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Impact Write-Up (November 3rd, 2011): One Step Closer to Knockout Dominance

Welcome everyone to another thrilling edition of the Impact Write-Up. It’s been a fun-filled night of Knockouts action, only this time there wasn’t too much of it spread throughout the show. Tis fine, as to make up for that fact, the gods at TNA have awarded us a Knockouts Tag Team Championship match. The self proclaimed “TNT”, Tara and Brooke Tessmacher, will put their gold on the line against the team I like to call “Karen’s Krusaders” (Don’t judge, the spelling is nothing different than Corre or Kharma) which is made up of the Queen Bee, Madison Rayne, and the recently returned, now with a speaking purpose, Gail Kim! Which duo will emerge victorious? Will the Tag Team Titles change hands? Will Miss Karen be looking as classy and elegant as usual?

Even though we all know the answer to the third question, let’s continue on and find out what happens…

Out first for this contest is Karen’s Krusaders, to some funky new music, might I add. I would like to point out that Christy Hemme‘s introduction seems very biased. Gail Kim gets this little faint intro, and then MAAAADISSSOONN R-HAAYYYYNNNEEE gets all of that? Christy, explain yourself! The camera smartly pans to a shot of the beautiful Miss Karen, looking more and more like a modern day Miss Elizabeth than ever. Gail and Madison walk hand in hand with their boss, as Aunt Traci follows behind, and once again is forced to hold the ropes open for the trio.

The three friendly women pose in the ring, as the sound of someone having something broken (broken-broken-broken) erupts, and out come Tara and Brooke Tessmacher. TNT sport their Wonder Woman finest, and certainly give the original a run for her money. Once the two ladies step into the ring following their sensual entrance, the bell sounds and we are underway. Miss Karen and Aunt Traci step out of the ring, while Brooke and Madison start things with a lock up. Tessmacher takes control with a wrist lock, dragging Madison over and making the tag to Tara.

Tara steps in right where Brooke left off, until Madison reverses the wrist lock into one of her own. Tara flips over with a one armed cartwheel, before tagging back out to Brooke, who takes Madison down with a few nice armdrags into an arm lock. Tara with the quick tag back in, as the two drop Madison with a double team front suplex. Tara removes her top, as Gail steps in and gets all up in Tara’s face. Kick to the stomach by Kim, as she sends Tara off the ropes. Tara with a kick to the shoulder, following it up with a set of clotheslines, as Gail begs for her newfound speaking life!

Tara slams her down, and then sends Gail flying off the ropes. Huge back body drop by the current champion, which sparks Miss Karen to demand Madison tag herself in! Tessmacher makes the tag as well, and drops Madison with a clothesline/fist pound/dropkick combo! Brooke sets Madison up for the Ass-Tastic, but Gail Kim grabs Tessmacher by the hair and tosses her down. This prompts the genius, Miss Karen, to scream for Brooke to get her butt out of Madison’s face! (Remember Brooke, none of that erotic behavior.) Madison tags Gail back in as the challengers now take control.

Gail with a European uppercut, before sending Brooke into the corner and dropping her with a neckbreaker for a two count. Tara gets the crowd behind her coveted partner, as Gail locks in a dragon sleeper! Brooke tries to fight out with a few elbows to the stomach, but Gail slams her down face first and begins screaming at her. I’m not certain, but I believe the words used were: “Listen to me, Tessmacher, I get to actually speak now and I’m doing it in every damn match so deal with it!” Kim poses to the crowd, before tagging Madison Rayne back in. Madison looks to go for her head between the legs multi-slam maneuver, but Brooke fights out of it and makes the tag to Wonder Tara! Tara ducks a clothesline and drills Madison with a few of her own.

Body-slam soon follows, as Tara looks to do for a standing moonsault… only Gail Kim absolutely nails her from behind with a running clothesline. Brooke Tessmacher with a huge spear on Gail, as the two fall outside the ring. Tara, meanwhile, sets up for it… and WIDOW’S PEAK! Miss Karen steps up onto the ring apron, obviously to give the fans in the front row a view of what true class really is, allowing Gail Kim to slide into the ring and drop Tara with the Eat Defeat! She rolls Madison onto Tara… and YES! KAREN’S KRUSADERS WIN THE TAG TEAM TITLES! Miss Karen and Gail jump up and down in celebration, as Aunt Traci looks on in disapproval. Madison joins in the celebration, as the three women show off their new gold!

Thoughts: Really good match tonight for me. I enjoyed all the frequent tags between the two teams because it kept things going and never slowed down. Kinda bummed TNT no longer hold the titles because I liked their chemistry together. (Just wish they would’ve had more tag teams to face.) Gail and Madison should do well with the belts I hope, but I really just want to see more tag teams form so that they have a lot of challengers. Other than TNT, I can’t think of any face teams left on the roster. Nonetheless, some will say that it’s too soon for Gail, but after watching her wrestle on Superstars and get barely any chances at a title, I’m happy she has one again. Madison is also a great character and I personally enjoy her in the ring, so I’m happy that they’re a team. Plus, with the TNA VP involved, you really can’t go wrong!

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