Monday, September 20, 2021

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JoshiMania Night 3 Results (Manhattan, NY): Sara Del Rey vs Ayako Hamada & More

JoshiMania came to an end today with a matinee show in Manhattan, NY, headlined by Sara Del Rey taking on Ayako Hamada in the main event.

JoshiMania Night 1 Results & Extensive Photo Gallery: Del Rey vs Aja Kong, Manami Toyota & More
JoshiMania Night 2 Results (Everett, MA): Aja Kong vs Ayako Hamada & More

Diva Dirt reader Jhonmarco Valazquez reporting…

* Los Ice Creams beat Dasher Hatfield & Saturyne with a sunset flip in a fun opener. Los Ice Creams are great heels & Saturyne shows a lot of potiential.

* Gami beat Portia Perez with a fisherman’s buster in 11:56, good match. The Perez/Gami interaction was must watch.

* Brodie Lee beat Ultramantis Black with a powerbomb in 7:49.

* Toshie Uematsu, Obaryon, Kodama & Kobold beat Cherry & the Colony with a diving splash in 13:01. Fantastic match with great tag psychology.

* Mayumi Ozaki beat Kaori Yoneyama with an enzugiri in 10:22. These girls can do no wrong, excellent stuff.

* Aja Kong, Tsubasa Kuragaki, & Mio Shirai beat Manami Toyota, Sawako Shimono & Hanako Nakamori with a Metal Wing. 5 star match! Hit the 29 minute mark.

* Sara Del Rey beat Ayako Hamada with a spike piledriver in 15:49. Must-see. Match of the Year no doubt.

Photo © Dave Muscarella

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