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Impact Write-Up (September 5th, 2013): ODB is on the Hunt

Hey Knockout fans, and welcome to this week’s Write-Up. Last night my all-time fave Mickie James returned to Impact. We saw her and ODB come to blows in the ring, and we also saw Velvet Sky backstage with her real life boyfriend Chris Sabin. I’m trying to wrap my head around what they’re doing with her right now. They obviously want her on TV, but not in the title picture, so they’re pairing her with Chris in an attempt to… what? Are they gonna become an on screen team? Time will tell.

For a short little segment, I actually quite enjoyed it. Althought Velvet did start to sound like a broken record… I am interested to see where they take this though. Maybe Velvet/Chris will take on Brooke/Bully? That’d be a big boost for the Knockouts division, and one is sorely needs.

I was really enjoying Mickie’s segment. I think she’s a star on the mic, and ever since her heel turn she’s just been gold. She pulls off the arrogance while being oblivious to it at the same time, and it’s fabulous. I’m so glad they didn’t take the psycho route with her heel character, because this cocky performer gimmick is refreshing for her. And it’s working, too. I loved her little MJA, too. You’re right, who needs the VMAs when you can just make your own awards? Don’t lie, readers, we’ve all pretended our shampoo bottle was an oscar or a grammy…

Enjoyed the Miley Cyrus shout out, too. Makes Mickie seem so ridiculously in love with herself. Gotta admit though, I wasn’t a fan of Miley at the VMAs. But this isn’t the place for that.

So Mickie is discussing her performances, and how she had the whole shabang ready to put on a killer show in Cleveland, but she changed her mind after seeing how people treated her ‘good friend’ Miley Cyrus. Apparently people just don’t like the way they twerk it. Mickie does think Miley should have called her first though.

Enter ODB, who can’t believe Mickie is talking about Miley. (When did the Impact writers become such Miley marks?)

Mickie and ODB mouth off at one another, and after Mickie’s done telling ODB that she’s isn’t a star, Mickie hits ODB from behind with a cheap shot. She beats down the number one contender, then gloats in her face with the title. But ODB isn’t down yet. She comes back with a huge clothesline, then rips Mickie’s shirt right off, leaving Mickie in a gold wrap around which, to be honest, could easily pass as clothes in this industry so it’s not really that big of a deal anyway. Mickie thinks it is though, and high tails it out of there.

ODB says it won’t be long until Mickie is a former Knockouts champion!

A pretty short showing from the Knockouts this week, but it was nice to get Mickie back on TV. She killed it in her segment, and she’s just getting better and better. Still not so sure how I feel about her and ODB feuding, mainly because I feel like it’s going to be another short lived feud, like Mickie and Gail weeks ago. Given the direction TNA is heading lately, though, I don’t know what to expect so we’ll just have to take it as it comes.

Until next time, Eleri out!

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