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Impact Write-Up (July 26th, 2012): The Man Known for Screwjobs May Have Just Performed Another

Welcome to another edition of your Impact Write-Up. This week’s might suffer a little in enthusiasm because I’ve overslept and am entering Cranky Vince level territory of rage right now, but I’ll try my best to be the perky person some of you love and some of you hate so much. All right, this week we barely had any Claire which upsets me since I find amusement in everything she does. But we did get a match unlike last week, as Tara and Mickie James face off against Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. No sign of the champion again, though, which is rather aggravating, but there’s nothing we can do about it so I guess let’s get to recapping.

Out to the ring we go to the site of Christy Hemme. She announces the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall, and out walks Madison and Gail Kim. We recap Madison’s crush on Earl Hebner, who is forever ruined because when I see him now I think about a certain tweet he sent out last night. A country themed song hits, as Mickie and Tara skip out from the back. Mike Tenay announces that next week will hold a fatal four way between these four to find a top contender for Brooke’s title. (My thoughts on this later.) The bell sounds as Tara and Gail start off in a pretty even battle. Tara hits an arm drag and tags in Mickie, with the two hitting a nice double team snapmare/dropkick. Mickie applies a wristlock, but Gail leaps off the ropes with an armdrag. Mickie holds on to the wristlock though, and then hits a nice Thesz Press. Madison kicks her in the back, allowing Gail to continue dismantling her. Tag into Madison who hits a nice jawbreaker to the knee and an equally nice clothesline.

Madison sends Mickie into the corner, but James moves out of the way and tags in Tara. The veteran goes wild on Madison with clotheslines, punches, and a sidewalk slam! Kim breaks it up and James tags in Tara. A nice double team roll over into a Boston Crab, as Gail leaps off with a dropkick attempt on both… but James and Tara catch her and lock in a move. Madison eventually breaks it up and Mickie rolls her up. Now this ending makes no sense to me, but so many people said Madison lifted her shoulder up and Mickie’s wasn’t… but that doesn’t happen either because the camera man is right on Mickie James shoulder and it clearly is not on the canvas when Earl counts a three. Mickie’s music hits and then stops and Madison’s hits. Apparently they’ve won in some new way that doesn’t require pin, submission, countout, or disqualification so hooray.

Thoughts: The match was good overall. I enjoyed everyone’s work together and thought they all performed well.The ending was a big pot of mess, though. I’m not sure what happened but whatever was supposed to happen didn’t, because it made no sense whatsoever. Mickie blatantly raises her shoulder up in between the count of two and three… in fact the camera is right on the shoulder so we don’t even have to question it. But somehow she loses? I know life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t seem right to me. I also know Earl Hebner is known for screwjobs (and after last night’s tweet, also a different kind of “job”), but poor Mickie had to feel the effects of this. Oh well, it is what it is and next week they’ll face off in a four way to determine a number one contender. I would honestly choose Tara to win because I feel like a match between her and Brooke is the most interesting of the four options since she is the only one who hasn’t legitimately faced her one on one (I don’t count the playful time they were sticking it to referee Madison). I would also go for Mickie James winning, and even Madison… just not Gail. We need to move on to someone new now. I’m sure TNA will magically remember they have tag titles one day and Gail/Madison will go win them to hold for 10 months with maybe one defense if lucky, but the actual title feud has got to be switched up in my opinion.

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