Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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In Video: Kaitlyn, Naomi and Lilian Garcia Go Shark Diving in South Africa

Over a month ago, we heard that the WWE’s Superstars and Divas had a close encounter with some sharks during their South African tour, and now we’re finally seeing it all go down.

In the latest episode of’s Outside the Ring series, we see Divas Kaitlyn, Naomi and Lilian Garcia go on a shark diving excursion, taking a helicopter and a boat out to a certain spot on the coast, where experts drew in the sharks with bait and chum.

Kaitlyn described the experience of looking a shark in the eyes as “the most terrifying thing.” She laments, though, that she didn’t get to punch a shark in the face.

Poor Lilian was one of many to suffer from motion sickness, losing her lunch over the side of the boat. None of that seems to have deterred Kaitlyn, who says she would do it again “a thousand times over.”

Watch the latest episode of Outside the Ring below:

Would you go shark diving?

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