Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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In Video: Kaitlyn Says She Wants to Face Kharma, is Inspired by Beth Phoenix and Natalya

The latest edition of WWE Inbox is entirely dedicated to former Divas Champion Kaitlyn. In the video, she answers a number of questions tweeted to her by fans.

Kaitlyn’s most appetite-whetting answer was in response to which former WWE Diva she would like to face in the ring. Kaitlyn replied:

“I never got a shot to face Kharma. I guess the biggest reason [she wants to face Kharma] is because she really reminds me of Ursula the Sea Witch, just because of her laugh.”

When asked who inspired her to become a Diva, Kaitlyn says that she pulled inspiration from a lot of people, including Beth Phoenix, Natalya and her mother.

Kaitlyn says her favorite movie of all time is American Psycho, but on the lighter end, Anchorman also has a special place in her heart. She also can’t go without mentioning the Hulk Hogan movie No Holds Barred.

Kaitlyn is asked which type of match she would like to face AJ Lee in, and claims that no conflict can’t be solved with a good game of Twister.

She also talks about her dream of owning a unicorn, her favorite Simpsons episode and channeling her inner Goldberg. Watch WWE Inbox below:

Do you want to see Kaitlyn vs. Kharma?

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