Friday, September 17, 2021

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Kenny Omega wants Rampage to be a home for more women’s wrestling in AEW

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, who also serves as an Executive Vice President to the company, is stating a fact that many women’s wrestling fans have been saying – AEW is lacking in its women’s division.

The women’s division in AEW is overlooked frequently. Taking Hikaru Shida’s former AEW Women’s World Title reign that lasted over a year as an example. Shida was very rarely seen on AEW’s flagship show Dynamite. Since dropping the title to current champion Dr. Britt Baker, Shida hasn’t appeared once on Dynamite and has been relegated to Elevation.

The booking of Shida aside, the entire women’s roster is often overlooked on Dynamite and Omega hopes that Rampage will help fix this. When the women are utilized they are put in random matches without a storyline. AEW’s new show Rampage starts on August 13 and will be a one-hour show on Fridays.

While speaking on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Omega said the following:

“The content I think we’re lacking is in our women’s division. I would love to see Rampage be a home to more women’s wrestling. I want people to see and appreciate and enjoy the talent we have to offer. I hope we get to show some of these matches that perhaps aren’t seen by those people. We have a lot of great talent on Dark and people maybe don’t want to watch our YouTube channel. Maybe they just want to watch Dynamite and want to see a television product. I get that. I think the extra hour with Rampage, rather than give them more Chris Jericho, more Kenny Omega, more MJF and the guys you know you’re going to see on Dynamite; I’d rather give them all of the extremely talented individuals that maybe you don’t see that week. I feel like we have incredibly gifted female wrestlers that have been working very hard and fighting for a spot and maybe it’s time for them to get more. I think that would count as a variation on more women’s wrestling. We always try to have a variant.” [h/t: Fightful]

What do you make of what Omega has said? Join the discussion below.

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