Jillian Hall responds to backlash on past relationship with WWE doctor


Last week, a report from Deadspin detailed court documents that revealed WWE physician Chris Amann (who lost a defamation lawsuit against former WWE Superstar CM Punk) was involved in a romantic relationship with former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall while under his care – which goes against doctors’ codes of ethics.

Since the report surfaced, it appears that Hall had been receiving some backlash from fans and she has taken to Instagram to address the “slut shaming” that has come her way. She posted and wrote the following:

I’m going to get really serious for a minute.. as much as I hate using the word “slut” in any capacity, this post is very necessary right now! The past several days I’ve received messages, emails, and read some comments that have completely slut shamed me due to information coming out about a prior relationship I was in. Maybe read that last line again! It contains the word “relationship.” To those of you that have decided this makes me a bad person, a girl that was trying to get ahead in my life and career, someone that uses people or just a plain “slut,” you are the problem with this world! Not really wanting to bring up specifics, but am I really the bad guy here?? I did absolutely nothing wrong myself. If the other party involved did in your eyes or the law’s eyes (and that’s hypothetical), why am I the one that is being pretty much bullied by some of you? Do you not see what your words can do to people? This is me being real, some of your accusations towards me have given me elevated anxiety, made me feel depressed, and really hurt my feelings. Stop the slut shaming! Think about it, and if you have harsh words or opinions about the situation that you weren’t even involved in, direct them where they deserve to be directed… it’s not towards me!”

What are your thoughts this news?