Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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In Video: ‘After Total Divas’ for Episode 5 Featuring Special Guest Natalya

The latest episode of Total Divas has gotten the After Total Divas treatment, with hosts Renee Young and Alicia Fox discussing all the drama.

When looking at the drama between Brie and Nikki Bella and their estranged father, Renee can’t help but notice that their brother – unofficially referred to as Brother Bella – is a babe. She wants to know why he hasn’t shown up on WWE TV yet.

The fight between Naomi and Cameron prompts Alicia to recall a spat she had with former Diva Maryse, who she says rarely returned anything that she borrowed.

On Natalya‘s issues with fiance Tyson Kidd‘s family, Alicia thinks she and Tyson’s mom should be locked in a closet to work out their differences, but Renee’s not so sure about that idea. Alicia then proposes a “Tyson on a Pole” match. Interesting visual…

This bring on the episode’s special guest, Natalya, who is reluctant to dish the dirt on her future mother-in-law. She says Tyson’s mom is a very nice person, but is a Stage 5 Clinger.

The “Soundbyte of the Week” for last week’s episode was crowned, and Cameron’s hunt for her missing breast implant took the top spot. The soundbytes competing for the crown this week are Eva Marie‘s “be prepared” bronzing strategy for the gym, seamstress Sandra’s line to Naomi saying that her gear “will be affected by your attitude” and Nikki dubbing Daniel Bryan a wildebeest.

Alicia’s “Love it/Lose it” segment saw her praising Eva Marie’s “smart and sophisticated” bronzing habits, while Natalya’s friend Jared, who revealed his romantic interest in the taken Diva, is given a succinct “buh-bye”.

Watch the latest After Total Divas below:

What’s your “Soundbyte of the Week”?

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