Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Jim Ross Feels Lita Could “Help” Business by Returning

WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, commented on his blog that he feels Lita could “help the biz” (presumably WWE) by returning to the ring, or training future stars in WWE’s developmental territory.

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Ross met with Lita — real name Amy Dumas — this past Monday when Raw was in the former Women’s Champion’s hometown of Atlanta. Of the visit, he says:

Good seeing Amy Dumas in Atlanta. She’s staying busy but was smart w/ her money and owns property in Atlanta and Nicaguara. Still looks great and has a wonderful spirit. A true pleasure to be around.

‘Lita’ likely can help the biz in many ways including, perhaps, a short term run as Lita but could certainly help greatly in WWE developmental.

Lita has been retired from WWE for five years this month. Since, she has made just two cameo appearances on WWE television, once in 2007 with Trish Stratus and last year in a segment with Pee-Wee Herman.

Thoughts: I think enough time has passed for Lita to perhaps come back and have one more match. The fans are certainly jonesing for it. Though she left WWE as a heel following the Matt Hardy/Edge saga, that seems to be water under the bridge and I think WWE fans would genuinely be excited to see her back judging by the pops she received in her last two appearances. I think there’d be a genuine interest and money to be made in a Lita return.

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