Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Jim Ross on Eva Marie/JoJo Push: NXT Divas “Should Feel Relieved”

Diva fans have been vocal in their criticism of the decision to have Eva Marie and JoJo make their televised in-ring debuts on Monday’s Raw.

Former WWE commentator and Hall of Famer Jim Ross was asked about this, specifically in connection to the Divas who have been training for years down in NXT.

JR responded, “I don’t feel badly at all. The NXT Divas will get their chance in due time and should feel relieved that they are not coming to WWE with zero build up as the E Total Divas show did for Eva Marie and JoJo.”

Ross makes a good point: part of the reason Diva fans aren’t enthusiastic about Eva Marie and JoJo are their lack of refinement as Divas. There’s no hiding their weaknesses on live television. Meanwhile, those down in NXT will have a better shot at making a positive and lasting first impression.

Do you agree with JR’s sentiments?

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