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Impact Write-Up (November 3rd, 2016): An offer you can’t refuse

Happy November Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! Can you believe it, we’re already in November and TNA continues to live on! On this week’s Impact, TNA have booked what would be three title defenses.

Unfortunately, the Knockouts title isn’t one of them, which means we are now in week three of the champion Gail Kim being MIA. In fact, this week, we aren’t even treated to a Knockouts match but instead see a confrontation between wrestling wives Brandi Rhodes and Maria Kanellis.

Brandi opens this week’s program (complete with her own theme and video titantron) to give an update on her husband’s condition after being ambushed by Lashley. Brandi thanks the TNA fans for the outpouring support they’ve given to her and Cody. Brandi confesses to some tough decision they’ve had to make as a couple but declares that this is all part of marriage.

She then calls out Lashley, saying that Cody is a fighter! Lashley may have put Cody down but not out; Cody will make a return to Impact Wrestling in the future. Focusing on the present, Brandi begins to outline her plans as TNA newest Knockout but is interrupted by Maria and Sienna.

Maria informs Brandi that in this business, if you don’t have anyone, you’re nothing. With Cody now seemingly out of the picture, Maria offers the lonesome Brandi a chance of joining her Lady Squad alongside Sienna and Laurel Van Ness. Maria explains that though she is a giver, there are times when she is forced to slam the door in front of people’s faces. Case in point: Allie.

Brandi rebuffs Maria’s offer, stating that she is her own woman, with a prestigious name, who doesn’t need Maria’s help whatsoever. This leads to enforcer Sienna to intimidate Brandi, attacking her from behind and eventually laying out the newest TNA Knockout via the AK-47. The Lady Squad stand tall over Brandi.

Thoughts: I would be a liar if I didn’t say that I continue to be disappointed by the Knockouts division. Aside from shortly timed Knockout matches (or none at all), the absent of Gail as champion for this long, dampers the Knockouts championship more so than it already is. The title needs to find its way back to the spotlight with a steady storyline after suffering through multiple hot potato reigns.

Now, I won’t completely put down this week’s show, as I did enjoy Brandi’s little segment. Sure, the wrestling skills need some work but I found this to be a pretty solid exchange between Brandi and Maria; perhaps even Brandi’s best performance in TNA so far. She sounded confident, bounced off well against Maria’s heel persona and was easy to get behind as the newcomer.

As far as another rematch between these two, well it isn’t something I’m exactly excited about seeing again, more so since Cody has basically been written off television and knowing that Maria will walk away from wrestling sometime in the upcoming year. But hey, we’ve made it this far and can only keeping going forward to whatever lies ahead.

Overall, TNA seems to be in rough spot at the moment with the nonstop gloom that surrounds them. Between the public fight between the company and their former investor/President Billy Corgan, losing their UK television deal and the lack of excitement from Knockouts division, it can be hard to get behind the product. I can only hope that as TNA escapes that final nail on the coffin (yet again), the company is able to pick up their legs to, somehow, spring forward.

What did you think of the Brandi/Maria confrontation? Looking forward to another rematch between the two? Do you miss seeing Gail Kim and the Knockouts title? Let us know in the comments below!

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