Saturday, September 25, 2021

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JoshiMania is Upon Us! Full Line-Up for the Weekend Including Diva Dirt Legacy Award Presentation

The wait is over! JoshiMania finally begins tonight and will continue over the weekend in a three-day extravaganza presented by CHIKARA.

Tonight, JoshiMania kicks off in Philadelphia, PA, headlined by Sara Del Rey vs Aja Kong. Tonight will also see the Diva Dirt Legacy Award presentation for Manami Toyota live in the ring.

Tomorrow, the tour moves to Everett, MA, and this time Aja Kong faces Ayako Hamada in the main event.

Finally, JoshiMania will climax in Manhattan, NY on Sunday with Del Rey vs Hamada as the main event.

Full cards below:

December 2nd | The Asylum Arena (Philadelphia, PA)
* Sara Del Rey vs Aja Kong
* Fire Ant & Solider Ant vs F.I.S.T.
* Manami Toyota vs Toshi Uematsu
* Ayako Hamada & Cherry vs Mayumi Ozaki & Mio Shirai
* Team JWP vs Peck & Ice Creams
* Gami vs Sawako Shimono.
*Green Ant vs Tim Donst

December 3rd | Rec Center (Everett, MA)
* Aja Kong vs Ayako Hamada
* Sara Del Rey vs Tsubasa Kuragaki
* Mio Shirai vs Mayumi Ozaki
* Manami Toyota, Mike Quackenbush & The Colony vs Portia Perez & F.I.S.T.
* Kaori Yoneyama vs Hanako Nakamori
* Gregory Iron vs Ophidian
* Gami & Toshie Uematsu vs Sawako Shimono & Cherry

December 4th | Highline Ballroom (Manhattan, NY)
* Sara Del Rey vs Ayako Hamada
* Manami Toyota, Sawako Shimono & Hanoko Nakamori vs Aja Kong, Mio Shirai & Tsubasa Kuragaki
* Kaori Yoneyama vs Mayumi Ozaki
* Cherry & The Colony vs Toshi Uematsu & The Batiri
* UltraMantis Black vs Brodie Lee
* Gami vs Portia Perez
* The Throwbacks vs Los Ice Creams

Tickets and information here.

Check out the following video preview for JoshiMania which was just released:

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