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Impact Write-Up (April 12th, 2012): Velvet Cheats Defeat, Plus Knockout Tag Champs Tie the Knot!

Hello everyone and welcome to your Friday afternoon recap of Impact Wrestling! It’s been a wild few weeks as of late, with just last week Velvet Sky gaining top contendership by defeating five former Champions in a six pack challenge! This week, she teams up with the woman she pinned, Mickie James, to take on the possibly just as rocky (I’m not even sure where they stand anymore), Madison Rayne and Gail Kim!~ In other news, Knockout Tag Champions get married (something I’m sure you never thought you’d read and I never thought I’d type) as ODB settles down in holy matrimony. Let us get started!

After our weekly dose of Taz’s money shot as the camera pans up Christy Hemme‘s tremendous self, the STILL addicting theme song of Gail Kim hits and out walk both she and Madison Rayne who seem to be on fine terms this week. The two step inside the blue roped ring as Gail poses with her title until the sensational interruption of HARRRDDCCURRRRRR COUNTREEEHHHH! Out skips Mickie James, who looks particularly great tonight, before the music of her partner hits and out steps the pigeon queen, Velvet Sky! Sky makes a title taunt around her waist, before showing her seriousness by keep the pigeons locked in their cages this week.

She poses on the turnbuckle as Taz has a mental breakdown over the lack of pigeons. The bell then sounds as the two Ms of the match start with a lock up. Rayne with a wrist lock, but Mickie cartwheels and tries to fight out. Madison slams her head down into the canvas, as Mickie fights back with a dropkick. Rayne begins to dominate the match as she attacks Mickie. Madison with a knee to the face for a two count, as she tags in Gail. Mickie scores with the flapjack into a kip up, before tagging in Velvet! Gail quickly tags out to Madison, who basically runs right into a roll up attempt for a near fall.

Sky dominates with a few chops, as she kicks Madison in the face and hits a snapmare. Double team move as Mickie James connects with a baseball slide dropkick — only Gail quickly slides in and takes Mickie down as Velvet had the referee distracted inadvertently. Madison tries for a cover, but MJ kicks out. She tags Gail back in, who chokes Mickie on the ropes and then hits a huge clothesline for a two count. Tag back out to Madison, as the two double team Mickie with a running splash. Gail goes for her elastic type move, but Mickie slides out of the way and tags in Velvet!

Sky runs in and takes Gail down by the hair. Clothesline, Elbow, and a Shoulderblock combo follow! She continues with a headscissors takedown into a bulldog, but Madison breaks the pin attempt up. Sky then hits a huge DDT on Rayne, as Gail tries to leave but Mickie slides her back into the ring. Velvet goes for the In Yo Face, but Gail shoves her into the corner and attempts Eat Defeat to no avail. Sky pushes her foot away and proceeds to drill Kim with the In Yo Face for the victory! Hardcore Pigeons celebrate their win, as Gail tries to plan for her title defense this Sunday.

Also, check out the crazy, wacky, sure to be the talk of the town wedding as our favorite beer drinker, ODB, ties the knot with her fellow Tag Team Champion below!

Also, check out the Diva Dirt TV clip about the wedding if you can’t be bothered to watch the full segment!

Thoughts: I thought the tag match was pretty dang solid. All four women have worked with one another so much that they seem to mesh insanely well together. I find it interesting that Velvet pinned Gail before Sunday, because most would probably believe that means Gail is retaining this Sunday, but we’ve seen before that there really is no predicting when it comes to TNA. I think I recall seeing Gail pin Velvet in a tag the Impact before she won the title so anything is possible! It’ll be interesting to see what happens on Sunday, but my loyalties lie with… well, you’ll have to wait for the predictions post to find out!

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