Lana wastes a lot of salt and declares her WrestleMania match


In case you haven’t heard, Lana and Rusev have their own YouTube channel, and to call it entertaining is an understatement.

Earlier today, Lana posted a video with the caption “Lana aka #CJPerry is #SALTY and has #BREAKINGNEWS for #SDLIVE & #Wrestlemania !” In the video, Lana complains about the title landscape in the women’s division.

Specifically, Lana complains that Mandy Rose is declaring her own title matches.

“Only the McMahon family can make official title matches that are on Raw or SmackDown, or pay-per-views. So how is Mandy making a declaration that she has a title match at Fastlane versus Asuka?”

She also mentions people “just declaring when they were in the Elimination Chambers” and that she feels dumb for just waiting around for the McMahons to give her a chance, instead of just declaring a match.

Her breaking news?

“I’m declaring…that I’m going to face Asuka at WrestleMania for the Women’s SmackDown Live Title.”

“I’m declaring it, I’m grabbing the brass ring.”

She continues on by calling us all “salty” and then throwing Rusev into the mix.

“I think Rusev needs to declare to freakin’ face Daniel Bryan. Sorry, Kofi! Or make it a fatal three-way. If we’re just declaring!”

The video is being filmed on what appears to be a tour bus, with what appears to be Rusev behind the camera. Lana also clutches on to her dog, Joy. Watch the entire video above.

We’re not entirely sure what we’re watching, but we know one thing: Lana is wasting a lot of salt.

Do you think Lana’s declaration is real? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

*If used, please credit transcription to Diva Dirt.


  1. lana is starting to annoy me, you know what the problem with this girl is? she wants to be at the absolute forefront, she wants to face ronda, she wants the main event to be a 4 way match, she wants to face asuka,obviously that’s okay because everyone’s goal is to be at the top! but she can’t handle being in the back for abit, the iiconics were put on hold for a while? she got to compete in a ppv singles match as her debut, got to be in mitb, competed in the rumble first year? like she’s doing same as dana and a few of the other women, she needs to sit back and be appreciative, dana, iiconics, mickie james and all those other women are just as good as her if not way better (mickie, iiconics) and she’s whining 24/7, i bet she wouldn’t even pull a stacy keibler and turn down an opportunity for the title or a high profile match when she probably knows she’s not the best in the ring, is better as a side character and her character isn’t developed as say someone like char or becky. like i get you have to fight for what you want but she should focus on training and being the best she can possibly be so when the opportunity comes, she’ll be ready!

  2. I think she’s just playing a character here but it’s not working for me. I think it’s safe to say that Lana has flopped as an in ring talent and should go back to managing Rusev with maybe the occasional match. The girl has had plenty of time to improve and really hasn’t, if anything she’s regressed.

  3. um I love Lana but correction. Mandy did NOT declare a title match at Fastlane it was given to her after Asuka stated she had no competition and Mandy came out and defeated her one on one!! Thats how she got a TITLE MATCH!!

  4. Lana needs to play this right and do the Kaitlyn and accidentally get herself in the title picture. Maybe cover somebody longer than she suppose to and win. She just needs to play her cards at the right moment.

  5. This girl always wonders why she has bad luck and its probably for spilling all that salt and not throwing it over her shoulder. She got some serious bad juju coming her way if she keeps that up ?

  6. SO where did all the people who were on her side when she did well in the money in the bank match? Hmmmm? Where did y’all go. People are so fickle. I get Lana’s frustrations. Everything you THINK they are going to do something with her they don’t. That whole stop and go thing is annoying and discouraging. I do think she rubs people the wrong way. It’s an innate Arian trait. Either you like them or you don’t. she needs to learn how to maneuver. The issue is she’s not super accomplished and neither is her man. So she fighting a losing battle.

  7. She’s so damn irritating lol I was rooting for her a while back as I like an underdog and she was genuinely improving but her personality really can be off putting at times . She gonna get her and her husband fired if she carries on with these vids .

  8. Sorry but she is boring AF, her wrestling skills are as sad as parents telling their kids santa ain’t real.
    She can keeo her “queen of the jobbing” role… and not even a good one like Jillian or Victoria, a cringe jobber