Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Kristal Lashley to Become On-Screen Character

Sharmell out, Kristal in. Former WWE Diva, Kristal Lashley (Marshall) is set to become an official on-screen character following her TNA television mini-debut at Bound for Glory.

Kristal — wife of Bobby Lashley — was seen cheering him on during his match with Samoa Joe this past Sunday and it’s expected to lead to a more permanent role for the ex-Diva.

Interestingly, as Kristal comes to TNA, her and Bobby’s close friends Booker T and Sharmell are reportedly on their way out. It seems  like Kristal will be in a similar managing role to Sharmell but with the latter now out of the picture, it won’t look as carbon-copy.

In an interview with Diva Dirt last month, Kristal told us she had been in early talks with TNA but nothing was finalised at the time.

EDIT: Kristal makes her debut on Impact this Thursday night and will be involved in Bobby’s next feud, which is with Scott Steiner.

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