Friday, July 23, 2021

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Knockouts Draw Solid Ratings for ‘Knockout Eve’

The ratings are in for last Thursday’s New Year’s Knockout Eve and it’s good news! The four hour show drew a 0.8 rating in the usual Impact timeslot of 9-11pm, down just two tenths on the usual average. Meanwhile, the additional two hours [7-9pm] drew a respectable 0.6.

It was always expected that the first two hours wouldn’t draw as well as the usual timeslot as some fans may not be aware that the show began early. Especially given that it was New Year’s Eve, drawing a 0.8 in the usual Impact timeslot is fantastic as it’s usually a night where people go out to celebrate the New Year.

In my book, it’s a hit! Hopefully this will be seen as an encouraging step forward should TNA or Spike ever wish to commision a Knockouts-only series.

Congratulations, Knockouts!

Ratings data courtesy of PWInsider.

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