Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Jim Ross Says Lita Seems Open to “Doing More” in WWE, Correction on Her Arrest

WWE Hall of Famer and Slammy Award winner Jim Ross (congrats, JR, but never rap again, please!) commented on Amy Dumas aka Lita‘s return to WWE last night at the Slammys, and also offered a correction her recent arrest.

Ross wrote on Twitter that he assumes Dumas’ appearance was a one off, but the four-time Women’s Champion seems open to doing more in the company.

Ross also posted a correction on Dumas’ arrest in Georgia over the weekend: “[By the way] her recent traffic arrest was speeding. License wasn’t suspended. Computer glitch.”

Read JR’s tweet below:

Thoughts: Open for interpretation what JR means by “doing more”. It could mean more appearances down the line, or perhaps a return to the ring. (Hopefully the latter.) Either way, Lita got a good reaction last night, trended on Twitter (very important in WWE these days) and doesn’t look like she’s aged at all. Hopefully this was a “testing of the waters” and could lead to something more substantial.

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