Lana really wants WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles


In an interview with Nerdist’s Fangirling host Markeia McCarty, Lana spoke on her strong desire for a women’s tag team division within the WWE, while reflecting on her time at WWE’s first-ever all women’s pay-per-view Evolution.

“It was incredible. I think that so many of us girls, we couldn’t have even imagined having an all-women’s pay-per-view. To be able to experience this and be a part of it, I’m just very, very thankful. One of these days we’re going to get tag titles. I’m like, we have to do that! I was hoping, really, that we were going to announce it at there. Because when they told us ‘oh, we have to come out at the end and everyone has to come out on stage.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, they’re going to announce tag titles. It’s happening!’ And then I was like, ‘Oh, this is just a major hope spot.’ But keep on going, it’s going to happen. But it’s exciting to be able to work towards those things.”

Lana isn’t the only female WWE superstar who has spoken out about their desire for tag team titles for women.

The discussion of a possible women’s tag team division is an ongoing one, and it’s clear that fans and wrestlers are in support of the much-needed change.

WWE has communicated to fans that they are dedicated to the continuing evolution of their women’s division. The addition of tag team titles is the next step in that evolution.

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  1. I’m sure they will announce tag team titles in 2019, Lana is still not there in the ring she really needs improvement.. some people just don’t have “it” and never meant to be wrestlers. But Nikki Bella wasn’t good wrestler before 2013 for 6 six years and now she’s decent so there’s hope for Lana. But I think she needs to be manager for a while because it where she shines.

    • “….some people just don’t have “it” and never meant to be wrestlers.”

      Stephanie McMahon, Debra, The Kat, and Sable just to name a few. Were never considered “the best” in-ring performers, and still obtain championship gold. And Lana is far better than any of the women just listed.

      I agree to a certain extent, Lana’s in-ring mechanisms are at times off/on. But, for one to gain “improvement” as a wrestler, she would/should be featured more as such. Instead of being thrown in matches out of randomness or conveniency.

      Lana honestly wants to be more involved in the Smackdown Women’s Division. Instead of being stuck by her husband’s side in a valet role. She wants to walk down her one path, make a name for herself, and be seen as a formidable contender for any women’s championship.

      • Well, I never said these names you listed are any better than her or deserve the championship.. and it was in different era when women wrestlers were only seen as eye candy so wrestling skills don’t matter at that time, but if they were in current era they will not have any chance for sure. And I didn’t say Lana is 100% don’t have it and never meant to be wrestler, because I doubted Nikki Bella and she proved me wrong so I hope Lana does prove me wrong too.

  2. No, they don’t need tag titles, and they should really get rid of the men’s tag titles as well. I’d rather see secondary titles come into play than to see the women have to do the same old boring tag match tropes (hot tag, distracted referee, non-legal member breaking up pins, etc.) that the men do.

  3. I’m not against tag titles for the women but if WWE introduce them, just keep it to one set for both brands. I wish they would also revert back to one women’s title, one world title and one set of tag titles for the men as well. There would still be the Intercontinental and US titles that could be kept brand exclusive.

  4. Raw is about to become 5 hours so go ahead.

    We can have these tag teams:

    Riott Squad
    Boss N Hug
    Alexa’s henchwomen
    Dwayne’s cousins
    Carmella and Lana with R-truth
    some nxt call ups.


  5. Move Absolution ,Lana/Carmella and IIconics to raw since raw is about to become 5 hours and to add numbers for tag teams there.

    Move Ember moon to smackdown and call up Aliyah, Lacey Evans and Nikki Cross for Smackdown.

    Raw will have Raw Women’s champ and WWE women’s tag team.

    Smackdown will have Smackdown Women’s championship and Women’s intercontinental.