should they be more protective of their IP? Sound off in the comments.