Laura DiMatteo upset over WWE’s Saudi Arabia decision


During an interview with Xenia from Xenia Did That, a YouTube channel located in Russia dedicated to entertainment, wrestling, beauty and fashion, wrestler Laura DiMatteo discussed the politics behind professional wrestling.

Xenia asked DiMatteo if she saw wrestling as a way to shine a light on political issues, or as a way to educate the public on such issues, and asked for her thoughts on WWE’s decision to move forward with a show in Saudi Arabia.

“Personally, I’m not into politics, at all. Like, I’m not interested,” DiMatteo noted. “But, I was very upset with the fact that, in Saudi Arabia, women can’t wrestle. I don’t think that’s a good example if you’re promoting women’s wrestling, and then you go to a country which don’t allow women to wrestle.”

DiMatteo was in Russia to compete in a show for Independent Wrestling Federation, where she won the IWF Women’s Championship. The Italian wrestler recently came out as lesbian, which clashes with the Russian “gay propaganda” policy. The country believes that the law, which prevents LBGQT members to openly discuss or promote their sexuality, will “prevent harm to children” by putting a stop to homosexuality as being seen as a norm in society. DiMatteo was asked her thoughts on the legislation, and if it caused any hesitation in coming to Russia.

“Some friends, actually, before coming here, were like telling me like as a joke, but I guess it wasn’t much of a joke. They’re like, ‘Don’t mention you’re gay, like don’t do anything.'”

DiMatteo is a staple of PROGRESS Wrestling and Pro Wrestling:EVE. She’ll debut with DEFIANT Wrestling on March 16 in Sunderland.

See the entire interview in the video above. If quotes from this article are used, please credit Diva Dirt for transcription of video.

Do you agree with Laura DiMatteo on her views regarding Saudi Arabia?


      • You don’t know the history of this site specially when it comes to non wwe wrestlers say anything bad about wwe. You see most people up here trash the wwe 24/7 but once an “unknown wrestler” does it they all stand up to defend the wwe.

        • ‘history”?????????and you act like its different on ANY other wrestling forum in the world……pleez tell me where things are different. I’m not asking for this site’s history, others history, past grievances or any other. im simply stating a smart ass remark. you know what else is typical about wrestling forums? Getting triggered from a few words and going on an off-topic rant about this side vs that side……looking at a few of your posts from this site…u fall into the category. lighten up, diva……

          • Its not any diffrent from the rest of the iwc, except only diva dirt will post topics from unknown wrestlers! there! it was ment to be a shady joke about whenever diva dirt posts a topic about unknown wrestlers shading wwe the users usally call em “bitter” lol the same users who always complain about the wwe. Thanks for checking me out and calling me a diva, I did not know complaining about wwe’s misuse of people of color makes me a diva wow thats new. You seem to enjoy annoying people on wrestling forms. Wish you a great life soon!

  1. She should seriously take her Friends advice and not Mention anything gay related during her time in Russia. They are THAT sick in mind when it comes to such things that they could even make her “dissappear” while her time there and that’s something nobody really wants to say the least. :(

  2. With all due respect, how does an opinion from some unknown female wrestler constitute a news story on Diva Dirt? I’m not saying she’s wrong but we’ve already had an article covering this topic of conversation. Can we have some actual news please or at least more coverage of the shows to discuss current events?

        • yet you critisize Diva Dirt for writing About her calling her a “unknown female Wrestler” instead of asking who she actually is if you dont know her. This alone Shows that you actually dont care to find out About her as a Talent but rather don’t want to read About her critisizing a News site telling them what to write or not write About.

          • I’m criticising the site because they aren’t producing news stories, instead they have become an online gossip rag. Also like I said, this topic has been covered already, in fact done to death by this point. I tend to frequent this site to see what the up to date news is, not so much for filler opinion pieces and gossip.

            As far as how well known Laura DiMatteo is, I may be in the minority but there’s hardly a mass of people coming out saying they know who she is. Personally I would rather know the opinions of the women who this will directly affect rather than someone who has no involvement with the company anyway. I already made a suggestion for sending a real message to WWE on another thread: For as many people as possible to cancel their WWE network subscription around the time of the Saudi shows. Corporations don’t care about your feelings, they only care about money. Deprive them of your cash and watch their opinion change.

          • It is News related because she as a lesbian was affected when she had to work in a Country that has similar “Standards”. The result of her being affected about the do or don’ts there makes her opinion as a known indy wrestler matter. It is in Overall about womens Wrestling, not only the wwe.
            As you probably already know, the women in the wwe wouldn’t go against this and talk about it cause they know that if they do that (no matter what their opinion is), they will probably not only get heat but also be up for “Elimination” from the wwe.
            I agree about your Suggestion cause you are definately right about that.

          • It’s not news however, it’s an opinion piece on a story that has been done to death. WWE are assholes for taking Saudi money to hold shows there, we know.

    • Its still cool to read she’s still a part of the wrestling world indy stars look unknown but they’re actually quit popular compare to an average person afterall Becky Lynch was once that nobody.

  3. She should care about politics. At least know some of your sh!t. It’s not a time to be complacent. It affects everyone. It pains me when people say this. Especially in this political climate.

    And yes, she should not mention anything about being gay while in Russia! If she wants to be really safe, that is.

  4. Well she obviously has a lot of courage to be in that country to begin with. You won’t catch me anywhere near that hole (pun intended) anytime soon, or Saudi for that matter. I’ve seen the s**t they pull in Russia and let’s not start on the Middle East.