Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Krissy Vaine’s Vainety Fair: Who Believes in You?


“Who believes in me?”… A question I have often asked myself and at times had a hard time answering, just as I’m sure many of you have. Sometimes I don’t even believe in myself. How can I possibly say that? We should all believe in ourselves. Have faith we can attain our goals and achieve our dreams, but what blocks us from doing so? I’m a prime example of fear over running my life and letting it get the best of me. How do we, myself included, keep from living a “fear based” life in a fear based world? Turn on the news, the radio, open up a newspaper and all you see is trouble, sadness, and anxiety that brinks on paranoia. I try not to watch or read any of these things at this point in my life. The human race has become so focused on what is negative and fearful that we almost don’t know how to receive positive and good in our life. We don’t know how to accept “great news” for fear that we don’t deserve it, and something bad may be lurking around the corner. We walk around with the attitude that mediocrity is ok. That we are supposed to go to school, get a good job with “benefits” and live the same doldrum life until we die??? What about finding true happiness? Realizing what makes your soul sing and come alive!

Whenever I think of someone who always believed in me a loving, no GLEAMING, thought of my grandfather “Alvin” comes to mind. He called me “Hollywood” from the time I was a tiny tot. This was before I had dreams or aspirations to become anything at all. He always acknowledged something special about me and was never afraid to tell me. When I think back was really a rare thing in my family. He was such an amazing man.. The most loveable, fun and young spirited man I’ve ever met to this day. In his sixties he was watching “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and would keep me updated if I missed an episode. I still eat cinnamon raisin toast on a regular basis in his memory because when he was sick that was one of the few things he still had a taste for and we would eat it together. Grandpa lived a happy life and he was always whistling and smiling. And drumming on the wall while watching TV because he couldn’t sit still. I believe I may have inherited my attention deficit from him, but I’ll take it. When he became ill and thank god it was short and sweet, he would ask me.. “Child why are you still here?” You need to be off in Hollywood somewhere making movies!!! Well I don’t know about all that, but he meant it wholeheartedly. And it meant everything to me. Not because he was feeding my ego, but because he was preparing me for success. He believed in me. Children as well as adults need for someone to believe in them, it’s detrimental to their success. No one can tackle this world alone. When I need to pull strength from somewhere to be brave I ask him to come down and help me. And he does -just as he is helping me with this column.

Life is hard and if you let them, people can make it harder. The naysayers and the energy suckers want to take, take, take. Why not become powerful for giving? DING, DING DING – A NOVEL CONCEPT!!! Sure you can give yourself an ego boost by putting someone down, but wouldn’t it benefit the both of you so much more by bringing someone up? I have tried to make it a daily habit, thru much self awareness and lots of hard work. It is hard work to remain positive and loving!!!! And it is very easy to fall into a “defeat” pattern. But that’s not how the universe was meant to be. And that’s certainly not how I want to be. I want to be remembered in the most loving way just as I remember my grandpa Alvin.

So think back or think to the present about who believes in you.. Who has picked you up after falling down? First off THANK THEM if you can.. Then try to fullfill your universal duties by “paying it forward” and doing the same for someone else. In wrestling and in real life there are not enough people doing this. I hope to be the “light” in my business- why don’t you do the same in yours? Until Next Time.


PS – I would love to hear your stories!!!! Share in comments :)

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